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Stiff Neck – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Suddenly, a Stiff Neck, what is the cause?

Hello! I would like to share with you my GHK observations regarding a situation with my eldest daughter (13 years old, right-handed).

On September 1st, my daughter woke up suffering from pain in her neck and was unable to turn her head and neck to the left. It was as if she was stuck.

The president was scheduled to visit her school on September 2nd, and her class was to show the president around the school. She was very concerned about this.

While taking her to school, I asked her where she might have felt intellectually devalued and how it could be related to me (her mother/child side).

She is a ‘typical’ teenager with whom you can’t always have a dialogue. Almost every day, we engage in an emotional roller coaster with her; however, before bed, we still hug and apologize for the ups and downs.

She could not remember anything.

I gave her a slight massage, which relieved her tension for a while. But it was obvious that it was hurting her emotionally as well as physically.

While the younger students were conducting their school start-up ceremony, I ran through my daughter’s situation in my head, and suddenly, I recognized her conflict!

This year, she didn’t want to go shopping with me and her younger sister for her school uniform, and she decided to get her school uniform by herself via the Internet.

She picked up the order with her grandmother and just sent me a note saying everything was fine, and she even washed her clothes herself.

In August, I ironed the school uniforms, and when I got to her blouses, I noticed that the fabric was of such poor quality that I almost couldn’t iron it. While ironing one side, the other was already wrinkled again, which was really annoying.

I called to tell her that even though I had ironed her blouses several times, they were still wrinkled. And I told her that she should iron her own blouses, which she had bought herself, in order to avoid any complaints against me later because of non-ironed blouses.

When my daughter returned from school, I told her what I thought her conflict might be. She agreed with me and admitted that she was very worried about her choice because she had bought two of the same school blouses at once.

That evening, she could move her neck again a little, and on September 2nd, it was all over! It was as if nothing had happened.

So it turned out we had found and solved the right conflict, the intellectual self-devaluation feelings on her mother/child side cervical spine.

My husband and I have had similar symptoms in the cervical spine but always blamed it on drafts. Thanks to our knowledge of GHK, we can now let go of this widespread superstition.

Comment: GHK Academy

Who hasn’t had this sort of problem? Suddenly, your neck hurts, you can’t move at all, and you can’t explain why. Unless, of course, you have learned the GHK and understood it, like the mother who shared her testimony for us.
Many thanks.

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