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Pulmonary Embolism Because of Club, German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Pulmonary Embolism as a result of the COVID-19 mandates.

A father concerned about his son writes …


First, a few words about my person: I am a male right-handed and 48 years old. Through the so-called “Corona-Plandemia,” I became a system rebel and thereby also became aware of German New Medicine, which I had never heard of before. In the last ten months, I have read four books and quite a few articles on Germanische Heilkunde or German New Medicine as Dr. Hamer named it earlier, I have seen several lectures, and to date, I have watched more than two-thirds of Helmut Pilhar’s Seminar Videos, which I can highly recommend.

But I do not believe everything blindly and have already been able to verify the correctness of the Five Biological Laws of Nature discovered by Dr. Hamer on more than one hundred diseases in my circle of acquaintances, more than thirty of them on my body. And to be honest, this is a lot of fun. Especially when you spend weeks looking for a cause, you suddenly get the “aha” effect. Sometimes it’s real detective work. I even managed to get rid of four allergies in a friend. And my knowledge has enabled me to anticipate symptoms such as the common cold and laryngitis on several occasions.

In another testimonial, I will bring interesting examples of knee pain. This one will be about pulmonary embolism, which I recently experienced firsthand.

On Friday, Oct. 09th, 2021, I was just sitting at my computer watching a Seminar Video from Helmut Pilhar. Ironically, the video was about the heart. All of a sudden, I had very severe pain in my lower left chest area. It was a firm squeeze as if the muscles under the ribs were cramping. I also had to breathe heavily. Because of the video I watched, I immediately thought of heart attack and pulmonary embolism.

I would claim that a non-knowledgeable person of Germanische Heilkunde would have been immediately frightened to death. Perhaps would even have been admitted to hospital (with the usual consequences, such as misdiagnosis of a brain tumor due to edema → brain surgery → fear of death → pulmonary nodules → chemotherapy, etc. – the beginning of the end). But I remained calm, breathing in and out deeply and slowly. I knew I was in a healing phase and that the worst would soon be over. It wasn’t unbearably bad. I didn’t faint from the pain or anything like that, but the kind of pain was new to me, and I was already starting to feel kind of anxious. It came all of a sudden and slowly went away after a minute or two.

Instinctively, I checked my hands and found that they were colder than usual. So, I was definitely not in vagotonia. It had to be an epileptoid crisis. The pain was too deep-seated for a heart attack. So, was it a pulmonary embolism? I knew that a loss of territory conflict must be responsible, but I could not think of a lost territory off the top of my head. Therefore, what was it then? Pain in the crisis suggested that it was a disease of the ectoderm, which fit with pulmonary embolism, for example.

I immediately googled what the possible causes of this type of pain were. I could practically rule out the heart attack. Stomach and intestinal complaints feel different. Complaints of the spleen, liver, peritoneum, and pancreas were also not very likely. First, corresponding pains would probably come gradually or last longer, respectively, and second, the pains would be more likely to be present in vagotonia, not in crisis. Apart from that, I was not aware of any conflict that caused such symptoms in the organs mentioned above. So, it had pretty much certainly to do with the lungs.

So, insofar as it was a pulmonary embolism, I would have to have lost some territory recently. But I couldn’t think of anything with the best will in the world. So, I forgot about it for the moment. I had to run permanently to the toilet to pee the next day, probably fifteen times that day. It was immediately clear that I was in the peeing phase right after an epi-crisis, when the body was squeezing out the stored water, especially the brain edema. This was a confirmation that the previous day must have been the epileptoid crisis.

I remembered that I had suffered a scare fright conflict months before due to shocking news. At that time, I already knew that I would probably soon get laryngitis. And indeed, about four days later, after I got over the shock, my voice was gone. It also took about four days to heal. Since the scare fright conflict, I had settled on my larynx at that time; as a male, right-handed person, I must have reacted in a conflictively female way during the territorial conflict. This means that the left female brain hemisphere starts the corresponding special programs in me. This means that an old active territorial conflict must have closed the right side, and thus I react quasi conflictively female, i.e., with the left brain hemisphere, during territorial conflicts. This means that a heart attack is currently out of the question for me, but a pulmonary embolism apparently happened.

Suddenly, I knew which territory I had lost

On Sunday, September 11th, 2021, the scales fell from my eyes only two days after the pain. I suddenly knew which territory I had lost. I had lost neither my house nor my job, let alone my wife. My two sons and I regularly play table tennis. Practice five times a week and tournaments on the weekends. Since my younger son is very motivated, strives for big goals, and has also lost valuable training time due to the Corona-Plandemia, he now tries to take along just about every tournament to gain experience. Therefore, I organized a so-called TTBW Race tournament in the club where he is registered as a player. It took me some effort, but I was happy to do it because it was primarily for my son. That was the territory in which I wanted to realize myself.

Unfortunately, the first tournament was canceled due to too few participants (probably also due to the short notice). But I had a second date in mind and some commitments, so likely enough players would have registered for this day. I only needed confirmation from the head of the team. But suddenly, I received a cancellation without any explanation. This hit me acutely, isolative, and entirely unexpectedly. I had lost my territory, which had annoyed me very much.

From then on, the coronary vessels began to ulcerate (i.e., break down tissue) for better blood supply to the heart, with the biological purpose of reclaiming the territory more easily. But soon, I knew an alternative solution: I could host the tournament at my club. So, I made my proposal to the people in charge there. It took a few days before I finally got the go-ahead. From then on, my conflict was solved because I had my territory back again, although at a different club.

Under swelling, the degraded tissue of the coronary arteries was rebuilt, resulting in crusts (plaque) that eventually washed into the pulmonary veins, which had led to blockage there and thus to pulmonary embolism in crisis. Because of the short period of conflict, it was not quite as bad. If it had lasted longer than nine months, it would probably have ended fatally for me.

A small but exciting detail at the end: I wanted to create the tournament exclusively for my son. Regarding the ectotherm (to which the cardiac vessels belong), handedness also plays a role. For a right-handed person like me, the left side of the body always has to do with the mother or child. Since I had now created the territory for my child, my left side had to be affected. And indeed, I had pain in my left breast.


Cold hands and pain in the crisis, conspicuous peeing phase afterward, matching conflict shock with all three criteria and handedness — everything fit one hundred percent — once again!

But it goes even further: Unfortunately, I also lost the territory in my home club. The club head didn’t want to accept my certified Corona test certificates, which the association approved. The organized TTBW Race tournament was also canceled. I was relieved of my post as team captain and banned from further matches.

Usually, I would now have had to suffer another, even more significant, loss of territory. But for me, this was no longer unexpected due to various unpleasant discussions. I gave up my post myself, and I will move with my other son and another teammate to the club where my younger son already plays. That means I already have my new stomping ground. And the canceled tournament wasn’t an issue either because we quickly found an alternative.

But the trouble was there. I suffered a territorial anger conflict and a stink conflict. As a result, I had some diarrhea and a few days of the expected mild sniffles after the stink conflict was resolved, after the team’s head sent me a reasonably conciliatory goodbye email.

The Five Biological Laws of Nature are so exact that you can practically set your alarm clock according to them.


Note by Helmut Pilhar

A perfect testimonial where you can learn a lot.

Attention: The handedness plays a role in the territorial area, but not the partner and mother/child.

I wish you success in the search for a steady club.

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