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Anemia/Leukemia – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

My Testimonial with Leukopenia, Anemia, and Leukemia

Last year in August, it all started with a cold, which would have been harmless if these infections had not repeated at 3-4 week intervals. I could not sleep and lost 5 kg in weight.

Knowing the German New Medicine, I always pondered which conflicts were responsible for my infections. But I did not find out what it was. I went to the doctor, who found leukopenia in the blood test and told me the susceptibility to infections comes from a lack of B lymphocytes.

[Note: the lymphocytes belong to the leukocytes (white blood cells)].

These constant infections lasted until May 1. When I was again in bed because of a cold, I read the GNM; then it fell like scales from my eyes.

In August 2007 (shortly before the 1st infection), my son’s allergy-triggered bronchial asthma started. We visited a camel farm, and Manuel had an asthma attack. I was utterly unprepared. It hit me like a shock. I suffered a self-esteem collapse because, as a therapist, I couldn’t help my own son. And the whole thing was isolating because I didn’t talk to anyone about it, and I didn’t even admit to myself how much it was gnawing at my self-esteem.

Now that I knew what the conflict was, I also knew what I had or how to resolve it.

Due to this self-devaluation conflict, bone osteolysis (cell minus) formed. The production of leukocytes decreased susceptibility to infections.

After the conflict resolution on May 1, I could sleep again, gained weight, and got almost unbearable pain in the sternum and 4th rib. According to conventional medicine, this would have been osteosarcoma.

Since I knew from GNM that the bones were now recalcifying (cell plus), I didn’t worry because I knew the spook would be over in about four weeks. What then also was the case?

Since then, I have not had an infection. And I feel better than ever before. After the blood test, I didn’t go to the doctor anymore for a good reason because I thought they would only drive me crazy.

I thank Dr. Hamer, who knows what would have happened to me without him and his findings?

L. G.

Note by GHK Academy:

An infection, contagion, or the immune system, as it was understood so far, does not exist in the Germanische Heilkunde. Up to now, it was thought that the microbes would make us ill or the “immune system” would fight the microbes in an (Old Testament good/evil) battle.

The human being is healthy if he has no microbes and ill if he has microbes.

With GHK, we see that nothing works past the brain! We have a code in the brain for the microbes, and the brain switches on the microbes on our personal “command” (conflict resolution). All microbes work without exception only in the vagotonic healing phase. At the end of the healing phase, we switch off the microbes again via our brain.

On his deathbed, Pasteur said:

The microbe is nothing; the environment is everything.

In other words, the writing mother had suffered a conflict (self-esteem collapse) – or perhaps even several (nose = stink conflict or not being able to scent the smell. Bronchia = territorial fear or scare fright conflict) with one or more tracks. Via the track, the course became chronic. If she came off the track, she entered the healing phase and became “sick” (infection).

General information about tracks:

The pivotal point in the GHK is the conflict. This is also where the tracks are programmed in. The conflict must be found to be able to proceed causally. If now the conflict is without reason, then the tracks dissolve inevitably, and this is immediately by the recognition. The chronic course comes to an end.

If the conflict is not meaningless now, then the tracks do not dissolve. Nevertheless, one can transform this not-resolvable conflict down often alone by recognizing it.

What I like in GHK is that there is neither a therapist nor a medicine between me and my health. That is FREEDOM!

Make the Germanische Heilkunde your hobby! It explains how your body works. You can help yourself with it.

GHK is the medicine of freedom! It is the opposition to superstition and tyranny!

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