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Leukemia because of one word too many, German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Leukemia, because of a single word too many in a talk between two friends

Anyone who knows the GHk can think up how and why. But having experienced it yourself gives a much more lasting impression.

I am right-handed. I had known the GHk since I met my husband when I was 22. His understanding of the laws of nature was one of the first things that fascinated me about him. Also, I had been dragging a long rat tail of chronic illnesses and allergies behind me for years. During my German New Medicine studies, we naturally first set out to find the causes of my medical history. So, I soon left one allergy after the other behind me.

I am blessed by nature with a very slim body, with perfect shapes, where they should be, without having to do anything. Thus, my husband could carry me effortlessly on his arms.

When I got pregnant at the age of 24, we were prepared for the pregnancy to leave its mark on my body. But to keep them to an acceptable extent, I paid particular attention to natural care.

As a pregnant woman, I strongly needed to lean on and be close to my husband. To be left alone during this time would have been very difficult for me. However, I had the privilege that my husband was actually there for me around the clock, and I was not alone for a minute. So, I was spared that my kidneys would have reacted with the collection tubules. So, I did not store any excess water and therefore gained very little weight. You could not see that I was pregnant shortly before the birth when you looked at me from behind.

For us, it was always a matter of course that our child would be born in any case at home. We found a midwife who was happy to finally have an expectant mother who didn’t want to swallow all kinds of medications immediately. But when I reduced her list of required blood tests to zero, she was a bit irritated, but finally accepted it. Because we also categorically rejected the ultrasound, she welcomed it very much (of course, only in private).

My husband and I were pleased that soon after the birth at our home (I would never want to give birth in a hospital), my body returned to the shape of before. Two days after birth, I could wear skirts that I had bought when I was 18. Not a single stretch mark remained, not on my butt, not on my belly, and not on my breasts. Gravity did not affect my body, and my belly became flat and tight again.

We celebrated our son’s second birthday on the beach. Several families with children and a young couple from Russia were invited. They didn’t have a child of their own, but one of my foreign languages, which I speak very well, is Russian, and I enjoy every one of the rare opportunities to use this language. So, it happened that I was standing on the beach with this Russian girl in a bikini, and we were talking in Russian. This girl, younger by three years and without a child of her own, also had a flawless body like a Barby doll. In the middle of the conversation, she suddenly said to me, “With you, it’s almost impossible to see that you have a child!”


One word too many was all my conflict

This statement might have been a compliment, but it was highly acutely traumatic for me. “Almost not” means that you can see traces of pregnancy. Moreover, this statement was unexpected and isolating for me.

I didn’t know what to say to it, so I didn’t reply and remained isolated.

Back home, I looked at my body in front of the mirror and searched for visible traces of pregnancy in vain. However, this conflict did not leave me alone, and so I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror in a vain search. After three days, my husband asked me if everything was all right with me or what I was doing all the time in the bathroom. So, I finally asked him if one could see traces of pregnancy on my body?

He asked me in return, quite unimpressed, “Can you see any?”

I only told him about my experience, my DHS, and my problem. He asked me in passing, as if it were the least important thing in the world, “If you can’t see anything yourself, why do you care what this girl said?” Of course, he was right. This statement took all the drama out of my DHS, it lost its meaning with it, and I also broke my isolation. So, I entered the healing phase, and I was.

Obviously, I had suffered a self-esteem collapse. But since I could not localize the conflict in any part of my body (I searched for three days for a possible spot), I associated it with my whole body—muscles as well as bones.

My entire body ached. The entire musculature. Every bone of the body. My hands. The breasts. I lay in bed with a fever for three days and couldn’t even turn from side to side on my own. In fact, there wasn’t a part of my body that didn’t hurt. I felt miserable and very weak, barely able even to speak. All accompanying symptoms of a very intense healing phase of the connective tissue, but on the whole body.

If we had had a blood analysis done in this situation, leukemia would undoubtedly have been diagnosed (healing phases’ symptom of the bones). It’s hard to imagine what would have been diagnosed if my husband had panicked and called the ambulance to take me to a clinic.

On the second day, the high fever subsided. It was not until the third day that I was able to move again.

My husband took care of me, but otherwise, he said with relatively little pity,

“Typical women. If you had just told her, have a child yourself first, then we’ll see!”

Yes, he was right. That would have been an appropriate response. However, we both know German New Medicine well enough not to panic. To know at what point in the healing process we were and how long it would take. And so it was. Although I still felt weakened for several days, after three days of healing, I could have an everyday life again.

With a thoughtless word, you can kill a human being or make them seriously ill. What is essential is not what is said. But if the individual is caught unexpectedly at a weak point and the affected person is isolated, then one suffers a DHS that can have devastating consequences.

Nobody will take the symptoms of the healing phase away from you, and you have to go through it yourself. If you put yourself into the tentacles of conventional medicine in ignorance and panic, you will quickly have diagnoses and subsequent conflicts that will trap you in a vicious circle from which you can no longer escape.

Therefore, the advice is repeated repeatedly, even if everyone has to follow the obligations of his life and hardly has time. Learning and understanding the GHK can mean the difference between life and health or a lengthy and cruel death.

Make GHK your hobby. Learn the biological language of nature while you are healthy.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

An impressive testimonial that will make many mothers think! Thanks a lot!

There are (still) cultures where the figure dogma is just the other way around. In these cultures, chubby is considered beautiful, and skinny is considered ugly. Likewise, being fat is considered healthy, and being skinny is considered sick. In nature, being skinny is not an art, but being fat means being successful, making you attractive.

For many people, you can see that “fashion trends” are accompanied by unnecessary stress and conflicts.

I recommend the song by Tom Jones, “Sex bomb,” to every man to protect his wife from conflicts concerning the figure. With it, the man does himself only good;-)

Perhaps another provocative question: For which type of woman is the alpha man attracted?

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