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Brain Relays & The Brain Map – GHK Seminar Tutorial

Basic bundle brain-relays-brain-map


with Ing. Helmut Pilhar (Olivia’s father)

the lecturer appointed by Dr. Hamer, MD.


In this Seminar Video Tutorial, the brain stem, cerebellum, cerebral medulla, and our most complex brain part, the cerebral cortex, will be discussed with the associated brain relays and their tasks. Likewise, in this tutorial, we will briefly explain the level of the psyche (each brain part has its respective conflict content, such as “morsel,” “self-esteem,” etc.) and also the organ level with the organs associated with this brain part at the same time. Germ Layer-related organs have germ layer-related conflicts, have germ layer-related brain relays … and germ layer-related crises! All crises, even heart attacks, are brain symptoms (absence, arrhythmias, etc.). Suppose a patient has now, for example, a so-called “brain tumor” (which does not exist) or a so-called “brain metastasis” (which also does not exist) in the cerebellum at the very back. In that case, this patient must have solved a conflict of violation of his integrity (e.g., defilement conflict) on the level of psyche and have skin tuberculosis (e.g., a stinking and bleeding melanoma) on the organ level. During the crisis, he is cold and has pain.


The goal is to get an overview of our computer brain. To know where the brain relay belonging to the SBS must be located is never all wrong. One gets an additional clue with which one can derive further.


Bacteria, ENDODERM, ECTODERM, history of development, functional failure, cerebral cortex, handedness, Hamers’ foci, brain tumor, homunculus, cerebellum, crisis, male, cerebral medulla, MESODERM, midbrain, motor paralysis, mycobacteria, phylogenesis, fungi, territorial area, cortical motor area, cortical postsensory area, cortical visual cortex, cortical sensory area, sensory paralysis, brain stem, tuberculosis, viruses, female, Scientific Diagnostic Chart

Target audience



1:20 hour / 114 pages


Video on Demand (VOD) + downloadable MP3-file + downloadable PDF-file

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