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Stomach Tumor because of Text Message. German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Stomach Tumor because of a text message; although both knew the Germanic very well, he underestimated the conflict.

Just trying doesn’t work – just do it

How often have we said that in the past months! It was a catchphrase—used every time one of us had to jump over his shadow in the past weeks and wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t disappoint the other if it didn’t work out: “I’ll try.

I now tell a story of a man who knew that Germanische Heilkunde was true and still (or because of that?) had to die. Norbert has been intensively involved with Germanische Heilkunde for more than ten years; he helped me cope with breast cancer many years ago by initiating me into the findings of Dr. Hamer. For this reason, he now knew what to do when he has affected himself.

We have been running a study circle together for years.

To understand what happened, I must now describe our somewhat unusual situation in more detail: Norbert and I had been a couple for many years—he, originally unattached and free, and I involved in a family compound with two children. That we would spend our retirement together was never out of the question. The time was only undifferentiated since my two children and also my economic existence was just spatially far away from our—thus Norbert’s and my common—home. Precisely this circumstance should lead finally to the fact that the following happening about a trifle led to the fact that he finally lost his life.

What’s happening:

He suffered a morsel conflict at the beginning of 2013, which he also clearly recognized through his body’s response, i.e., obsessive thinking about this point, cold hands, and weight loss. A process that he had perhaps psychologically under control, but unfortunately not biologically because biology works past the mind.

One day, this conflict happened; he had to reprogram my cell phone. When he was busy, he received an SMS from an acquaintance whom I have known for 30 years from my school days and with whom I meet for a beer at casual intervals. It was my acquaintance’s birthday, and he was looking forward to an evening together with me—that’s what he wrote in this SMS. In an unbiased way, he has chosen a formulation that caught Norbert at the moment when he read the SMS, which was intended for me, completely unprepared, on the wrong foot, and also isolative, he could not talk to me about it – he thought – because it is not proper to read the messages of others.

Trust and not unnecessary jealousy was a cornerstone of our relationship—otherwise, it would never have worked.

This happening, this minor SMS was his DHS, triggered a morsel conflict in him – the morsel was me – swallowed but not incorporated by my persistence in my old domestic structure.

With this, the localization of the special program that had been set in action was fixed; from this second onward, there was a Hamer Focus in the brain stem at the relay of the esophagus. Biologically, his body now tried to cope with this problem. In the conflict-active phase, additional cells were formed to help me better absorb the morsel.

From the time he read the SMS, he became conflict-active every time I went back to my family and my office, and every time I returned to him, he came into conflict resolution.

It was utterly incomprehensible that he did not bring this topic to the table. Maybe he wanted to avoid arguments between us; maybe he just didn’t want to admit that he was jealous when I wasn’t with him. And to him, who certainly had 25-30 kilos too much on his ribs, the circumstance of the conflict activity was not wrong at first: finally, he could get rid of the superfluous pounds by dieting. He thought that he had the subject under control since he knew it and dealt with it.

He did not talk about it…

He thought he could estimate the special program correctly and, above all, as he called it, “keep the ball flat.” BUT: our biology works differently and cannot be directed by a mind, no matter how captivating! And as long as he had not cleared up this story, every absence of me, every ringtone of my cell phone was for him the beginning of his track – I was true without any doubt his partner—biologically seen. He could swallow the morsel – but by my time in my original home, with my children, and in my office, he could not digest the morsel, thus completely assimilate it.

A trifle, a simple, unimportant SMS, led to the following and so fateful events. That is why even the slightest irregularity you notice in life is worth talking about! Talking helps out of isolation! Psychologically Norbert had the issue under control, but biologically his body was functioning logically because, in real terms, he had not solved the problem yet. And so his body has taken measures to process this problem.

These biological processes have caused him gastric carcinoma. The content of the conflict is that although it was possible to swallow a morsel, it was not possible to bring it all the way down, i.e., swallow it completely – the morsel practically got stuck in his throat.

