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Coughing fits due to bicycle accident – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Coughing fits because a bike racer crashes like a rookie

…the mother writes …

My son is 16 years old, right-handed, and an avid cyclist. He competes in his age group in the national league in Germany and has already been the German champion twice on the road and the cycle track. This short explanation is necessary to understand the conflict better.

For Christmas, he got a new school bike. It is a unique, single-speed bike with narrow tires and only one gear. If you turn the rear wheel from right to left, the bike can also be ridden as a fixie, that is, with a fixed gear. Driving with fixed gear is no problem. You have to pedal constantly. For my son, no issue. He trains regularly with a similar bike on the bike track.

Friday morning, 7:50 a.m. – as always on a tight schedule – the boy pedals to get to school on time. After 10 minutes, the front door opens again, and he stands shaky and pales in the doorway. His jacket is chafed, and he is holding his arm. When I asked him about it, he told me that he got stuck in the saddle with his jeans, wanted to free his backside, and forgot to continue pedaling for a short time. The wheel reacts immediately, speak the back wheel blocks, comes up, and he flies over the somewhat icy road. What a bit of luck that he was still in the street in front of our house; there was no traffic.

He was mega frightened that such a trivial mistake could happen to him, the great racing driver. He also realized how lucky he was that there was no truck behind him.

As a mother, I first calmed him down, comforted him, made him tea, and got him out of school. We talked about the dangers of cycling in general, but especially about the fixie. From the beginning, I was in favor of him turning the bike around and riding it usually, meaning roadworthy. After all, we don’t race to school…. But up to this moment, I could not assert myself against my husband and him. That changed now abruptly; he promised me the same day to rebuild the wheel. That’s how deep the shock went.

And, as they are, he forgot, and until Monday morning, nothing was done. Then I was a little angry and did not let him get on the bike. He had to take the bus to school. On Wednesday at lunch, I asked him now after lunch to finally rebuild the bike, then he could bike to school again from Thursday. He is in the basement and has converted; we have not thought about it further; all good.

The coughing fits did not start before he had resolved the conflict in real terms

In the evening, he speaks with a somewhat scratchy voice. On Thursday, he cleared his throat frequently, felt dull, and after training, said that he did not know why, but nothing worked. He is so plump … On Friday, he came to breakfast with a scarf and small eyes. Permanent throat clearing, coughing, and constant mucus secretions plague him in the throat.

We systematically went through the last 14 days at noon after all the “horrors.” At first, we didn’t even think about the incident described. Only when I said, he must have solved the horror on Wednesday, what have you solved my child, it fell like scales from his eyes. The wheel he has rebuilt the wheel. Now he knows he still has two days. Then everything is well again. And he has solved another case on his own, which makes me the happiest! Practice makes perfect. Our goal must be to give the children the knowledge about the origin and healing of diseases as a tool for a self-determined, free and qualitative life on the way.

How good when you practice searching and finding in such small situations? Hopefully, it will be routine in everyday life when he grows up because there is always something.

Many thanks to you, dear Pilhar family, and Dr. Hamer for your tireless work and the meticulousness with which you have found out all these fascinating connections and made them public.

Many greetings from Munich,

Note by Helmut Pilhar

A crystal clear report of your experience! Thank you!

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