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Study Possibilities

Our Training Courses for Germanische Heilkunde


1. Without examination:

In order to take the entire course, you must have achieved a passing grade of 60% in each previous year. It does not make sense to move ahead unless you have mastered the material sufficiently. This does not only affect yourself, but also the students who have mastered the material. We have tried to meet everyone’s needs.

The various validity periods for the packages have been programmed for several years. You are welcome to take another year without purchasing another course package. The ultimate goal is for you to understand Germanische Heilkunde and take control of your life and/or health.


2. With examination:

In February of each academic year you will take a written exam on that year’s material and you must provide a verbal explanation of your submitted practical case example. With a satisfactory score you will receive a partial certificate each year.

A U$D250 study fee is charged for each year. It is the same requirement if you want to receive a certificate at the end of the academic year.

To receive a final certificate for the scientific part of Germanic medicine, you must have successfully completed the entire course. The final certificate is a logical consequence of the four partial certificates, for which there is no additional charge.

If you have not passed a particular year, you are welcome to repeat the year. Even if you achieve satisfactory results, you can repeat the year if you feel that you have not mastered the material enough.


What are you able to do with this training?

The training and knowledge is for you, your family and your friends. “Inform yourself as long as you are healthy; knowledge is power.”

If you are very enthusiastic and eager to bring Germanische Heilkunde to the people , as a qualified referrer, you are able to hold lectures and seminars. You can become a part of the team that is involved in organising events.

We do not train therapists in GHK. However it is important for a patient looking for a therapist familiar with Germanische Heilkunde to know whether the therapist has at least a sound knowledge of the Basic Principles of Germanische Heilkunde. If you are a therapist and want to increase your capacity to help your patients in this regard, there will be a register on the website.

To be included, one must at least have completed the Basic Principles and an internship in the form of giving webinars on the Basic Principles with a passing grade.


In the case that you have completed the Basic Principles with a passing grade and made a positive contribution through his/her participation in the forum and during training by asking questions and answering questions in the group, you may be asked to provide webinars as part of an internship under supervision. You will be informed about the duration of the internship and the number of webinars in due course; this also applies to the internship of the therapist who wishes to be included in the registry.


If your internship is satisfactory and your training has been successfully completed, you are welcome to join the Qualified group and are therefore authorized to give lectures from the International Academy of Germanische Heilkunde. You are welcome to submit your qualifications to be included in the Academy’s register for Qualified Presenter/Referee Germanische Heilkunde.

Period of validity

We have set the validity period of the Total Package to 10 years to match your study schedule.

The Basic Principles Package and the Psychosis Package have validity periods of 3 years.

The SBSen package has a validity period of 4 years.

A seminar tutorial(s) is valid for 1 year.

You can no longer access the seminar videos and webinars, view them, or ask questions as a student once the seminar package expires.

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