The gastric carcinoma in the conflict-active state means cell growth at the lower end of the esophagus, in the transition to the stomach – in the conflict-resolved state, then cell degradation. This particular program affects cells of the yellow group, the entoderm. More cells are formed to ensure with more digestive juices that the stuck morsel can slide better (secretory cells) or can be decomposed better (absorptive cells). Hereby, biology wants to help to solve the morsel conflict. If the conflict can then be resolved, these additional cells are superfluous, and the organism begins to break them down with the help of mycobacteria.

The conflict-relieved state showed itself in Norbert with tarry stools, i.e., blood in the stool, and this for many weeks while the tumor was breaking down. Norbert welcomed this sign, knowing that he was on the right track. However, the fact that I could only be with him part of the week and spent the rest with kids and business was a constant switch for him between ca and cl phases. Yet, contrary to his assessment, the margins between the active and cl phase must have been such that the active phase was greater than the cl phase. The result was a stronger cell plus than subsequent degradation of the additionally formed cells.

And so, his swallowing difficulties grew due to the growing tumor at the lower end of the esophagus; the tumor began to close the esophagus, the passage of food or liquid became increasingly painful and exhausting. He constantly had blood in his stool from the conflict resolved phase; this circumstance gave him severe anemia – this was also why we finally went to see a doctor. Norbert could no longer exercise physically at all; the most minor tasks caused shortness of breath and dizziness, so he had to sit down – his quality of life suffered increasingly. And we wanted the diagnosis so that we would know how and where to start.

The blood values indicated the need for a blood transfusion. We had him given a transfusion in the hospital’s emergency room, and we refused an inpatient admission and further diagnostic clarification of the clinical picture. We claimed that he was already receiving treatment and that the doctor was currently unavailable, hence the transfusion in the emergency room. This all worked out fine – here, I must add that Norbert was a private patient, which made this easier. For a definite diagnosis, Norbert had an ultrasound of the abdominal organs made a week later, a gastrostomy, and shortly before Christmas, a CT of the skull and abdominal organs for evaluation according to the Germanische Heilkunde. After all, a correct diagnosis is the first step in successfully resolving a special biological program. The ultrasound scan showed changes at the entrance to the stomach and shadows on both lobes of the liver and the lymph nodes in the abdomen.

The examining doctor diagnosed here numerous metastases, which – as we know – do not exist. Instead, it was secondary conflicts – this one he suffered when he noticed that he could swallow worse and worse and could no longer control the weight loss. Another major conflict was older.

Liver programs with affected tissue of the yellow group have the conflict content of “starvation” – in Norbert’s case, all recent conflict shocks were about real starvation because he lost weight uncontrollably and got massive swallowing problems.
Besides, he had two friends of ours in mind who tried to cope with their cancer via conventional medical treatment. They were only a shadow of themselves at the end of their lives because they indeed starved to death via morphine administration.

During the gastrostomy, we refused a biopsy, which was also adhered to – but only because I was present during the examination and while the patient was asleep again forbade that tissue to be taken. In the other case, this would have happened for sure because the doctor literally urged me to allow it anyway – Norbert would not notice it. However, I remained steadfast. Fortunately, while Norbert was still asleep, the doctor probably felt that we were not taken seriously enough and described to me in the ugliest pictures how Norbert would starve to death and die within the next eight weeks. My feet were literally dragged away, and when the instrument was finally removed from Norbert’s esophagus, I first had to sit down. I was not allowed to cry because Norbert would have noticed, and I did not want to raise any doubts about the good outcome of the proceedings.

Also, in the follow-up conversation, when Norbert was awake again, we pointed out the urgency of the conventional medical “full treatment” without any empathy – but with appropriate brutality.

From that moment on, I had panicked – but I quickly got a grip on it by listening to “Studentenmädchen” without a break. However, it returned immediately if I could not listen to the song for professional reasons. But that’s only in addition because it’s not about me here.

Our family doctor, who himself recently had cancer and only had surgery for mechanical complaints, but refused chemo and radiation, supported us as best he could within the framework of his understanding, which was nevertheless colored by conventional medicine. He listed the possibilities 1–3 for us: Surgery—Radiation—Chemo. Of course, we decided on option 4, which he called “something else,” and had us both sign a corresponding declaration, which we gladly did. We knew that without possibilities 1–3, we had the best chance to get through this story well. He willingly wrote us on a prescription for everything we needed afterward to make the following time as easy as possible for us.

