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Cat on Hormones – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Cat on hormones can develop a dangerously different character.

I would like to share my experience with you because once again I have lost someone due to conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals.

This time it was my protégé, our cat Willow. And I just could not help her. My neighbour’s cat and Willow were old rivals. They had many protocols between them that helped them survive for years and so there was a biological balance.

A year ago, our neighbour wanted to treat his cat’s shabby coat which was probably due to a separation conflict because his girlfriend had been put to sleep. So they gave him thyroid hormones on the vet’s advice.
It only occurred to me after it was too late that these hormones made him more aggressive. I know this from my past.

My cat Willow lost her canine/catch tooth, and a molar. We didn’t see the second tooth loss until after she was dead. This is a predictable death sentence for a predator, because she could no longer fend off her rival by baring her teeth, nor could she crush him in the ensuing melee.

This new aggression from the neighbouring cat was the DHS. She didn’t know that this unfamiliar aggression came out of the blue due to medication. Once I observed a theatrical encounter between the two of them. The tomcat proudly presented my cat’s fur in his mouth. Willow suffered a psychosis, her character changed, and she was confused.

After a few weeks when I saw the tomcat again, he had mutated into a monster. I could hardly believe my eyes. Obviously he had solved a conflict, and the additional hormones made him into a hulk.

Willow could no longer defend her territory or mark it. I cannot tell you the odyssey of the last months before her death. There were problems with urination and motor disabilities leading up to a complete failure of her legs. The day Willow passed away she was emaciated. I was consistently by her side for the last 36 hours of her life. I blame myself for not being able to help her effectively despite my knowledge of GHK. I should have put the neighbours cat’s dead carcass in front of her or perhaps confined her to the house. Since I wanted peace with our neighbours, I refused to see that the tomcat was a cause of her conflict and that I should have protected her from him.

Originally the cats had found a balance between them, despite their rivalry. The balance was disturbed as soon as pharmaceutical products came into play.

Although we consistently reject conventional medicine and pharmaceutical products, we can suffer indirect losses. And our neighbours remain in their ignorance, having only meant well. How long will people run, wilfully ignorant and citing convenience, into the church of the orthodox medicine priests? Their success seems to prove them right.

Thank you for sharing my experience. The death of a friend and my mother-in-law was bearable, but now my little protégé… that is something totally different.

Note from Helmut Pilhar

Willow did not agree to publishing her conflict cycle, but I am sure she will be happy. And perhaps thanks to Willow’s memory other pet owners will learn and be able to protect their precious animal friends.
Nothing will change in the thinking of the masses as long as they let themselves be remote-controlled by “supervised thinking.” From early morning until late evening, they let themselves be manipulated voluntarily and think, with conviction, that their opinion originates from their individual thinking. They do not notice that everyone thinks in the same way and uniformly.
So. Put the TV, radio, and daily newspaper in the trash and talk to your family members.

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