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Training Sensible Biological Special Programs

Our Training Courses for Germanische Heilkunde

What does the Sensible Biological Special Programs (SBS) Training look like?

The Special Programs advanced course is divided into two years of study. Participation in the advanced course is possible if you have successfully completed the Basic Principles course.

One must also have purchased the teaching modules Basic Principles and Special Programs or the total package of all modules. These constitute the basic course material for the training.

The live webinars for the first year of this continuing education course take place on the 3rd Fridays of the month. Each webinar covers one or more modules (see class schedule). After each webinar, you can answer a questionnaire on the page about the topic. That way you will have an insight whether you have mastered the material.
At the end of the year there is the possibility to take an exam and obtain a (partial) certificate.
But you can also just attend the webinars and ask questions, without a written test and exam.
And if it all goes too fast for you, just start the training again the following year. You have access to the training for several years with the purchase of the modules, depending on which packages you purchased. Isn’t that great?

This way everyone can master Germanic in their own way and at their own pace.A study in Germanic is for life. You will never run out of studies!

Schedule for the year 2024

first year Special Programs from 3 to 5 PM GMT
  • April 19, 2024: Kidney Collecting Tubule
  • May 17: Syndrome & Kidney Parenchyma
  • June 21: Urinary Tract
  • July 19: Intestine
  • August 16: Liver & Pancreas
  • September 20: Stomach & Esophagus
  • October 18: Lungs
  • November 15: Bronchi & Larynx
  • December 20: Nose & Mouth Area & Teeth
  • January 17, 2025: Ovary & Testis
  • February 21, 2025: Uterus & Prostate

With the following products you can qualify for our extended training

All SBS Tutorials

39 Bundles


One Time

4 years acces to training Special Programs

All Tutorials

60 Bundles


One Time

10 years access to all our trainings

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