This video provides a framework for understanding Helmut’s videos about “Psychoses” in more depth. The more potentially controversial aspects of Dr. Hamer’s discoveries are addressed by Dr. Hamer’s close friend and designated GNM/GHK teacher, Giovanna Conti.

Giovanna is a woman and shares a female’s perspective on the wider context of Dr. Hamer’s statements. This is foundational knowledge important for all women – and men – to know if they truly want to understand Dr. Hamer’s bigger picture for society.


These are the tutorials you can start your study with in the Germanische Heilkunde – GHk.
Step by step you are guided into the strict biological rules of mother Nature.
If you should have any questions or doubts, you can ask advice in our Telegram group.

Sensible Biological Special programs (SBS)

Once you have worked through the basics, you may find it challenging to deepen your knowledge with our seminar tutorials about the Special Programs.
The conflict content of each type of tissue of each organ will be explained by using practical examples. Not giving you only a better understanding of the Biological Conflict, but also of the perfect functioning of our organism.

Tutorial Bundle Psychoses

The Psychoses seminar bundle consists of 7 tutorials (VOD + MP3 + PDF) with the following titles:

  • Consecutio – the order of the conflict impacts
  • Hormonal Status
  • Constellations outside the territorial area
  • Constellations in the territorial area part 1
  • Constellations in the territorial area part 2
  • Maturation stop & body shape
  • The orgasm & rank order

These seminar tutorials describe our behavior and why we are the way we are. It explains mania, depression, and schizophrenia according to the five biological laws of Germanische Heilkunde. These seminar tutorials are indispensable if you want to know yourself and your fellow human (and animal) better.

Dr. Hamer described them as the higher mathematics in de Germanische Heilkunde. You will have the most profit of these tutorials when you have a certain knowledge about the basics.