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Trigeminal Neuralgia Facial Pain – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Trigeminal neuralgia facial pain that occurs suddenly and disappears at the predicted time. How is this possible?

Dear Mr. Pilhar,

About two years ago, I accidentally came across Dr. Hamer’s “Germanic New Medicine.” Since then, I have devoured several of his books (most recently “The Archaic Melodies”) and received the testimonials you forwarded, which I thank you very much.

Although I have not yet been to a seminar, I am sending you my report today because I was overwhelmed by the exactness of the process, and Dr. Hamer’s teaching has helped me enormously.

On the morning of December 14, 2012, out of the blue, I experienced severe pain on the right side of my face. At first, it felt like a toothache in my upper right jaw. However, for me, this was unlikely as my teeth were healthy. When the pain intensified very quickly and also spread to my lower right jaw and up to my right temple, I was sure that it was not toothache but trigeminal neuralgia.

I looked in Dr. Hamer’s “Scientific Chart of Germanic New Medicine” and read that the biological content of the conflict must be a ‘loss of face’ conflict. This made things very clear to me.

It concerned Christmas and the fact that I would have to spend Christmas without my three children for the first time. Three days earlier, on December 11th, my ex-husband had told me in a shocking way that he would be spending Christmas with our three children. With this unexpected statement, including verbal derailment and a lawyer’s threat, my ex-husband had caught me completely on the wrong foot. This was my DHS, and after everything I had previously read from Dr. Hamer and in the testimonials, I assumed that on December 17th, the pain would resolve on its own.

Nevertheless, as soon as I realized this, I called my anthroposophical doctor friend at about noon on December 14th and asked her for a ‘Global Diagnostics’ examination. The examination was conducted immediately afterward and confirmed my suspected dental health. My doctor also diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia, and for about an hour, I talked to her about the shocking events three days earlier.

This was followed by the worst facial pain I have ever had, even though I was taking powerful prescription medication. Unfortunately, the medication did not create the desired effect, so my doctor treated me both on Saturday and on Advent Sunday (a huge thank you for that!!!) with additional injections along the nerve which at least brought some temporary relief.

However, what helped me the most that weekend was my firm belief that the pain would be gone on Monday.  The pain continued to torment me throughout Monday morning. I knew I needed to relax as much as possible, and I occasionally thought I might have been wrong about my ‘prophecy’ of Monday’s healing.  This thought, with its inherent panic, caused even more pain.

And then, around midday on Monday, the miracle happened. As suddenly as the pain had appeared three days earlier, it disappeared again. I was overjoyed and called my doctor straight away to cancel the appointment I had for that afternoon.
The pain had vanished, exactly as Dr. Hamer’s teaching describes!!! Thank you so much!!!

It was an indescribable support for me to know that this hellish pain would disappear after three days. I don’t know what I would have done without this knowledge and trust. And I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened to me if I had gone to some emergency room on Friday afternoon without my own basic biological knowledge.

Anyway, when my doctor friend saw me that same Monday evening, she said that she was pleased to see me alive again. And she asked me to explain again why I had been confident that the pain would be gone on Monday, three days after it had started.

After this personal experience, I’m looking forward to your seminar because I want to expand my mini-knowledge of Dr. Hamer’s teaching, especially on the subject of tracks. And maybe even my doctor will come along!

Once again, my warmest thanks to Dr. Hamer and you!
Dr. rer. nat. K. H.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

For which reason should we award Dr. Hamer the Nobel Prize?
To discover the truth behind diabetes or MS?
Or for the 1st biological law of nature? Perhaps for all five biological laws of nature? Or for the fact that he withstood all that adversity?
Unfortunately, the Nobel Prize is no longer what it used to be. I think we need to introduce an honest award of honor, perhaps a Hamer Prize?

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