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Gay why? – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Gay why? – German New Medicine Testimonial

It is about time that I write down my personal testimonial about why I am gay.

I sincerely thank Dr. Hamer, who discovered the five biological laws of nature and who is the steadfast, incorruptible administrator of this knowledge. Additionally, I thank Helmut Pilhar and his family, who, to this day, have never tired of spreading Germanische Heilkunde®
The subject of my testimonial here is the cerebral cortex ectoderm territorial area conflicts, with the example of homosexuality.

In my late teens, I had decided that my goal in life would be to have a family. Wife and children. I had never been in a relationship before I married my first wife – it was a wish that came true. When I was 26 years old, I got married and we had three little girls in the following four years.

Since I have been practicing Germanische Heilkunde®, I know that this decision I made when I was young was made out of a protective attitude, and I never regretted it nor would I want to change anything about it. It is part of my life. We lived in a well-ordered family structure for 17 years. My wife was a stay-at-home mother for ten years, we owned our house, and we had many close friends.

In the last four years of our marriage there was one recurring issue – our sex life was not satisfactory for either of us. We had many pleasant and honest discussions about the fact that I always wanted more and she wanted less. Perhaps she wanted less quantitatively but rather qualitatively. This is a very short explanation in order to make the issue comprehensible.

Since I studied Germanische Heilkunde, I knew that I am cerebrally homosexual because of territorial conflicts. This realisation was clear to me. I could also relate this very well to many experiences in my childhood and youth, I already knew in my subconscious at that time that I was homosexual.
At that time, people couldn’t and didn’t want to admit to their homosexuality. As a teenager, I suppressed my feelings for the same sex, which then culminated in the decision to have a family.

My desire for the same sex came into our discussions regarding our sex life, with me not wanting to live out my homosexuality. The social pressure still weighed heavily on me. I continued to maintain my marriage. I did not want to take advantage of the “free pass” that my wife gave me, that I should look for someone else for sex.
In the meantime, I also understood why my wife wanted to have less sexual contact with me and is constellation-dependent, but that does not pertain to this testimonial.

One day, I met someone who gave me the kind of affection I had longed for.
Honest as always in our conversations, I told my wife I had met someone – a man. A week later, my wife asked me for a divorce, which was understandable and comprehensible. After two years, we divorced peacefully. In the meantime, I found a partner to grow old with and we have been living happily together for 19 months.

At first I was in a friendly relationship with this man. I did not want to stay alone, intellectually I wanted to look for a woman again. I had to realise, just like in my youth that I could not continue to suppress what I was feeling, and it finally clicked. I then, consciously wanted to find a man as a life partner, and so it worked out.

Now follow the findings and connections with the Germanische Heilkunde:

My wife and I had sent brain CTs to Dr. Hamer in order to find answers to our sexual problem. My cerebral constellation will be the only topic I will discuss here. I am right-handed.

When I was a child, my brother and I enjoyed the cities most beautiful and largest playground. An extensive, fenced factory area with a park, forest, stream, pond, meadow, and old sheds. Just ideal for us boys, we lived right in the middle of it. A year before my brother started school, my mother informed me that she had to put us in kindergarten. After a few days, we wet the bed. The old, wise family doctor who was consulted could not find anything organically but questioned possible changes in our daily routine. As we had been in kindergarten for two weeks, he said that we should be taken out of there immediately. Indeed, we no longer wetted our beds – territorial marking conflict.

I had a loss of territory conflict which was much more severe for me, but at that time not yet perceptible. Even though our mother immediately took us out of the kindergarten, Dr. Hamer said that I did not trust my mother and, in fact, never regained my trust in her. Therefore, my right brain side was closed in the cerebral cortex and I was oedipally homosexual.

In elementary school, it manifested itself in that I preferred to play with the older girls than with the younger boys. It’s likely that I didn’t become too effeminate because of my mother’s dominance and education.

My coronary artery ulcers made me so energetic that I could help my older brother out of trouble. I used to beat up my older classmates when they annoyed my brother. Even in high school, I preferred to surround myself with girls rather than boys. However, I was not the feminine type either. This was probably because I am the Oedipus. Since then, I was cerebrally castrated but was still into women, but just for older ones. I confirmed all this later, even though I was still ignorant of the connections, also with my wife who was seven years older.

