Organ Brain


The organ brain is divided into the old brain and the new brain. The brainstem, midbrain, and cerebellum belong to the old brain. The cerebral medulla and cerebral cortex belong to the new brain. The brain controls the SBSe with its brain relays. In the conflict-active phase, the Hamer Focus is slice-shaped, and in the healing phase, edema is present. Brain tumors in the sense of nerve cell division do not exist.

Graphic Middle Ear

Organ Ear

Organ Ear The middle ear is about the morsel of information you want to get (right) or get rid of (left). Since it is controlled

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Myocardial Organ Graphic

Organ Heart

The organ heart has the atria (smooth muscle) and the ventricles (striated muscle). The coronary vessels are lined internally with squamous epithelium. The pericardium lines

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Pleura organ graphic

Organ Inner Skins

The inner skins include the peritoneum, pericardium, pleura, and pleura of the lungs. All of them are controlled from the cerebellum. This always involves attack

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