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Organ Tendons

Organ Tendons: Each tendon has a specific self-devaluation conflict as its cause, e.g., a child not being able to hold on = tendons of the

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Organ Esophagus

The lower third of the organ esophagus (brainstem) is about the morsel you can’t swallow. The upper ⅔ of the esophagus (cerebral cortex) is about

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Organ Teeth

Organ Teeth Each tooth has its own biting conflict. No distinction is made between upper and lower teeth. The dentine has a self-value conflict, “not

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Organ Bone

The organ bone always has a severe self-value collapse as its conflict content. Each bone and each joint has its own self-value content. With the

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Thyroid Gland

Organ Thyroid Gland

The organ thyroid gland has as conflict content the morsel where one was too slow to get it or get rid of it. This SBS

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Organ Inner Skins

The inner skins include the peritoneum, pericardium, pleura, and pleura of the lungs. All of them are controlled from the cerebellum. This always involves attack

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Organ Larynx

The organ larynx and vocal cords are squamous and are controlled from the territorial area.

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Organ Cartilage

The Organ Cartilage has a slight self-value collapse as conflict content. Each joint has its own self-value content.

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Organ Liver

In the organ liver’s case, we have the liver parenchyma with liver cancer (starvation – brainstem). Many liver rounds mean starvation around itself, and a

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