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Sciatica on right side – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Sciatica on right side – German New Medicine Testimonial

I had increasing pain for a week in my lower back on the right side in October 2019 (I am male, left-handed and over 60). After a few days, I tried to manage and reduce the pain with breathing techniques. However, the crisis of the Sensible Biological Special Program followed immediately.

One week later, I was stuck in an armchair for more than 70 hours! I surpassed the limits of what I thought was possible when I was unable to use the bathroom for six days. I was an ageing German citizen and I wanted to avoid going to the doctor and the clinic. My situation was unacceptable for my relatives, and fortunately I was still too human for the veterinarian to take care of me!

The Germanic network made it clear that I was in an urgent situation, and Dr. Hamer recommended emergency medicine and cortisone to relieve symptoms that were no longer bearable. In the wild of nature, I would have become easy prey for predators . Instead, I was allowed to become a victim of emergency/medical measures. Due to my inability to be transported, the alarmed ambulance service summoned the emergency doctor, who gave me a cocktail of drugs that put me into a state that I had never known. It contained fentanyl, which is 200 times more powerful than morphine. My normal perception of pain and my normal will were broken, and I was able to stand up and walk to the ambulance.

I had considered staying in the hospital’s emergency room for up to 12 hours. However, I threw up like a world champion because of the pain-relieving poison. Even the smallest sip of water came back up with bile from the emptied stomach. Instead of an oral laxative, a rectal laxative was used to relieve the congestion in the intestine.

My primary objective, after being admitted, was to avoid the dangerous drugs offered to me. However, in my physical and mental condition the doctors were not prepared to discharge me. So I was taken to a ward, where the doctors gave me some fluids and painkillers. I used a local anesthetic to dull the pain of the healing. The additional orally administered opiates (Tilidine, Palexia) caused nausea and loss of appetite, so fortunately, I quickly worked towards discontinuation, thanks in part to my son’s advice of GNM. It was, therefore, advisable to suppress audible expressions of pain. I didn’t want to be kicked out of the clinic because of non-cooperation.

My physical mobility was insufficient to get in and out of a nursing bed and move around with crutches. Physiotherapeutic support was especially important for restoring at least limited mobility quickly. It’s hard to believe that I had to spend six days in the hospital, but the pain made it impossible to do otherwise. I was discharged in a restricted condition, and fortunately I was able to use crutches.

When the doctor mentioned a possible herniated disc and MRI referral during a home visit the next day, I waved it off because I had had enough. For me, Sciatica on right side diagnosis from the hospital was sufficient. I wanted to recover at home in peace. German New Medicine helped me maintain my morale while suffering because it offered a reasonable explanation for sciatica with painful healing.

I didn’t know that the ISG (sacroiliac joint) was a problem area until then because I had thought that sciatica was the cause of the pain in this area of the body. Dr. Hamers findings showed me that there was a self-esteem problem in the mother-child relationship that kept coming back to be resolved. Over the years, I have not been able to fully grasp it, only now have I gained a better understanding.

The day before the pain started, I had been going back and forth with the notary, for clarification, and agreement about an appointment. After my mother’s death, there was a contract of substantial settlement with co-heirs. I have never before asserted myself in my family of origin, even with messy written argumentation, which does not suit my good-natured sides. I would have kept my distance from the matter of the maternal inheritance, however for the benefit of my children I engaged with the notary.

My mother-child conflict had already built up for a long time (concerning my mother and my children) and I could outsmart this biological conflict by making an effort. Somehow it seemed presumptuous to think that I could simply bypass an intense and long-acting biological conflict. Therefore, the inheritance-self-value conflict load and its solution took its course with the immobilization by the sciatica. The tissue that connects the sacrum with the ilium (where the spine is docked to the walking apparatus for upright movements) in this narrow gap I had a healing swelling through conflict resolution. As a child, I had already unconsciously desired an independent personal value, but I had been psychically blocked on the mother-child side for a long time in a conflict-active way, so it was naturally bio-logical.