At the beginning of January, we had the CTs examined and evaluated according to Germanische Heilkunde and explained the appropriate procedures.

Of course, for this, we called on the master himself, and Dr. Hamer explained and explained everything to us in great detail. Besides the esophageal program in healing, Norbert had several liver programs in healing and a biliary event in healing. A more detailed search for the trigger of the conflict shocks did not seem necessary to us since everything was in the resolution phase. The road would be arduous, but the good news was: that Norbert could survive with disciplined behavior. Of course, we wanted that very much, so we implemented all the recommendations as far as a medical layman could.

All programs of the yellow group were already in solution – we solved the morsel stuck in the esophagus already before the CTs in a long-overdue conversation – Norbert had finally told me what was bothering him. I then sent a message to the acquaintance that he should please refrain from lewd remarks in the future.

His answer was addressed directly to Norbert, with the message that he had long accepted my decision for my life companion out of respect for me. This at least settled this issue, and the ongoing resolution phase of what was happening had begun. And with the resulting decrease in swallowing difficulties, the more recent starvation conflicts also dissolved.

According to Dr. Hamer’s estimation, we should expect about three months until the healing phases are completed. Norbert has prescribed the strictest bed rest, which he actually kept. In addition, he was to eat food containing as much protein as possible in several portions. And from that moment on, he listened to the Studentenmädchen continuously; this song was playing in every room.

I immediately stopped my self-employed job and closed my office to take the best possible care of him. We got a urine bottle and toilet wheelchair, and he spent the following weeks exclusively in bed. I prepared meals for him around the clock, which he often ate with incredible difficulty. Now it was no longer the swallowing difficulties that were the main problem. They were decreasing more and more. No, now we had to struggle with nausea and reluctance to eat any kind of food due to the healing phase of the liver program.

This is a peculiarity of the liver program. Here in the conflict-resolved phase, the appetite returns only after the epi-crisis. He was not allowed to witness the preparation because he could not eat it once he had smelled a meal. He would have thrown up immediately. So, I prepared the meals for him – at that time, everything in pulp form or very soft consistency – in the hermetically sealed kitchen served everything ready to eat, and so he could at least eat small portions. My day revolved around finding a dish he could eat, preparing it, then taking him into it, and very often finally throwing the whole thing away.

He could not eat any kind of sausage or meat at all. However, the animal protein is essential in the healing phases of the yellow group because the body needs it for the degradation process of the previous cell plus – it otherwise takes the animal proteins from the muscle tissue. This was a big problem. Since we saw that the amount would not be enough to help the body in the best possible way, he took a protein drink with high biological value two times a day; I spiced this up with whole milk and cream to provide as much nutritional value as possible. The other meals consisted of oatmeal or cream yogurt, cornflakes, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and fruits – all with lots of butter, crème fraîche, or cream. Nevertheless, the amounts he could eat without getting sick because of the healing phase of the liver (hepatitis and jaundice) were minimal.

The solution for this appeared in the advice of an acquaintance who knows the use of “astronaut food” in such cases from her professional practice as a nurse for the elderly. These are high-calorie drinks, but they tasted very sweet and very artificial. For some time, this was a viable way. Still, suddenly Norbert developed an extreme rash of the oral mucosa – he probably started this special program as a biological program, as a response to the food resisting him.

To this, we must add that before the events; we lived not only as naturally as possible, that is, organic and sugar-free. So, this food was absolutely unnatural for him; that’s how we explained the strong reaction of his body. According to his description, the food felt as if there was sand in it, his mouth was extremely dry, and we struggled to ensure that the consistency of the meals was such that he could swallow them without disgust. Probably he was now in the conflict-active phase of a “wanting to spit out a morsel,” the signs are ulcers and pain, then in the healing phase come pustules (aphthae). He wanted to spit out this unnatural food.

