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Drop in Blood Sugar Level – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Drop in Blood Sugar Level whenever I ate Spaghetti.

I have been living on our boat with my family for 13 years, mainly in the Caribbean.

In 2016, we had a conflict-laden confrontation with a French customs boat crew in Martinique. In the end, we successfully repelled these “pirates”. As a matter of principle, I don’t let these pirates on board my ship. However, the French coastguard and customs boats have been a track for me ever since.

Two years later, we were anchored in Guadeloupe. My wife had just prepared spaghetti for lunch and everything was perfect. Just in time for lunch, a large French customs boat appeared and slowly circled our anchored ship. Several uniformed officers inspected my ship from all sides, and my hair stood on end. I thought to myself, “no matter what happens, I will never let this gang on board.” My body had activated all the SBS it might need for a defensive fight. The spaghetti on the plate in front of me had to wait, because I had lost my appetite (conflict-active).

Suddenly, the customs boat turned about and slowly moved on. I started to relaxed, and all the SBS that had been acutely active during this short time were now reversed and in the healing phase.

A drastic Drop in Blood Sugar Level.

I can’t remember if I still ate the spaghetti or if I lost my appetite. But I do know about my Drop in Blood Sugar Level shortly after. I was exhausted, and I had to go to bed for an hour in the afternoon.

Of course, my brain memorized the spaghetti as a track. From that experience onwards, I knew in advance that every time we had spaghetti, an hour or two later, I needed to go to bed for a while because of the Drop in Blood Sugar Level.

There is one interesting detail, if my wife made “one-pot spaghetti” (cooked the spaghetti together with the sauce in one pot) I would not react. But if the spaghetti was placed separately on the table from the sauce, then this spaghetti was my track. This track was warning me of the Pirates of the Caribbean, “watch out, customs might come,” and I reacted with my blood sugar.

If I came off the track after eating and thus into the healing phase, I had a Drop in Blood Sugar Level, and I would become listless and tired to the point of dropping.
I could repeat this experiment as often as I wanted, and it was always the same pattern over the years. I was aware of the correlations. I knew that I would react to the spaghetti, and I knew why, but still, it didn’t change my reaction. My brain warned me every time, “be careful, another customs boat might want to come!” As a precaution, my body spiked my blood sugar levels to give my muscles the energy they needed for the fight that might not be averted. I had this program with this track hanging for years, as long as I was in waters where a French customs boat might be lurking.
It was only during the COVID period, when we left the Caribbean and arrived in Colombia, that my conflict was resolved. Once again, at anchor in Cartagena, Colombia, an official boat came and asked for permission to come on board. I explained to the captain that this was my ship, and I was the captain. As the captain on board my ship, I am the sole and absolute authority, no one else.
Unlike the French, this Colombian official knew and honored maritime law. He saluted me, wished me a good day, and sailed on. It’s great when the authorities not only know the law but also abide by it.

With this experience, my resistance conflict was resolved, the threat of pirates was successfully resolved, and thus the track was cleared. From that day on, I could eat spaghetti again without triggering a track that would have to warn me about pirates because there are no French authorities in Colombian waters, I’m safe here.

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