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Diaper Dermatitis in a Two-Year-Old Girl – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

How Diaper Dermatitis in a two-year-old girl ended

A friend of mine has a two-year-old daughter who has severe rashes all over the diaper area. His wife has been to a few doctors and brought various ointments and creams every time. Nothing helped, and dermatitis kept getting worse.

Then he came to me and described the problem. I asked for a photo to have an idea of how the situation is. I’ve seen some stuff, but it wasn’t pretty. We then talked about how it is handled at home, and I found out that the little mouse does not want a diaper.

However, she is not yet, so far, that it works without. Ok, at home without is not the problem, if something “happens” you can change it quickly. The problem was more at night and on the road. We then went and got such diapers, which are like panties to pull up and down. And they are also printed very cute. Then I told the father to please take over from tonight on to get the little one ready for bed. I was then watching on the phone with a picture transmission. She wriggled like a worm when the diaper was to be put on and made a racket.

From the following evening, things went differently.

I asked him to get her ready, and if she made a racket again, he should take the diaper off again and ask her if she didn’t like the diaper anymore. She didn’t want to. Then he should say ok and take the diaper, and the little mouse should throw it into the bucket by herself. And both then said, we no longer need a diaper. Then he should put on her the cute “magic panties.”

They did that for two weeks, so a diaper thrown away together every evening was no longer used.

Within that time, you could watch the rash disappear. And she never had a new rash again. The magic panties were not a diaper for her and were also kept in the typical closet like panties. It was her job to get a diaper out of the closet and put it on herself in the evening.

Magic without a doctor and pharmacist

Note by Helmut Pilhar

A sweet testimonial.

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