We were faced with a new problem – what now? With discipline, good coaxing, and sometimes coercion from me, he patiently put up with the discomfort, knowing that each day would bring us closer to the happy end. Added to the problem of adequate nutrition were the pains of liver swelling – the symptoms of the pcl-A phase of the liver program – which meant that he could not sleep properly. We buffered these with warm compresses and magnesium phosphoricum for relaxation – they did not go away from this but became more bearable – I renewed the warm compresses every hour at the latest, around the clock. We used organic salt because it does not interfere with the healing process but only supports and relaxes the body. The healing process should be as optimal as possible. Jaundice (bile duct disease) had already subsided by this time – another ray of hope that showed us we were on the right track.

Even his family doctor recognized this and gave us a glimmer of hope. At no time did we doubt that everything would end well. Due to the absolute bed rest and probably also because of the reduced protein intake, Norbert’s muscles rapidly deteriorated. This loss of strength made everything even more difficult, I had to support him when he ate, he could not eat anything when lying down and sitting up independently became more and more difficult. There was no more talk of getting up, I had to lift him onto the toilet chair and also put him back into bed.

It was during this phase – at the end of January – that the turning point finally happened. The epi-crisis happened.

The last blood count before that already showed a dropping gamma-GT value, which is a value that shows the condition of the liver. However, we did not think about that at that moment. Today, I know that the epi-crisis comes when the gamma-GT value starts to drop. During the night from Sunday to Monday, Norbert had been rolling around in bed for hours, very restless with pain. He received Schüssler salts from me again and again against the pain; these are in tablet form bound to lactose. Around 3 o’clock, I gave him ten tablets dissolved in hot water, which was probably a tremendous stroke of luck because the lactose was already available as glucose for the organism at the time of the epi-crisis.

The epi-crisis of the liver special program is called liver coma in conventional medicine; the blood sugar level is too low because the liver cells stop producing, the body enters hypoglycemia, and the brain is not supplied.

He had to go to the toilet shortly after 3 o’clock at night – I put him in the toilet chair. Suddenly—probably due to the physical activity – he had strong dizziness and then became unconscious. He also stopped breathing. I don’t remember exactly what I did in the aftermath, but he regained consciousness – probably because the body was able to get energy from the milk sugar. For 1 hour, we fought for his life. He had to get enough air and stay conscious.

He stared completely absentmindedly into space from fearfully widened eyes. He later said that when he lost consciousness, he had the feeling that all his life energy was being drawn from the extremities into the brain (centralization?). He described this state as a near-death experience – observing what was happening from outside his body. He was bathed in a cold sweat.

Shortly after 4, this condition dissolved, and I could finally put him to bed. He immediately fell into a deep sleep. That night, Norbert had a very narrow escape from death. The following day, he had the urgent need to be in the fresh air for the first time, and from then on, as long as our strength allowed it, I took him outside in the wheelchair for at least half an hour every day. Since the epi-crisis, he was exhausted. Most of the day, he slept or just rested. I stayed with him throughout. The liver pain was almost completely gone; now, he was in the pcl-B phase. Over the next few days, he had almost white stools due to the change in liver and bile function, but that slowly returned to normal.

White or white-granular stools indicate a lack of bile in the intestine. This is caused by a buildup of bile in the body (cholestasis), which may be due to either severe liver disease or a disturbance in the outflow of bile into the small intestine.

Around the clock, we made sure that he ate substantial food and constantly consumed glucose, thus ensuring the glucose supply of his organism and preventing another hypoglycemia. The best thing for us was that he developed a taste for food again – a clear sign of the pcl-B phase of a special liver program. We no longer needed astronaut food, but he ate home-prepared vegetable cream soups with increasing relish.

However, the healing phase of the oral mucosa was difficult – it showed inflamed, burning, and swollen oral cavity. Due to the exclusive lying down, his muscles have extremely degraded, muscles lose about 30% of their proportion in the first week of inactivity, and he looked very skinny. Still, in the face, he regained “healthy radiance.” You could notice his increasing vitality, even though he was still extremely exhausted and could not deny the heavy physical load. We did not receive any visits for a long time; he did not accept any telephone calls – he was washed, shaved, and dressed by me. Every activity was highly exhausting for him – because the convertible energy had to be available to repair the organ changes.