I never really managed to sexually excite a girl. At the time, I always thought I was too shy in this regard. Today I know it was due to my mother’s dominance. She used to say things like, “Don’t come home with a girlfriend; finish your school first. Due to this dominance, I suffered some biting conflicts regarding my mother not being able or allowed to bite. My left molars have been almost all filled since my youth.

Then at 16 or 17, I got into a constellation. I suffered a territorial conflict left-cerebral [identity] with my brother. However, here too, my mother was involved. If I was relatively well-balanced until then, from then on, I became manic. The second conflict was more serious than the first one.

The mania manifests itself in me in such a way that I am almost always in a good mood, have developed an absolutely positive attitude to life, can work like a horse, and I can and I want to stand up against real and supposed opponents.

The first conflict with four must-haves affected the coronary artery relay and the overlapping gastric relay (right cerebral) of the heart. This was expressed by the fact that since this time of the second conflict, I am more or less a hot-tempered, in a biomanic constellation.

In addition, as a child, I had to deal with severe stomach cramps from time to time (small curvature).

There you have my experience. And I would like to appeal to two specific groups of people, parents, and especially mothers:

At all times of during parenthood, be aware of your responsibility for your children, and this starts in the womb. Of course, a territorial conflict, especially a conflict of fear about the mother, could already happen prenatally. However, a man is raised to be homosexual.
It is important to take care of your child and the environment you expose him/her to. A child belongs with the mother and not to the kindergarten or even to the nursery. At least until the age of ten (elementary school years), your child needs her at home. Later, in secondary school, your child will slowly separate, However, school enrollment also harbours considerable (territorial) conflict potential!

Homosexuality is neither hereditary nor genetic. The environment is responsible and brings the potential for conflict with it. For children and adolescents, the best environment is the family. Territorial conflicts shape the character of your child. Consider your responsibility in this matter.

The other group of readers is boys and men who, at some point in their lives, realise that they are different from “normal” from a sexual point of view.
No one necessarily has to live a homosexual life just because they are cerebrally gay, but don’t hide behind a facade. Do not lie to yourselves. You may live your whole life unhappily like in a much too-tight corset. Especially in this day and age, where public gay life is no longer a taboo subject, where even programs such as “Farmer Seeks Wife” currently show a male couple, where feature films such as “Summer Storm” thematises being gay and “coming out.” Live openly and authentically. The more freely you deal with your gay orientation and live with it, the easier it is.

Since I go in and out of my house with my partner, the neighbours see us, some are my clientele; his employer knows about it, and we have never had any obvious hostility. My former wife and my children have taken it quite casually. They all know and like my friend.

Since I have understood the connections of the Germanische Heilkunde®, that homosexuality is normal in nature, conditional for the formation of the pack, the compass has turned with me toward freedom. Nobody has to hide (anymore) behind social constraints. Also, gays belong to society. We only need to stand by it.
Greetings to all readers
M. S.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

I am happy for the writer that he was able to find his way in life. It takes a lot of courage to leave familiar paths and follow new ones—many thanks for this open and honest report.

In nature, one alpha is enough to take care of reproduction. The male rest of “the pack” is cerebrally castrated and subordinates itself. Dr. Hamer says that “being gay” is actually normal and “not being gay” is the exception.

In today’s society, alpha people are becoming increasingly rare. As the writer correctly notes, this great danger lies in the early separation of the child from the mother.

But we also know from behavioural research that young animals separated from their mother at an early age become behaviourally conspicuous.
Gender mainstreaming, i.e., the early sexualization of our children, this confrontation with sexuality at a time when they are not mature for it, makes boys not only feminine and girls not only masculine but also causes multiple conflicts in the territorial area and thus causes an early maturation stop of the children. In other words, gender mainstreaming systematically produces ADD (depressed) and ADHD (manic) children.

In this respect, too, you, dear parent, should consider the warning words of the writer.
We have become so instinctless that we no longer protect our children!

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