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Schizophrenia / schizophrenic constellation in Germanische Heilkunde

Schizophrenia = two conflict-active special programs in different brain hemispheres

My first position after receiving my license to practice medicine was in the psychiatric university clinic in Tübingen. The so-called psychoses I saw there were, for me as a young doctor, among the most horrible and hopeless things imaginable. People, even very young people (so-called hebephrenia), who looked like you and me, who had dreams and hopes like you and me, squatted there like animals in a cage together in the closed ward. No one knew what kind of illness these deplorable people really had. In the case of melancholy, the so-called endogenous depression, at least the symptoms are relatively uniform. Still, in the case of the so-called schizophrenic psychoses, or schizophrenia for short, no psychiatrist knows to this day what the decisive criterion of the disease should be. Even to call these different symptoms a uniform disease was daring. For what did someone who allegedly had a persecution mania has in common with someone who had a compulsion to wash or with someone who heard voices while half asleep or with someone who had so-called catatonia, an angry mood? And what did these symptom pictures have in common again with the various forms of depressive-colored psychoses, often alternated with manic phases, tense depressions, etc.?

Actually, nothing at all that would have made them recognizable as a common disease. And yet they have one thing in common, for which the vernacular has found a very apt description: they are crazy! That means: they are as if moved away from their former psychic location.

From then until today, I have always felt a great desire to help the poorest of the poor in a fundamental medical way.

In all psychiatric clinics of the world, one tries for a long time to find the reason for the illness psychosis in the patients’ history, in vain. Indeed, it has often been impossible to overlook that drastic experiences, especially conflictive experiences, had preceded a psychotic illness outbreak. Still, with the best will in the world, one could never discover a system in it.

The riddle was as tricky as it was simple: In so-called schizophrenia, there are always 2 conflicts in different brain hemispheres that bring the computer brain out of rhythm. That schizophrenia translated to split thinking could perhaps come from the fact that the brain hemispheres do not think in the same rhythm, that was already suspected, but that this could come from two different active biological conflicts, on the thought so far nobody fell. However, it actually lies in retrospect, so near. Almost all psychiatric clinics today have a computer tomograph. Still, nobody has ever noticed anything because psychiatrists usually don’t know anything about brain CTs and neuroradiologists are not interested in (biological) conflicts. In 99% of the so-called schizophrenic patients, no Ct is done because there are no neurological abnormalities.

It is terrible for the patient when a report of findings speaks of psychosis. The patient will not get rid of this diagnosis for the rest of his life. Once crazy forever crazy! Then such a poor person is made a subhuman for the rest of his life. Even if he is treated humanely, he is no longer taken seriously by anyone. Everywhere he looks into pitying, indulgent faces.

It is mostly forcibly rehabilitated and is practically excluded from the community of serious people. Every person can become schizophrenic within an hour or even a second. Because so-called schizophrenia cannot be suffered or got slowly, it cannot develop slowly, but it develops in 1 second at the 2nd of the two DHS.

Whether he keeps the stigma of schizophrenia from then on depends in our society on whether this diagnosis is officially determined (similar to cancer).

Therefore, the so-called schizophrenia has nothing to do with heredity or so-called endogeneity, as which kind it is still regarded today. It is merely an unfortunate but biologically meaningful constellation.

This constellation can be caused by several factors. The prerequisite is that there is already an active conflict with a preceding DHS, localized in hemisphere A by Hamer Focus, and a 2nd DHS is added, whose Hamer Focus is localized in hemisphere B. Apparently, the brain can tolerate a conflict for a time. If we look at it correctly, this is already a kind of psychosis, compulsive thinking. Because the patient thinks compulsively, practically day and night about his conflict. During the day, he cannot think clearly because the conflict is constantly on his mind. At night, he dreams of his conflict. The patient who has only one conflict with DHS to deal with can still keep his little ship on course in such a way that those around him notice little or nothing of his conflict. However, if a patient has two conflicts with the DHS to deal with simultaneously, he is, without really being aware of it, himself in conflict with the processing of his two conflicts.

