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Molar and Osteolysis in Mandible – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Molar and Osteolysis in Mandible after two months of not being able to bite the Bank Manager

…followed by a very painful healing phase of the jaw bone. I write this testimonial about my painful experience for all people to understand the Germanische Heilkunde or former German New Medicine better. Because I knew at any time in which stage I was at, I could classify the symptoms exactly and know what I would have done without the knowledge of the connections about the GHK or what I would have done to myself. I am male, 44 years old, and biological right-handed. My wife, our son, and I have been living on our sailing ship here in the Caribbean for several years. Our bank account, from which we make our payments, is still through a bank in Vienna. It would have been much easier for us to have a bank account with an international bank, which has a branch on most of the islands for some business transactions. At the beginning of June, we were in the BVIs for a week, which is known for its customer-friendly banking laws. So, we tried to set up an account there. What we needed was simple. Online banking, ATM, and no overdraft facility. However, we experienced our black miracle. You can’t get an account here without an employment relationship with a local company that guarantees a regular income or your own company. The fact that someone has savings and lives from it is not foreseen here. So, they imposed conditions on us that were just unbelievable; for example, we should have proved where exactly our savings came from, how we had earned money and whether the money taxed was supposed to go into the account. I would have had to disclose all my economic history for verification to the UK authorities, and one bank even required local social security … are you still alright!? We experienced this at four banks in the BVIs, and I suffered a severe biting conflict of not being able to bite. My respective counterpart did not make the rules and only followed them. The one who had come up with these idiotic guidelines was far away and out of reach for me. What annoyed me immensely; was when I would go into a bank in Vienna, 15 minutes later, I come out again with a new account, and here it is simply impossible! If I had asked for a loan for millions, I would still understand these measures, but for a regular account … We decided to open an account in Grenada, our hurricane-safe domicile for the fall and our next destination. There we had significantly more time and certainly … So, we sailed four days and nights in a row down to Grenada, where we arrived at a Friday. In the firm conviction to open an account after the weekend here, set to my right lower jaw stabbing and pulsating “toothache.” Although I knew in the BVIs that I was conflict-active, I only now became painfully aware of precisely what conflict I had suffered, and I prepared myself for about a week of healing. I relieved the nagging pain with painkillers, which we had on board. The following Monday, we went on a pilgrimage to the bank of our trust (although our trust in banks is very relative); immediately afterward, we visited the second bank and a third, but without success. The requirements for an account here are just as idiotic as in the BVIs. I was so annoyed that I didn’t realize until days later that my toothache was gone. My wishful thinking told me that the healing was completed faster than expected. My mind informed me that I was again conflict-active. We knew that St.Lucia was home to some offshore banks, and the banking laws there were much more liberal, so we decided to sail there as soon as the wind would allow. A whole week passed before we finally had the wind to make the two-day trip. In fact, it would have been possible on St.Lucia. One needed only a bank reference of the Austrian house bank by post in the original (which would take only about four weeks) and some documents in certified translation. Then we could have set up an account immediately on EC$ (the local currency). But an account in this currency is useless for us. In the meantime, we changed our plans and decided to adjust our bank account in Vienna to our needs, but this was not easy either, since we could not just drop by in person, so this endeavor also took a few weeks. By the time everything was set up, and I had finally resolved my conflict, it was the end of July. So, I was conflict-active for almost seven weeks. Once again, it was Friday when my lower jaw pain came back. Pharmacies are closed here on weekends, and our pain pills on board were coming to an end. Various sailor friends helped me out with painkillers to get me through the weekend. From experience many years ago, I knew that dentists diagnosed my symptoms as “gum pockets.” At the time, a dentist in Hungary simply opened my gum pocket, allowing the excess pressure to escape and the pain to disappear instantly. This does prolong the healing phase, but when it no longer hurts …  

With pain and swelling, I went to the dentist on Monday morning with the request to open the gum pocket.

