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Itchy Hemorrhoids – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Itchy Hemorrhoids for 12 years, and suddenly, they were gone

46-year-old, left-handed man.
I got to know Germanische Heilkunde® by searching the web, then through an excellent introductory lecture by Helmut Pilhar in September 2010 in the Villingen area. I learned a lot, and many of my questions were answered.

For 12 years, I had a super lousy problem with my backside. My family doctor said it was hemorrhoids, but nothing helped. I spent years thinking about what could be causing it. I have changed everything that affects the body, body care, laundry products, and everything that comes into contact with the body. All to no avail. Sometimes while on vacation, it was better, but not for long.

Then I read the documents, charts, and books of the Germanische Heilkunde and slowly began to understand. Since I am (fortunately) biologically left-handed, the triggering conflict is only manifested as rectum ulcers and not on the pancreas as in right-handed people. According to the chart of the germ layers the ectoderm (red group), I found the following information: Not knowing where to belong or where to go (also not knowing which decision to make).

Using my mental coaching system, I tested Itchy Hemorrhoids at which the causal conflict occurred and ended at age 34. Private environment, conflict with a woman…

Then the blinders fell off! I had had stress at the beginning of my divorce, respectively with my wife’s lover. For many evenings I had lain awake thinking about how to go on. Where would I go / where would I live? In the end, I moved out and put the whole thing behind me.

Then it was a matter of finding out what repeatedly kept this conflict active, a relatively easy task. I analysed the situation. I came home one evening in 1998, and my wife had made a bedroom for herself in the study. She had removed all my things in the apartment, and put them into our former bedroom. Now I was sleeping alone in the marital bed.

According to kinesiological tests, the marriage bed and sleeping/lying alone in the marriage bed was ‘super weak.’ Only after I had moved out of our house and thus also emotionally detached myself from my wife was the problem gone. I could sleep through the night again, and nothing itched or burned anymore.

Thank you for the incredible and outstanding work of Dr. Hamer and the commitment of Mr. Pilhar, without which I would not have gotten rid of this annoying thing.
Urs W.

During the divorce, I realised that my wife meant nothing to me anymore; basically, we had checked out of our marriage long before. I was surprised that I found this event during the kinesiological self-tests. It was striking that exactly these thought patterns described in the DHS applied 100%. The biological conflict content (not knowing where one belongs) was precisely my situation.

Note from GHK Academy

The first territorial conflict in the male is perceived as male. In the left-hander, there is the so-called “knight hop.” So the first conflict is felt masculine in the male but strikes in the left-hander with the Knight Hop in the female territorial area.
Mr. Urs W. is left-handed. But he describes his conflict as a female identity conflict. How is this possible?
Solution: As he writes, he suffered his conflict 12 years ago, that is, when he was 34.
If his conflict had been the first territorial conflict, he would have been “alpha” until then, and then he would have perceived this first conflict as a male as territorial anger. With Knight Hop, this would have impacted the rectal relay.

His wife had another man, which is why she had banished Urs.
It could well have been “the wife’s cheating” that was his conflict. But he clearly describes this conflict as a female identity conflict. So it can’t have been the first conflict and also not the second one because this one must inevitably strike on the opposite side (in the right male territory).
So it can have happened only as follows:

Urs was in a constellation and depressive (female) already at 34. A following conflict (3rd, 4th, …) is then perceived as female, which then strikes in the left territorial area so that the left-handed person gets out of the depression into the mania.
So, Urs’ conflict was neither the 1st nor the 2nd territorial area conflict, but either the 3rd or the 4th …
To be able to follow this explanation, one must dive a little deeper into the matter of Germanische Heilkunde.

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