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Vertigo Epi-Crisis – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Vertigo Epi-Crisis – how to react when a close relative suddenly gets into an epi-crisis?

When my wife was preparing breakfast this morning, she suddenly felt dizzy. She had to take a break and sit down. She lay down on her back and became very cold and pale. In addition, she had an extreme headache in her right forehead area. She couldn’t open her eyes because everything was spinning around her, and her headache was so intense that it made her whole body tense.

For us, of course, it was clear that she had an epi-crisis.

She had eight such episodes, each lasting about two minutes. There was a pause of about 5 to 10 minutes, during which her breathing became so shallow that I felt her pulse several times to ensure she was still alive. I placed a cold, wet cloth on her forehead. After the eighth seizure, she warmed up again. She then had a slight fever for about two hours. Now she is back in town with the children.

Imagine if we had not known Germanic.

In a panic, I would have called 911, and they would have taken my wife to the hospital by ambulance. Imagine what that would mean for the children, what conflicts they would suffer if they had to witness several masked men with blue lights and a tatu-tata taking their mother away.

The symptoms were obvious: vertigo in epi-crisis.

But what was the conflict?

The cause of “spinning vertigo” is a fall conflict. One falls down the stairs, one falls while riding a bicycle, one sees someone fall … But neither my wife, nor one of the children had fallen, but …

Yesterday, our big son (9 years old) dropped a pot of boiling water and noodles. Other than a few hot water splashes, nothing else happened to him. But we’ve seen what children look like when a pot of hot water falls over their bodies. My wife’s fall conflict was the falling pot of hot water that she tried to turn our son away from.

When I got home yesterday, my wife was still pretty upset about something the big boy had done without telling me exactly what he had done. Last night, however, she had resolved that conflict, came into healing, and had the symptoms described above during the epi-crisis.

The epi-crisis is always sympathicotonic. Conflict always occurs unprepared. At any time, you can find yourself in a situation that overwhelms you, and you react in panic when you do not know precisely what is happening now and why.

Then to quickly call someone to ask about the symptoms in terms of German New Medicine is futile. I am writing this testimonial to show how quickly something can happen and how completely different a situation can be handled if one understands what is happening.

In an acute situation, it is too late to try to learn Germanic quickly or to read up on it. One also does not learn to swim if one has fallen into the water.

Therefore, learn German New Medicine while you are healthy. Because the system, which is still in place today, only gives us a choice to learn and understand Germanic by ourselves or to stay in conventional medicine. Thus, everyone determines his destiny.


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