But she claimed that there was no gum pocket and that the molar (the 3rd from the back) was inflamed. Since I did not want to agree with her, she made an X-ray, on which it was clearly visible to me as a layman that the bone had osteolysis, but the dentist stubbornly ignored this and continued to insist that the tooth could only be saved with a root canal treatment. She refused to accept the fact that the tooth was loose and wobbly. First, however, I would have to undergo a week-long therapy with antibiotics to kill the inflammation and the bad bacteria. She does nothing without antibiotics, and I refused to have anything other than the therapy I asked for (opening the gum pocket). So, I went to the nearest pharmacy and stocked up on some excellent painkillers, which helped me get through the next few weeks. On the same day, I could see a slight swelling in the mirror, which was getting thicker by the hour. The next day was my wife’s birthday, and she organized a party on the beach. On the morning of that day, the swelling was so severe that everyone who saw me slapped their hands together over their heads. The swelling extended down to my larynx and could be seen from far away. Painkillers I swallowed as needed, like sugar pills, and my overall condition was such that there was no way I would want to be around people or be able to stand the sun. Whether the symptoms of sweating, floppy, and tired were side effects of the painkillers or symptoms of vagotonia, I don’t know; anyway, I skipped my wife’s birthday party. Around this time, the swelling also started on the inside of the jaw, increasing the swelling toward the larynx. Since we have a refrigerator on board but no icebox, I couldn’t make myself ice packs to put on the swelling. So, I snuck about ten cans of beer into the fridge and held cold can after cold can to my jaw for most of the day. How many times do I have to hear that the beer belongs in the mouth, not on the outside …. The following day – the swelling increased even more – I could hardly open my mouth enough to eat anything. So, my wife made me a smoothie from bananas, mangoes, and papaya, which I drank carefully with a straw. Since this was a bit thicker, I had to really suck on the straw when suddenly the swelling burst open, and I spat copious amounts of blood and other substances. From that moment on, the pressure eased a bit, and the symptoms became more bearable. However, the opening was not between the tooth and the gum, as one might think, but straight through the gum. On the outside of the jaw, I had two places where edema fluid was continuously leaking out, and fluid was also leaking out in one place on the inside of the jaw. Of course, I also knew that this edema fluid – which is nothing more than liquid bone – would solidify in the gums. I was curious to see what it would look like once the healing was complete. I swallowed painkillers for another three weeks and massaged my jaw for weeks with cold beer cans and later with my fingertips. In the process, some areas of swelling stung like needle points when I applied pressure. In other places, it cracked, as if I were destroying a nuanced calcium framework in the gums with the pressure. A couple of sailor friends from Brazil were particularly worried. The woman is a retired heart specialist (cardiologist). She also wanted to give me a prescription for antibiotics because the nasty bacteria could migrate into the heart and cause a heart attack there…. She meant it in all seriousness and not as a joke. Unbelievable what superstitions doctors adhere to. If she were a specialist for kidneys or any other organ, my nasty bacteria could certainly have caused other organs to fail. Unfortunately, due to language barriers, we could not make her understand the basic rules of GHK. I have known for a long time from the literature that teeth grinding is a typical symptom in the healing phase after a biting conflict. However, I did not know the biological meaning behind it. It was only when I experienced that the excess pressure of the edema constantly pushed out my loose molar, and I could not close my teeth properly. As a result, I became aware of the meaning of this compulsive action. With teeth grinding, you massage the tooth back into position because the excess pressure constantly pushes it out, and you don’t want it to grow tight in the wrong position in the hardening bone. At times, the tooth was so loose that I was sure I could have just pulled it out with my fingers. Without the knowledge about the GHK, I would never have gotten through this healing phase. I would have thrown myself at any dentist’s feet and would have gratefully accepted any “therapy” offered, just as long as the pain would stop, and the swelling would go down again. After six weeks, when the swelling had almost completely subsided, I could clearly feel thickening on the jawbone, and pus was still leaking through the openings in the gums. I could noticeably feel hard structures in the gums that felt like grains of rice under the skin. One day, I felt a sharp object come through the gum skin. Within a few days, several white objects the size of grains of sand were working their way through the skin. At the site of the largest swelling, it looked like I was growing another tooth on the side, which continued to come out every day. Finally, I used tweezers to pull a fingernail-sized piece out of the gum, and a few days later, another piece about half that size. (see attached pictures) These pieces were the bone structures solidifying in the gums, which did not belong there and were now rejected. These openings healed quickly, and now the healing phase should also be finally completed. Apart from a slight but clearly perceptible thickening of the jaw bone, everything is now back to normal. Even without root canal treatment, my tooth is still there, and I did not succumb to a heart attack or similar superstitions. Without the knowledge about the GHK, I would have a fat tooth gap today. A healthy tooth was sacrificed to superstition and the dentist’s merit, who was anxious to sell a root canal treatment. I had temporarily considered having a blood analysis done to see if I might be diagnosed with leukemia. I refrained from doing so because I did not want to make my DNA data available to the worldwide spider’s web of control freaks. I remain to express my gratitude once again to Dr. Hamer for his life’s work as a gift to humanity. John

Note by Helmut Pilhar

An almost unbelievable story! In wise foresight, John has taken photos. I advise this to everyone for several reasons! On the one hand, one often forgets the symptoms oneself quite soon; on the other hand, outsiders will not believe it, and as a testimonial, this will certainly go down in the history of dentistry. Hats off! Many would perhaps think I spare myself such martyrdom and let myself be “treated.” If the nerve is severed, the tooth is dead and may last a few years. John’s tooth, on the other hand, lives on! And John has also pointed out the moronic superstitions of conventional medicine. If one has understood the Germanische Heilkunde, the conventional physicians appear to one as Voodoo priests – so correctly Stone Age – so in the fight against demons and so – somehow spiritually poorly even … My opinion … John! Thank you!

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