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Larynx – Seminar Tutorial GHK Academy

SBS bundle larynx


with Ing. Helmut Pilhar (Olivia’s father)

the lecturer appointed by Dr. Hamer, MD.

Description; Larynx

This seminar video is about the Sensible Biological Special Programs of the larynx.

The symptoms of the active phase, the conflict-resolved phase, the crisis, and the residual state at the end of the healing phase are explained.

Using several case examples, the various associated conflict contents, such as “scare fright,” “territorial fear,” “speechlessness,” etc., will be made understandable.

The objective

The objective is to learn to correctly interpret symptoms such as hoarseness, laryngeal cancer, voice loss, vocal cord polyps, stuttering, etc.


Asthma, hoarseness, laryngeal musculature, laryngeal mucosa, vocal cord polyps, voice loss, stuttering, speech disorders in children, etc.

Target audience

Graduate basics


1 hour / 78 pages


Video on Demand (VOD) + downloadable MP3-file + downloadable PDF-file


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