Only later did I realise that the self-esteem conflict resolution phase took place in SYNDROME, i.e., through an additional active conflict of being left alone, the body stored even more water.

Two days before the onset of the healing phase and thus the pain, a long-time friend of mine ended our friendship. This sudden breakup frustrated me and caused me to have a conflict with the kidney collector tubes, which is why I started to store water. I was unable to resolve this conflict, and I needed an enormous amount of energy to drag this unresolved experience around with me which also created huge frustration. This additional conflict implies that the kidney collecting tubes are switching to water storage. Keeping water stored makes sense when you’re emotionally or physically stranded. No wonder I didn’t want to go to the hospital because there is such a refugee/existence conflict that it can be aggravated with water storage.

With the Sensible Biological Special Program (SBS) of the kidney collecting tubes, the body uses organ parts, which already store water anyway in the “healing edema” of the 1st conflict, for additional water storage. The first phase of conflict resolution is usually the most difficult and painful. Due to the combination with the kidney collecting tube SBS, the swellings are intensified, which makes the symptoms of the healing phase of the first conflict even more pronounced.

Without Dr. Hamer’s knowledge of Germanische Heilkunde, this pain would have been a reason for despair. However, there was the consolation that a great healing had begun. Of course, this healing was not to be interrupted, so it was important to keep the scheduled notary appointment for signing the contract to avoid a hanging healing.

The notary appointment was scheduled two and a half hours after returning home from the clinic. While on my way to the clinic I realised that my conflict was between the sacrum and the pelvic bone. I had the deep conviction that it was a combined conflict. Namely, the deeply rooted lack of self-esteem in connection with the non-assertion towards my mother. My mother would block my individual claims, especially since my sibling had a preferential position with her.

I was able to trace back 45 years to the increase in sensations in my thigh that were associated with the Sciatica on right side. At that time, a shocking conflict due to unjust treatment devastated my self-esteem. In the parental home, I had no opportunity to assert my interests and I could not move, advance, or assert myself. My young self-esteem was damaged when my autonomous development and individualization was criticized. It was problematic when I continued to go to school instead of doing an apprenticeship. There were accusations at that time that I just didn’t care about my future.

The partial solution to the conflict resulted, at that time, in becoming extroverted and in the attachment to an unhealthy social environment. When I felt this discomfort in my right leg (mother/child) I feared it could develop into paralysis. Of course, I didn’t understand the connections at that time. It is gratifying to see that with Germanische Heilkunde, the connections between psychological conflicts and physical processes can be better understood.

I would have preferred to go through the pain of healing without going to a clinic. But it would have been foolish to go for a bowel obstruction and expose myself even more to intrusive medicine. Sometimes it is better accept the bad than to challenge even worse possibilities. After all, I had once refused an operation that Dr. Hamer had suggested, so I had a free ticket for 1x clinic and back.

Protective postures and fears of relapse are natural, even with the knowledge of the master, with such a severe physical sciatica experience. That’s why I had physiotherapy and fango prescribed to support better the will to convalesce with patience. With patience and a mindful will, things began to progress. I must be careful not to re-engage in conflict.

Note from Helmut Pilhar

Our suffering patient dated his original conflict to 45 years ago because that is when his symptoms began. Self-devaluation conflicts, such as not being able to assert himself, would go to the hip, in his special case, the mother/child hip Sciatica on right side, (he is left-handed). However, he does not describe hip pain but the pain in the sacroiliac joint, and for this, a sexual self-esteem conflict would be responsible, in his specific case, in relation to his mother. He would have been about 20 years old at the time. It is possible that his conflict with his mother was related to his girlfriend at that time. It’s possible that his mother didn’t agree with his girlfriend.
No matter what conflict with the mother went into solution there. The interesting thing about this case is that the mother’s death brought a definite solution to his chronic pain, which he correctly interpreted as ischialgia (healing of a sexual self-esteem intrusion), including a violent healing phase.

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