But then again, another special program started with Norbert: due to the great tiredness and the much sleep, it was almost impossible that he could eat and drink enough. Again and again, I had to wake him up to make him eat something. At the same time, sleep would be crucial for recovery – this caused great concern. From this, he must have started a special program of the diaphragm. This showed itself in the form that when he got something to eat, he brought down the first bites without any problems and then suddenly got a spasm of the diaphragm.

This manifests itself in shortness of breath and terrible choking attacks. The esophagus passes through the diaphragm and when it cramps, so does the esophagus. A vicious circle began – before the meal, he must have already been afraid that he would get such a spasm (he was conflict-active), but then the meal went well, and thus he got to the solution. The cramp followed promptly on foot. The epi-crisis of this program is the conflict content is “I can’t make it, I’m running out of breath”—in this case, to eat enough.

With relaxation and stretching exercises, we were able to give him relief. Due to the short duration of the conflict activity, the epi-crisis was also dramatic but not threateningly long. I taught him that he could do these exercises on his own. I explained the organic and biological processes to him in detail, and it made sense to him. He consciously continued to eat on it after the end of the seizure – thus, it gradually got better, and the seizures became less severe.

I was not in the room when he had another seizure while eating one day. I heard him, but I stayed outside the room door to intervene quickly should it become necessary. So, he had to deal with it himself, the small amount of conflict and his awareness to manage this with the breathing and stretching exercises helped him get over it. From then on, he had no more diaphragmatic spasms. He had successfully completed this program.

However, we still had the problem that he was not awake enough time because of fatigue to eat enough and what was even more important to drink. Again we found a solution – we had him given a subcutaneous infusion (i.e., under the skin) with saline solution twice a day, which was also the advice of an acquaintance from geriatric care. With this, he had at least 1 liter of liquid in him, which relaxed the whole situation considerably. During the rest of the time, we easily managed to give him another half to a full liter of tea or juice and, above all, between 1,000 and 1,500 calories a day.

We were happy – we did another step, and he had already gained some weight again.

He had no syndrome because he felt very well and safe with me. We paid scrupulous attention to how much fluid he consumed and how much he excreted. Thanks to the urine bottle, this was also no problem. We thought we were on the home stretch and finally began to make plans again that included a time.

These days he got more and more often bad nightmares, which were about massive financial problems of his past. He woke up three times completely confused from a dream about precisely this topic, and was rock solidly convinced that he had just experienced everything for real. This must have been the starvation conflict from his past, which he had suffered when, through no fault of his own, he had gone from a financially very comfortable situation to insolvency because a business partner had double-crossed him. He had not come to terms with this issue to this day. Now it seemed that the time had come. He felt the liver tension again; jaundice came back – probably due to the pressure of the swollen liver on the bile ducts. We suspect that he could release this liver program through the Studentenmädchen, who was still running around the clock in every room; the dreams indicated this.

Again, he resisted food – he could not eat the astronaut’s food. I was very worried since he was still in a very weak condition and would certainly not have survived the same energy-sapping process as in the first healing phase again unscathed. Norbert probably also had the same thoughts. I could observe that he slept much worse from then on, often lying awake for a very long time during the night and only finally falling asleep in the morning. We both looked for a solution to the situation – unfortunately, each for himself, and we did not talk about the problem for the first time. Today I know that this was the first big mistake we made.

The solution finally seemed to come with gastric bleeding. The tuberculous caseating tumor of the esophagus must have contained a larger blood vessel, which was now affected. As a result, Norbert suddenly began to vomit blood. After consulting Dr. Hamer, we had ourselves admitted to the hospital for diagnostics, possibly first aid, and transfusion. Because during this process, the patient can bleed to death internally. First, Norbert received three more blood transfusions, followed by a gastrostomy during which the bleeding vessels were with a laser. Monday night, we were admitted.

At night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Norbert asked me to go home so that I could sleep again. I have to mention that in the hospital, I only had a chair available on which I spent the night, and also, for weeks at home, I could not sleep through the night but got up 3–4 times every night. He said he was well taken care of and would certainly not get a “being left alone” conflict since he would send me away. With this, he meant to exclude a program of the kidney collecting tubes, which would have led to the dreaded syndrome during the healing phase of the liver program.

I believed him and went to his brother’s house that night to sleep, who lives 5 minutes from the hospital. Our second big mistake!

