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Kidney Collecting Tubules – Germanische Heilkunde Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

And suddenly, the fingers are swollen because the Kidney Collecting Tubules close.

Dear John, I have recently experienced a clear case example regarding my kidney collecting tubules. It was quite unspectacular, however, I would like to share it with you.

I recently moved with my family from Switzerland to Russia, the country of my wife’s origin. Over the last few years in Switzerland, I reacted more often with the kidney collecting tubes, as the Switzerland of today is no longer similar to the Switzerland I grew up in. It’s no longer a place where I would like to see my children grow up, and I felt like a refugee in my own country. However, I managed to keep my body weight down. My reliable alarm would warn me whenever I was on a track with the kidney collecting tubes, and that alarm is my wedding ring that my wife put on my finger 15 years ago. If I can pull it off easily, my kidneys are fine. But if I can’t get it off, I have once again triggered a track with the kidneys, and I then have to find out what the problem is and how I can solve it as quickly as possible.

It took us almost a year to collect all the necessary documents, have them translated, and have them notarized so that we could finally move to Russia. All the bureaucracy was a burden on my wife alone because I hardly understood the Russian language.

We had high expectations of Russia, and most of them were exceeded by far. When we arrived, I didn’t feel like a refugee; on the contrary, I finally felt free to breathe again. So, I had no reason to react with the kidney collection tubes.

The first conflict I suffered was when I could no longer open various websites, including two banks where I have accounts, and my VPN suddenly did not work.
It took us three days to find a VPN that allowed me to re-access my bank accounts. I knew my Western bank cards wouldn’t work in Russia because of the sanctions, so we brought enough cash to live comfortably for at least a year.

We have two payment service providers that allow us to transfer money from the West to Russian accounts despite the sanctions, so all was well, or so we thought.
The rude awakening came when we wanted to make a trial transfer with a minor amount from one of our accounts in the West to one of our new ruble accounts. Suddenly, payments to ruble accounts were no longer possible thanks to the increasingly extensive sanctions. That was a DHS for my Kidney Collecting Tubules. I reacted with existential fear, even though we had more than enough cash. In addition, access to my bank balance was cut off, and this problem haunted me in my sleep.

My wife had more than enough things to manage, and I couldn’t help her with any of them because of my poor Russian, so resolving my conflict wasn’t a priority for her, after all, we had more than enough cash.

After three days, I showed her my swollen fingers, and how I couldn’t take off the wedding ring. It was clear that we had to find a solution QUICKLY to transfer money to Russia, so that my Kidney Collecting Tubules would open, and she could avoid having an obese husband!

The solution to my conflict was an app that allows my wife (because it’s in Russian) to sell Bitcoin (that we buy using our Western bank account) to people in Russia for rubles.

I wanted to resolve my DHS as quickly as possible, and the only way to do so was through real conflict resolution, so we must have gone down this path once.

As I have often done in the past, I wanted to buy Bitcoin via my bank app on my cell phone, but the bank immediately noticed that I was in Russia and blocked my account. So, the VPN doesn’t work for the app on my cell phone. After a lengthy process with the support service, I was at least allowed to transfer my funds to one of my other Western bank accounts, by this time my fingers were thick and swollen.

So we needed to set up another crypto wallet where I could buy bitcoin using my credit cards. After just a few minutes, my wife sold them to people in Russia, who transferred rubles to our new Russian bank account. The whole process is now working and only takes a few minutes.

When I received confirmation that the rubles for the bitcoin had arrived in our bank account, an active conflict with my Kidney Collecting Tubules was resolved. Knowing theoretically how to transfer money from my Western bank account to my Russian bank account was not enough to solve my DHS with the kidney collection tubes. I needed to experience that it worked in real life, this was my actual solution to the conflict, and I ended up going to the toilette quite often.

The following day, at breakfast, I showed my wife how I could easily remove my wedding ring with just two fingers, just as easily as when she had first put it on me.
One cannot solve an active DHS by meditating, forgiving, or knowing the theoretical solution to the problem. Biological conflicts can only be resolved in real life because they have been experienced in real life. You have to have walked the path once, you have to have moved the money from A to B once. Only then will you know that it works, only then is it a real biological conflict resolution, and only then will the function of the relevant organ change.

Comment by GHK-Academy

Thanks for this Kidney Collecting Tubules report.
Yes, the female method, the woman marks her territory by placing a ring on a man’s finger. This is actually also a time capsule; you can see how much the body changes over the years. Congratulations on still being able to take this ring off after so many years.

Your case study shows perfectly how quickly you can react with the Kidney Collecting Tubules, even if you don’t have a financial emergency, but the mere restriction of your ability to freely access your financial resources can lead to water retention, as in your case.

You probably also felt left alone with this problem, since your wife’s priority was on solving other tasks that needed her language skills. It doesn’t have to be a lot of water retention; you usually don’t even notice it if there aren’t such incorruptible measuring devices as body scales or wedding rings.
I wish you all the best in your new home.

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