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Track for Migraine – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Track for Migraine – German New Medicine Testimonial

I am 33, right-handed, and have had occasional mild to moderate ocular migraines (mostly right-sided) on weekends for about eight years. I have been familiar with Germanische Heilkunde for 1.5 years, and I have studied it more intensively for about a year. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out the conflict or the tracks, but after my last migraine, I would like to report here what became apparent.

My brother had a baby with his former girlfriend three years ago; unfortunately, they have been separated for two years. My now 3-year-old nephew and I have a very close bond. I love this child like my own, and it’s impossible not to see how much he loves me.

About a year ago, after I had been dealing with the whole vaccination issue pretty intensely for a while, I told my nephew’s mother about it. Fortunately, she was open to this knowledge, but unfortunately, her siblings and parents, whom she told about it (and who have a strong influence on her), were not. There was a tremendous argument at her home about it. When I called her the next day, one of her sisters answered the phone, and she was so rude to me on the phone that I had a nervous breakdown – I couldn’t stop crying.

When I wanted to pick up my little darling nephew from his mothers house the other day, it was my nephew’s grandmother’s birthday (she lives on the same property). I was afraid that my nephew’s aunt was also there and I didn’t want to meet her again. So I had a frontal fear, I didn’t know what to expect, or rather I was afraid of what might come up when I would see this person again for the first time after the terrible phone call. Fortunately, she was not there; at least, I did not see her. The frontal fear conflict was thus solved, and a short time later, I got a migraine (as always with nausea).

At this point, thank you once again for your tireless commitment to passing on this so precious knowledge. Everybody should visit your seminars; just great!
THANK YOU and best regards!

Comment by Helmut Pilhar

At least the woman now knows what the conflict was eight years ago – she has had migraines ever since – it was frontal fear (a danger coming at me from the front).
She has also found a track: the fear of being attacked.
Each track points toward the conflict! Here I would continue to search …

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