In the morning, already at half-past seven – I was already in the car on the way to him – his message came on my cell phone, where I would stay. The night nurse then told me that he watched the clock all night and had not slept an hour. Even if his mind had suggested otherwise to him, he has suffered his conflict, so again the bio-logic worked past the mind!

Now he also had syndrome – from then on, he started to retain water, and the kidney collecting tubes were affected and conflict-active. Of course, from this minute, I always stayed by his side, the nights I spent again on a chair next to his bed, and otherwise, I provided him with his usual meals as at home.

For this purpose, I was allowed to use the nurses’ kitchen with the consent of the nurses, which is not usual in hospitals since only the staff is allowed there. The doctors disliked that at all. On Thursdays, I was shown the door during rounds, saying that a hospital is not a hotel and that the other patients have a right to their privacy – if everyone would do that…! Another overnight stay next to Norbert’s bed was forbidden.

There was no other way: we decided to leave the hospital together immediately – I would not have left him there alone at any price. However, during this consultation with the doctor, the attending physician showed Norbert an alternative way of feeding him in a much more relaxed, controlled manner and without his active involvement. He recommended a stomach tube. However, before that, he caused another conflict for Norbert.

He took us by the hand in a “fatherly” way and opened up to us that he thought we were unaware of our situation. Literally, he said to us, “Mr. Mayer – I promise you that you will not live to see Christmas.” I saw Norbert’s petrified face; all knowledge does not outweigh such a spoken word. I immediately tried to remove the explosiveness and asked the doctor if that was his conventional medical opinion, hoping that Norbert could use it to put the statement into perspective. The doctor confirmed that this is what conventional medicine says. Norbert has also apparently relaxed.

We decided to leave the hospital, since I could not stay there and think about the tube thing. The possible operation was to take place on Tuesday, 11.3. In the day clinic, I would not have to leave Norbert alone. We would let him know when we had made the decision. The ambulance took us home, and Norbert really breathed a sigh of relief in his familiar surroundings.
Nevertheless, he continued to retain water, and because of his weak condition, I could not put him in a salt bath, which would have helped open the kidney collecting tubes. So, we couldn’t solve the syndrome – he didn’t sleep properly at night and had only short periods of sleep during the day. I had to force him to eat, literally. He was conflict-active – our third mistake; we did not interpret this correctly.

We have dealt with this probe in detail. With the fact that it can be removed again and then, after the tumor has wholly decomposed and, above all, after the liver events have been completed, everything could proceed naturally again. And he (as a great gourmet) could then also enjoy good food again. Our time window until the start of the recovery phase and a significant improvement of his condition was the beginning of April – around my birthday. This was also the prognosis of Dr. Hamer. We planned a vacation to Lake Garda at the end of May. While he would not yet be pulling out any trees, he would also no longer be lying in bed, completely helpless. The programs would be completed by that time.

Norbert decided on Saturday that he would have the tube placed. He asked me to fax the hospital and “book” the appointment on Tuesday. This I also did in the afternoon. Towards evening, his condition suddenly became worrisome; he seemed absent, and his blood pressure dropped to 80/50. Up to this point, he had always had a relatively constant excellent blood pressure –however, the last few days, a very rapid pulse, consistently above 100 beats/minute at rest, which is a sign of conflict activity, namely of the myocardium. The drop in blood pressure was a sign of conflict resolution. Conflict content here is “the overload.

Until after midnight, I gave him ten spoonfuls of highly concentrated dextrose solution every 10 minutes, and he was a little clearer in the head each time. But when his condition did not change in the long term, we decided that we would go back to the hospital – where they could catch this condition with a glucose infusion. Stabilize the circulation and then take the next stage to launch the special programs with the stomach tube as planned on Tuesday. I would not be chased away – they would have had to call the police to do that. But they refrained from doing that and tolerated me with my chair at his bedside. I didn’t leave his side for a second except to go to the bathroom. I wouldn’t have let them chase me away, either.

Nevertheless, his condition did not improve; he did get the infusions – only saline, no medication, but his blood pressure did not normalize. However, this was counterproductive – he was still retaining water. He should have been given glucose for the healing phase of the liver program, but when I asked the doctor for it, she said it was not necessary for him. His blood sugar level was sufficient.