He is completely overtaxed with it! He cannot circle around two conflict topics at the same time and incessantly. One can bear such a thing for a short time, then, at some point, the patient breaks down. He then does something that he would not do in a normal state. Nevertheless, schizophrenia is no more an independent disease than depression. It is rather a temporary, unfortunate constellation of two conflict-active special programs in different hemispheres of the brain.

The therapy is as simple as it is perplexing: To initially get the patient out of his split mind, in principle, it is sufficient to resolve one conflict. However, no sensible therapist will stop there because the danger of recurrence for a similar constellation and thus forming a new relapse is far too significant. Not to mention associated with cancer because as long as the patient is in the schizophrenic constellation, he does not build up any conflict load. Still, as soon as the conflict is an active solo, the clock is ticking, i.e., cancer or cancer-equivalent event then continues.

Thus, the relapses are nothing else than such unfortunate repetitions of such constellations. But always, we have to be aware that these people in the schizophrenic constellation always think something strange, not to say paranoid, and can also do it at any time. It can always get bad from one minute to the next when they get into another conflict. Then they can instantly go completely berserk and become manic or depressive, entirely changed, just crazy.

There are a lot of people who go berserk. Most of them calm down again rapidly. But if we say that many of these people have had a schizophrenic constellation for a short or more extended period, this would at first cause pitying shaking of the head because the word schizophrenic alone is almost the sentence for a life-long stigma because once schizophrenic – schizophrenic forever. It is often connected with life-long institutionalization, which means almost something like life-long prison, i.e., hospitalization. In reality, however, it is only a constellation that, in principle, can be changed just as quickly as it came.

Who knows how terribly people suffer under such a constellation, immensely suffer when they have normalized again and are still called schizophrenic, can only hope, as I do that all sanatoriums will be gone through in the right way. The gates of the sanatoriums will be opened, as the Italians have done for a long time.

An important fact is also: every patient who is ill with an active cancer process is in acute danger at the next DHS, which he suffers to it, to fall ill with so-called schizophrenia. True, strictly speaking, this applies only to the cerebrum and cerebellum conflicts, but that is enough. And at any time, a patient who has cancer can then enter the delirious state with a second DHS and an additional central conflict DHS. This happens much faster than one thinks and is purely mathematically probable since our conventional medical prognosis opening usually leaves nothing to be desired in terms of brutality!

We can also say that schizophrenia is a double cancer that is active at the same time, except that the psychological symptoms are more noticeable and dramatic than the symptoms of the organ in this constellation.

The so-called schizophrenia is practically an emergency reaction of the organism when it sees no possibility to process the conflicts. The organism of the patient virtually catapults itself out of the conflict activity, the computer brain locks! Therefore, we want to speak more appropriately with schizophrenia but of the schizophrenic constellation or more innocuous – of hemispheric patt.

The maturation stop

A fascinating and frequent phenomenon among schizophrenic constellations is maturation inhibition. Its origin is simple: it is always 2 cerebrum-controlled Sensible Biological Special Programs (SBS). The schizophrenic constellation of cerebral cortex-controlled SBS does not affect only the territorial area left and right, but both hemispheres’ whole cerebral cortex. So: also, a purely motor schizophrenic constellation (left and right in the motor cortex center) or a purely sensory one (left and right in the sensory cortex center) is sufficient for such a maturation arrest. We can immediately say when the 2nd conflict must have arrived because, at this point, the maturation development had stopped.

This knowledge is an essential diagnostic criterion!

The 1st conflict must have been before, whether long before or shortly before, we cannot say with it yet. However, since we know the patient’s handedness, we can say at least for the precinct SBS, which was the first DHS and which the second. And since we can estimate the time of the 2nd SBS quite accurately, we can also ask specifically about a conflict at this time. The rest is a diagnostic routine.

Since the stop of maturation has had its meaning biologically and possibly still has, one must clarify the matter conscientiously from the beginning and try to find out why the patient has never come out of this constellation.

