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Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Kidney Cancer right

Cerebral Medulla = New Brain = Middle Germ Layer = Mesoderm

Hamer compass
Kidney Cancer right – Diagnostic Chart


Fluid Conflict. Conflict involving water or liquid (drowned, burst pipe, leaking roof).
  • It is unclear whether handedness is the decisive factor


Hamer Focus:

HH in the transition from the midbrain to the occipital cerebral medulla, right.

Active phase:

Hypertension Formation of one or more limited parenchymal necroses + compensatory hypertension (elevated creatinine).


Kidney cyst(s), Wilms tumor. First liquid, later indurating (nephroblastoma) with urinary excretory function. Hypertension recedes.



Biological Sense:

At the end of the healing phase and permanent Reinforcement of the urinary capacity


From brain to organ not crossed
Kidney Organ Graphic
Kidney Organ Graphic
Cerebral Medulla Diagnostic Chart
Cerebral Medulla Diagnostic Chart

Right brain side

Left brain side

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