Norbert made me – when he was awake – constantly repeat our future planning and the time schedule here in the hospital. I very often lay down in bed with him and snuggled up to him, then he was satisfied and went back to sleep. When he was awake, he would continuously keep his eyes on the clock, counting the hours and minutes until the surgery. His phrase was, “Tell me our plan again.”

He – the great and strong man, my protector – suddenly became my child during this entire healing period. He completely abandoned himself to my care and needed my presence like a small child needs its mother.
I spoke to the head physician on Tuesday when the ward round was scheduled before the operation. I wanted a clear statement of whether anesthesia with this blood pressure would be useful at all because I was very worried. The doctor said that it was no problem at all, it was only a procedure like a gastrostomy with short sleep, and he was under monitoring his vital functions.

I accompanied Norbert on 11.3. 2014 at about half-past two in the afternoon to the medical room and stayed with him until he fell asleep, very relaxed and satisfied – for him now another important goal was achieved. When he would wake up, I would be by his side again, and we could relax and start his recovery.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it out of the treatment room alive – I was sitting outside the door in the hallway when the doctors came out shortly after 3 o’clock and said to me:

“Now what we feared has happened. His heart stopped, your husband had a nice and relaxed death, as he now “just” fell asleep and didn’t notice the death.”

The blow almost struck me, and I could not understand the whole thing. What irony – he wanted to live, we wanted to live together, and we also knew that we could do it. He had an overload conflict, and his decision to have the feeding tube led to conflict resolution. He then suffered a myocardial infarction, which he could have survived if the doctors had taken care of the cause of the drop in blood pressure. But as it was, he was put to death with anesthetics and painkillers contained in them because he was in the healing phase, and the medications given caught him in the downward curve, and he did not make the curve upward.

We have lost the battle – because we have finally put ourselves in the hands of conventional medicine to optimize an extremely strenuous but good healing process. We underestimated which events could lead to subsequent tragic conflicts. And under the pressure of daily “disaster management,” we forget to be attentive to changes and question them.

I lost everything, but I will not give up Germanische Heilkunde because everything was right – but unfortunately, I lacked the training to assess his physical changes and react appropriately and properly.

Basically, in my opinion, it is crucial to have a kind of sanatorium with appropriate diagnostic facilities, emergency medicine, and, above all, doctors trained in Germanische Heilkunde. Where the person in charge can be present around the clock, thus creating absolute trust in security and safety. Then many follow-up conflicts simply fall away. The special programs can be brought to an end without complications.

Norbert knew absolutely for sure about the correctness of Germanische Heilkunde; he had no doubts even a minute – thus, it is his legacy for me to pass on this valuable knowledge. For this reason, I will continue our study circle – as soon as I can do so again myself. However, I am suffering from the consequences of the conflicts that I suffered during this time. P.F. On April 14

Question to the conventional medical

Did you or did you not …
… killed Norbert?

To do anesthesia + painkillers + surgery with a blood pressure of 80/50 – Is that murder or not?

I will publish your answer, guaranteed!

Note by Helmut Pilhar

I have known Norbert for about ten years. I remember the first time he came to a seminar with his partner. She was very skeptical at that time and could not believe what she heard about Germanische Heilkunde®. Eventually, they both established a study circle …
It is not easy for me to process and publish this testimonial. But Norbert’s partner and I are of the opinion that it must be published – in several respects. Just now, our opponents’ message is circulating; it would be just Hamer’s followers who would pay the teaching of Germanische Heilkunde, former German New Medicine, with death. The cynicism of the opponents can no longer be surpassed, as you can see.

To be able to practice Germanische Heilkunde®, however, we need a clinic for severe cases! But we will get it only when it can be practiced legally. In a real constitutional state, this would be self-evident! So first, we require a real constitutional state! This testimonial shows what a conflict can be. An SMS! It also shows how precisely everything happens.

And – how to take care of a patient: How the mother cares for her child! Medical statements like: “I promise you that you will die soon” will be prosecuted in a real legal place in the future.

With the expression of my deep condolences and greatest respect to Norbert’s life partner

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