Example for the maturity development stop by schizophrenic constellation:

An 8-year-old boy, who until then had been normally developed in terms of maturity, fell into a schizophrenic constellation from one hour to the next. It happened as follows: The parents were going to a small party with friends in the evening. At midnight, they wanted to be back. They hired an 18-year-old niece to watch the apartment while the two children, the 13-year-old daughter, and the then 8-year-old brother, were supposed to sleep. As soon as the parents left, the two children slipped out of bed again and persuaded the cousin to let them watch TV. They didn’t want to tell the parents about it either.

A creepy, scary movie was shown on TV in which children were kidnapped from their beds at night. The kidnapper came through the bedroom door on silent soles and then grabbed his victims from behind. The two girls of 18 and 13 enjoyed the scary movie and let themselves be really creeped out.

But the 8-year-old boy took it at face value, as we later reconstructed. He looked out from behind the sofa with wide-open frightened eyes and suffered several conflicts at once, as we could see later on in the brain CT images. Thus, he was instantly in a schizophrenic cerebral cortex constellation. From then on, he wanted to sleep in his mother’s bed every night, which is just tolerable for an 8-year-old boy. But today, 5 years later, he still wants to sleep in his mother’s bed, now almost 13 years old. The mother says: He is like 8 years old!

We have to realize that for an 8-year-old boy, the TV is not a fairy-tale stage he could laugh at, but something quite realistic that he takes with him into his dreams.

However, they tried to move the boy out of his mother’s bed again. The boy then developed absences combined with motor epilepsy. During the seizures, he always twisted his eyes upward. During the seizures, he also hears voices from far away, he reported. But he often hears the voices even without a seizure. There is a reason that he turns his eyes upward: When he was moved back to his own bed, he lay with his head to the door. He could not see someone who came in quietly at night to the children’s bedroom door, e.g., to get something, until he appeared above his bed-head. Of course, as he later faithfully recounted, he always thought of the evil kidnapper from the horror movie. He has probably also had absences for almost 5 years. It’s just that no one noticed them for the first few years. When he got his absences with eye-rolling, the poor boy could, of course, immediately sleep in his mother’s bed again at night.

At school, he often gets fits, but they consider it. He is in class with 13-year-olds and behaves like an eight-year-old, but grades-wise he is at the top of the class.

No doctor had been able to give any advice. It was always just a matter of various tablets being administered. The boy was diagnosed with epileptic seizures with absences.

When we all together criminally found out the scary movie was the cause of the whole thing and the boy also confirmed this – he hadn’t said a word about it before – there was a big sigh of relief for both parents. Now they knew at least where to start! But even with that, such a case is still not a piece of cake. But now we know the cause and, therefore, the direction of help for the boy. He can most likely recover from his epilepsy with absences and make up for his developmental delay.

I hope that I have described the case so that one can understand it and one understands that something basically considered untreatable, therefore incurable, is now to be explained causally and to be treated.

But as long as the Germanische Heilkunde® – despite verification – is boycotted and simply not taken notice of, nothing can and will change for these unfortunate patients.

Today’s conventional medicine does not know what schizophrenia or schizophrenic constellation is. But every doctor knows who is schizophrenic! Respectively, all of them act as if it is evident that the patient or patients are schizophrenic. And who once has got this stigma burned on the forehead – and may the doctor, who has done this carelessly, still have been so stupid – he will never get rid of it again!

Politicians dream of becoming presidents, and tennis players of winning Wimbledon. I had hoped that in my little medical life. I would help shed light on the connections between cancers, and – if I still had some time left – also on the connections between psychoses. I am deeply ashamed and delighted because I believe that I have succeeded in both beyond expectation.

The so-called schizophrenic constellations include: Consternation – disorientation – megalomania – emotional death – manic-depressive behavior – anxiety neurosis – aggressiveness – enuresis (bed-wetting) – persecutory delusions – catalepsy (staring) – voice hearing – bulimia – compulsive washing – autism – mythomania – personality disorder – motor paranoia – absences – Alzheimer’s disease – among others.


Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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