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Customized Study

Our Training Courses for Germanische Heilkunde


Custom study: how does that work?

Purchasing one of our trainings – Basics Training, the SBS Training, the Psychoses Training, or the total package – gives you access to our Custom Study program. This program includes the following:

  • Two live Q&A webinars per month.
  • 30 multiple-choice questions.
  • lifetime access to replays: the ability to watch the webinars repeatedly.
  • The possibility to ask questions on the student forum during the Custom Study period.


You can view the content of each seminar at home via an online learning platform before you start lessons. This gives you time to prepare for upcoming lessons, and you can collect questions at your own pace, whenever and as often as you like.

Instead of listening to a teacher discuss the material in the live group lesson, together we will open up a dynamic space of active learning. During the webinars, we will provide a brief summary of the teaching material with in-depth analysis and clarifications of what is offered in the seminar tutorial. Specific practical examples are given for the relevant seminar tutorial, and the student’s experiences are discussed. Furthermore, there is the possibility to ask questions and have group discussions about the cases. Understanding the new information and applying it takes place during this joint lesson.


Basics Training - Training 1 covers the basics

In this one-year training, you will learn the basic principles of Germanische Heilkunde.
The method we use will make it easy for you to learn the basics of Germanische Heilkunde.

The Basics Training specifies which month will cover which tutorials. You will have access to a live Q&A Webinar on the 2nd Friday (at 10 a.m.) and the 3rd Friday (at 6 p.m.) of each month from April until February. (Eastern time)

After the 2nd webinar, you can test yourself on your acquired knowledge with 30 multiple-choice questions.
The webinars are given from April to February. All webinars are recorded and are freely accessible for you to view.
When you purchase the Basics Training, you’ll have access to the seminar tutorials and training for up to three years. When you purchase the Total Package, you’ll have access for ten years.


SBS Training - Training 2 covers the Sensible Biological Special Programs

In the SBS Training, we’ll explore with you all 39 Seminar Tutorials, such as the skeletal muscles, the heart, the bones, the intestine. This will be the focus of the webinars for two years.
If you have successfully completed Training 1 (Basics Training), the Bundle SBS-Seminar Tutorials are required for access to this training. These form the basis of the teaching material.

Training 2 is similar to training 1 in format; however, the webinars take place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month (at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m, respectively)

You’ll have access to the Seminar Tutorials and webinar recordings for up to 4 years after purchasing the SBS package; when purchasing the Total Package, this is ten years.


Psychoses Training - Training 3 covers the territorial constellations

The duration of the Psychoses Training (psychoses/constellation training) is one year. This training is based on six seminars. However, during the webinars, we will widely discuss the topic of hormones as well as a lot of additional material.

You will have access to the Psychoses Training if you have successfully completed Training 2 (the SBS Training). With regard to the webinars, Training 3 is identical to that of courses 1 and 2; however, the webinars will take place on the second and fourth Monday of each month (at 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., respectively)

You’ll have access to the Psychoses Training for up to 3 years after purchase (purchasing the Total package gives you 10 years of access).

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