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Diaper Rash Open Sores – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

GHK/GNM Testimonial about Diaper Rash Open Sores

I’d love to share my recent experience of my three years old skin condition.
Since July, he started to get sore spots around his genitals and inner thighs. It was usually one spot at a time; it’d be sore to touch and red, quite big and raised, and a bit itchy. It didn’t bother him day to day, just if he was naked and noticed them.

Knowing GNM, I didn’t worry, and although I didn’t know the conflict, I thought, let’s just wait and see.

Well, it didn’t get any better, and so after about 3–4 months, I started to think about what the conflict might have been.

Around the time the spots started, a) he stopped breastfeeding, and b) we tried stopping using nappies at night for a month but didn’t get far, so I gave up and started using nappies again.

My understanding of GNM told me it was something to do with separation, quite like to do with me but not necessarily.

I wondered if because the spots came up one at a time, like one a day, he was on a track, and that made me wonder if the nappies every night was the track. He was getting upset about putting them on, he didn’t want to, and I also wondered if there was some devaluation conflict about not wanting to still wear nappies, as some of the spots were almost like boils.

There was only one way to determine if nappies were the track and my GNM analysis was correct.

So we stopped nappies again, and as predicted, the spots continued for another few days and were joined by more of an all-over mild skin rash, and now…. they are completely gone.

So thank you, GNM, and I am also thanking myself for taking the time to learn GNM and apply this knowledge. Who knows what lengthy road of creams, diets, medications, and doctors trips we would have taken otherwise.

Writing this long message in the hope, it may help others.

Note by GHK Academy

Thank you for this testimonial; your experience will help other mothers better understand the symptomatology of separation. Every mother witnesses her child of how different symptoms come and go. If the mother knows the cause of the symptoms, of course, every mother will try to find a way to help her child get better by changing the circumstances accordingly. A mother who does not know the GHK has no other choice but to go to the Pharmacy.

Diaper dermatitis is a separation conflict, not from the diaper, but from the person who puts the diaper on the child. Separation can only ever be felt from a living being, human or animal, but never from the diaper. It is about touch and cuddling. Anything I cuddle with, I can react to with a separation conflict. But you don’t cuddle with the diaper.

Putting the diaper next to the child for the night doesn’t bother any child; it won’t react to it. But once a child has experienced SBS with the diaper, perhaps because it was too tight once, the diaper is a track, and the child wants to be separated from the mother because she puts the diaper on him.
If a mother recognizes the connection, she knows how to help her child, no diaper.
But what the mother will use instead of the diaper is left to the mother’s imagination.

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