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Our Training Courses for Germanische Heilkunde


Study at the Germanische Heilkunde International Academy

This Academy is made up of a team trained by Dr. Hamer and Helmut Pilhar with many years of practical experience in Germanische Heilkunde. We at the Germanische Heilkunde International Academy are pleased to offer a four-year English-language Germanische Heilkunde training.

During the course, we will be using the 60 Seminar Tutorials by Helmut Pilhar and Dr. Hamer. All 60 seminars have been fully translated for you. We will also be using Dr. Hamer’s books and the scientific diagnostic chart.


What are the Seminar Tutorials about?

The Complete Seminar Tutorial set consists of 60 tutorials.

The first fourteen tutorials comprise the Basics Training. These tutorials explain the basic principles in an easy-to-follow way, using graphics, text, and explanations with many practical case examples.

If you follow the Basics Training (described in more detail below), you will be able to recognize the course of diseases like chronic diseases, allergies, and more, after one year of study.

You will also discover what is true biologically and what is not. For example, you will learn that there are no dangerous microbes or malignant tumors and that the immune system does not exist.

The Basics Training teaches that there are no carcinogenic substances; only a biological conflict shock causes cancer.

You can observe the five biological laws of nature in disease. You’ll learn to distinguish between a biological conflict and a psychological problem, and to look at causality rather than symptoms, as your source of understanding.

In a year, you will see, as discovered by Dr. Hamer, all of nature’s Sensible Biological Special Programs. Because the Germanische Heilkunde is a science based on five biological laws of nature that can be reproduced in case after case, “believing” will becoming “knowing.”


In the second and third academic years, you’ll study the Sensible Biological Special Programs of nature (the SBS’s). This SBS Training covers all the organs and tissues. At the end of the third year of study, you will be able to understand the whole body and the organ programs. You will then know, for example, that with eczema there has been a separation conflict, and that with a painful joint, there has been a violation of self-esteem.

By identifying the area of the body where eczema occurs or the area of the joint where joint pain occurs, you will know what the content of the conflict is and be able to determine the cause.
You then will no longer treat symptoms. Instead, you’ll treat the cause. Germanische Heilkunde is a science that can be repeated at any time.

If, after the first three years of study, you are curious about why we develop our human behaviours, there follows a one-year training about Territory Area conflicts. Dr. Hamer discovered not only how our bodies function, but also how our entire social behavior develops. The Territory Area Training is the cream of the crop. Why is it that someone has a fear of contamination or a persecution delusion? What makes someone manic or depressive? How does being lesbian or gay come about? Why does a woman not get pregnant, or what is the reason for autism? These are just a few of the many different human behaviors and challenges that can arise from biological conflicts. We will discuss the causes of these conflicts with you during this fourth academic year. There is a biologically- and scientifically-proven explanation for each of these types of conflicts. Please note: Dr. Hamer had access to brain scans. With these, he could see the biological conflicts someone had suffered. But since a change occurs synchronously at the psychological, organ, and brain levels, we can deduce the content of the conflict based on physical symptoms or psychological reactions, even without a brain scan. You will be amazed by how you will view the world with different eyes and how your life will change because of the knowledge you will gain during this training! Are you in???

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