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Stiff Neck, Toothache & Blood in Stool because of COVID-19 – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Stiff neck, toothache, and blood in stool – because of COVID-19 mandates, launched three special programs

Much has been written recently about the so-called Corona pandemic. A claimed virus is supposedly killing people en masse and making the survivors prisoners in their own homes.

I don’t want to go into further detail now about the fact that viruses don’t exist at all. And what this production is needed for as a smokescreen. Enough has been written about this, and it will all be a topic for a long time to come.

Due to the worldwide prescribed “pandemic – measures,” I had a conflictive experience two days ago when I started three programs simultaneously. Two are already in healing, and the third, a conflict of “not being able to bite,” I hope to solve with the help of this experience report for the sake of my back teeth.

Currently, I live in a French-controlled territory. Here there are Corona exit restrictions. However, wearing a mask is voluntary; therefore, only about 20% of people have such a useless thing tied in front of their noses.

I ignore the exit restrictions on principle because I feel it only serves the purpose of public submission, and I will never submit to anyone! Better to die standing than to live on my knees!

We are in the park for several hours every day. First, once, a squad of uniformed men stopped us. I just wagged my index finger in front of this hooded face in uniform, pointed to my dog, and just kept walking. All good so far.

When we learned that a hardware store about 3 km from us had reopened in the morning, I took that as an opportunity for a long walk with my son. I could not take the dog with me because I could not take him into the store.

Not far, I turned a corner and suddenly saw a squad of uniformed highwaymen lurking (DHS) for prey (motorists).

Reflexively, I pulled my shoulders back, raised my nose a bit above the horizon, and moved much slower than usual. A nice little trick that has an interesting psychological effect. This posture immediately gives you incredible self-confidence and a sense of superiority, and you visibly radiate this to the outside world.

Like a predatory cat, its slow, supple movements make it look superior and dangerous. Simply try it out for yourself.

So, I walked slowly through this troop of maybe ten men with my head held high. However, they had the order to collect only motorists. No one paid attention to my son or me.

Although everything had gone well, at least three programs had activated in me at the same time. I noticed it because of my compulsive thinking. There was a battle of words between me and the uniforms that could have happened in my mind.

I would never have humiliated myself to the point of playing their game. Explain to them where I was going, why it was essential, and hope for their permission. To thus plead guilty and throw me at the mercy of the uniform. Although, as a free man, I have the right to go wherever I want. (DHS cervical spine= self-esteem collapse to be innocently accused) also, an ID card I do not show on principle.

I always assert my status as a human being. Above that of a person (uniform) in such encounters with uniforms. “I am a human being; you’re a person, how dare you address me without being asked?” (of course formulated accordingly legally correct)
can then look something like this:

Most of the time, the uniforms know the corresponding legal basis, turn around and look out for easier victims. Sometimes, however, it takes a little longer. But so far, I have always preserved my dignity as a free human being, and the uniform subsequently learned a lesson that they never forget.

It would be incompatible with my self-conception of human dignity and freedom to submit to a uniform that approaches me based on the UCC. I could not submit at all if it concerns such idiotic measures, which are to express that I believe in this moronic Corona production also still, never!

At the latest in the store, I noticed consciously which word fights take place in my head, and thus I was also conscious that I was active in conflicts. Since I had to go back again, I would pass again at the crossing, where the troop of policemen lurked on prey. So, the danger was not yet finally averted. And it could still come to this confrontation for which I was already practicing in my mind as if under duress.

When we arrived back at the particular crossing on the way back, there was no uniform trace. Obviously, they had already captured the amount given for that day and had gone home.

Arriving home, I told my wife about the excursion experiences and, at the same time, noticed how the muscles in my neck began to tense, and my neck became increasingly stiff (conflict resolution).

About two hours later, I had to go to the bathroom, but without success, was I constipated? Only on the toilet paper was some blood. So, I also reacted with an indigestible anger conflict (tumor in the colon) because this whole pandemic is just repugnant to me in all its stupidity.

To me, the story of this virus pandemic is so idiotic that I could never abide publicly by these prescribed measures. I would be pretending to believe this bullshit. Never!

I could not even bear the thought that anyone could think for a second that I could be so stupid as to believe in Covid19 bullshit. To demand a gesture of submission from me (if only in my mind battles). It is indigestible anger for me. My colon reacted accordingly. So, by telling my wife about my experiences, I resolved this conflict as well, and so my “colon cancer,” which had been active for about two hours, went into healing. Everything was fine.

My compulsive thinking is reduced but can still be observed occasionally. Therefore, another program must have reacted with… Which one?

Now, two days later, there is no sign of my colon program. My neck is still stiff, and the muscles are slightly tense, but not too bad. However, this morning I felt slight irritation on a back tooth (partner side).

Yes, in my mind, I am trying to bite verbally. Anyone responsible for all this bullshit in particular, but anyone who continues supporting this viral deception through their faith and gestures of subservience. All people who – voluntarily or forced – tie a mask in front of the muzzle and give this fraud additional fuel.

For the sake of the health of my teeth, I must find a way to solve this conflict of not being able to bite. In the hope of having achieved this with the publication of my experience report, I wish every reader instructive insights and a better understanding of Germanische Heilkunde®.

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