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Training Basic Principles

Our Training Courses for Germanische Heilkunde

What does the basic principles training look like?

With the knowledge of the Germanische Heilkunde, you will take back control of your health! No one will ever again stand between you and your health. Who can say no to that?

Participation is only possible if you have at least the basics of the seminar tutorials (see below), which is the basic teaching material of the study program.

After each webinar, you can answer a questionnaire about the seminar tutorial. This will allow you to determine whether you have fully understood the material. At the end of the year, there is the option to take an exam and receive a certificate. But you can also attend the webinars and receive answers to your questions without having to take a written test or exam. If you find this too fast, start over with the basics the following year. You will have access to our training for several years, depending on the package you purchase. Isn’t that fantastic?

Thus, everyone can master the Germanische Heilkunde in their way and at their own pace. All in all, lots to do. Will you join us?

Webinars start at 3 pm GMT (London time).

Schedule for the year 2024

from 3 to 5 PM GMT

Below you will find the seminar bundles that qualify for participation.

Basic Principles

15 Bundles


One Time

3 years acces to training Basic Principles

All Tutorials

60 Bundles


One Time

10 years access to all our trainings

Contact Form

To get a general overview of the curriculum and options, go to general info study program Please use the contact form if you have questions regarding Basic Training. We will reply as soon as possible.

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