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Toothache With Headache – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

I had toothache with headache for several hours, and I know precisely why.

Hello, I am right-handed. Yesterday, I had a rather painful experience for a few hours. The symptoms were conspicuously linked to the cause, and it was all so evident, according to the GHK, that it was impossible to misinterpret it. All anyone needs is such simple and minor symptoms to verify the accuracy of the GHK.

Yesterday we went to a shopping center with the whole family. For some time now, it has been our practice for both of our children to have a shopping cart and push it in front of them. This way, the children don’t have to fight over who gets to push the cart.

We started putting items in our younger son’s cart, which he insisted on having first. But when we put an item in the older one’s cart, the riot began. The little one would not tolerate the bigger one having items in his cart, too. The little one ran after the big one, screeching loudly, and tried to take out the items in his shopping cart to put them in his own. However, the big one didn’t let this happen, so the screeching and quarreling began. It was intolerable. Every attempt to calm the little one down and bring him to his senses was in vain.

After a few minutes, I lost my patience. I told my wife to finish grocery shopping on her own and that I would wait with the little one outside in the parking lot. I took the little one by the hand and walked out of the shopping center with a loud, crying child. I stood in the parking lot for half an hour with a child crying loudly in protest.

A few hours later, at home, when the anger had subsided, and my emotions had calmed down, I suddenly felt a sharp toothache with headache in my lower left jaw bone (mother/child side). The headache (migraine) extended to the left temple. When I massaged the lower jaw bone with my index finger, I could feel my pulse at this point. There was no swelling (there wasn’t enough conflict load), but the pain was intense. My wife brought me clove oil, which I used to numb the jawbone and the gums several times, and after about two hours, I went to bed. The pain was then already bearable, even without the clove oil. The next morning, the symptoms were gone.

I still remember the experience at the grocery store and in the parking lot when I obviously would have loved to crush my little one because of the terror he occasionally creates when he doesn’t get his way.

So my DHS was a conflict of self-esteem, wanting to bite and crush the little one to shut him up, which, of course, you can’t do. At such a moment, I am helpless because no words and certainly no reason can calm this child down again, and the only thing that helps is to separate the children physically.
So much for my conflicts, but the three-year-old had also had a territorial conflict with this, or at least he triggered a track, because this morning he had a moderate fever with no other symptoms. But as soon as the fever subsided, he threw up on the kitchen floor. Well, that’s the crisis of the small curvature of the stomach; thus, he has reacted with territorial anger. It’s amazing to experience what children can derive a territory from.

Comment by GHK Academy

Thank you for this description. It shows how quickly it can happen. A child gets something into its head and spontaneously starts to scream until it gets what it wants. Spontaneously, one may have the impulse to bite the child, and since you can’t do that, the body reacts with osteolysis in the jawbone. You are unable to bite, even though you would like to.

Of course, it is only a matter of time before the child, and therefore the parents, calm down again. The incident is forgotten or repressed (conflict resolution), after which the healing phase inevitably sets in. In the case of SBS of the bone, the healing phase is very painful. The bone is recalcified with swelling, and the swelling below the periosteum is very painful. Even if only a few hours of conflict load have accumulated. Toothache with headache (migraine) is the consequence.

Using clove oil as an anesthetic is advisable. It does not interrupt the healing phase, but it usually only lasts about 15 minutes.
Regarding your son, at least now you know (after he has resolved his territorial conflict) that he has male hormonal status again, and thus, of course, also male territorial thinking and perception. He is a little alpha.

Thank you for your testimonial

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