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Children’s Diseases Part 2 – Seminar Tutorial GHK Academy

Product bundle childrens diseases part 2


with Ing. Helmut Pilhar (Olivia’s father)
the lecturer appointed by Dr. Hamer, MD.

Description: Children’s Diseases Part 2

This seminar video is about the sensible Biological Special Programs of the middle germ layer. Thus, glandular-like tissue and connective tissue in children.

Children have a slightly different weighted potential for conflict than adults.

The maternal breast and the existential dependence on the parents. However, they suffer conflicts just the same, and the Sensible Biological Special Programs run just as they do for us adults.

The symptoms of the active phase, the conflict-resolved phase, the crisis, and the residual state at the end of the healing phase will be explained.

Several case studies will be used to make the various associated conflict contents typical of children understandable.


The objective is to be able to correctly interpret symptoms such as acne, bed-wetting, testicles, leukemia, sudden infant death syndrome, irritable bladder, Wilms’ tumor, Peifer’s glandular fever, brain tumor, etc.

You can learn more about this in the approximately one-hour seminar video.


Acne, anemia, bedwetting, bladder, thick cheek, urinary pain, skin, brain tumor, testis, undescended testis, testicular cyst, children, childhood diseases, childhood death, clubfoot, bone, bone cancer, bone marrow suppuration, leukemia, lymph node, Hodgkin’s disease, osteosarcoma, Pfeiffer’s glandular fever, plasmacytoma, flatfoot, scoliosis, tenesmus, freedom from therapy, funnel chicken breast, toothache.


Graduate basics


1:29 h/min / 168 Pages


Video on Demand (VOD) + downloadable MP3-file + downloadable PDF-file

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