AIDS – How diagnosis can kill!

AIDS – How diagnosis can kill!

Already in 1987, when the creation of the “AIDS” panic-mongering was just getting into full swing, I wrote in my book “Legacy of a New Medicine” that “AIDS” was the biggest hoax of our century and for several good reasons!

The main argument against “AIDS” as an independent “disease” is the knowledge that can be drawn from the ontogenetic system of tumors and the derived ontogenetic system of microbes (fungi, bacteria).

As my empirical research on more than 15,000 patients proves, the action of an “evil” virus, which wants to destroy, as it were, the body’s own defenses, independent of the psychological and cerebral processes – i.e., supposedly as in a test tube – is entirely unthinkable, indeed easy to disprove.

The IRC (Iron Rule of Cancer) states that every so-called disease, i.e., a special program of nature (not only cancer), is triggered by a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome). i.e., a definite biological conflict shock, which in the same second causes a Hamer Focus, detectable in the brain-computer tomogram, in the brain relay responsible for the organ and causes corresponding changes, tumors, paralysis, functional disorders, etc. in the organ.

According to germ layer affiliation, the Ontogenetic System of Tumors, which I found in 1987, now classifies all cancer and cancer-equivalent diseases. i.e., according to the three germ layers Entoderm – Mesoderm – Ectoderm, which are already formed in the first weeks of human embryonic development.

Each of these germ layers belongs developmentally conditioned, a particular brain part, a certain kind of conflict content, as well as a particular histological cell formation.

The Ontogenetic conditioned system of the microbes now assigns the microbes again to the three germ sheets, whereby results:

  • that the oldest microbes (fungi and fungal bacteria (mycobacteria)) are responsible for the endoderm, conditionally still for the cerebellar mesoderm, but in any case only for the old-brain organs, and
  • that the old microbes, namely the bacteria, are responsible for the mesoderm and all organs formed by it, and
  • that the young, so-called microbes, namely the viruses (if they exist!), which are in the strict sense no real microbes, thus no living beings, are exclusively responsible for the ectoderm, respectively, for the organs controlled by the cerebral cortex.

“Competent” means that each microbial group only “processes” certain organ groups that have the same germ layer’s affiliation, i.e., originate from the same germ layer.

The only exception is the “border area” of the mesodermal, cerebellum-controlled organs, which are “processed” both (predominantly) by the mycoses and mycobacteria and (less frequently) by the bacteria that are typically responsible for the organs of the middle germ layers (mesoderm), which are controlled by the cerebral medulla of the cerebrum.

The moment from when the microbes are allowed to “process” does not depend on external factors, as we all had wrongly assumed so far, but is instead determined exclusively by our computer brain. It is always the beginning of the conflict resolution phase, i.e., the healing phase.

Hamer Compass

The two-phase nature of the diseases when the conflict is resolved:

Until now, in the so-called modern medicine, we supposedly know about 1000 diseases, about half “cold diseases” such as cancer, angina pectoris, MS, renal insufficiency, diabetes, etc., and the other half “hot diseases,” such as rheumatoid arthritis, renal inflammation, leukemia, heart attack, infectious diseases, etc.

We always found the microbes to be “a-pathogenic” in the “cold diseases,” i.e., they did nothing. In the “hot diseases,” on the other hand, we always found them to be “highly virulent,” i.e., we always thought they “infested” or attacked an organ.

Now, we believed it would be a matter of mobilizing our body’s defense army, the so-called “immune system,” against the vicious attacking army of microbes or even cancer cells that wanted to destroy us. This notion was wrong – none of it had been correct. We have to start our “New Medicine” all over again!

What does all this have to do with “AIDS”?

For “AIDS,” we are interested in viruses. For these, we have taken from the microbes’ ontogenetically conditioned system that the viruses have their firm place in this system: They are responsible for all organs that derive from the ectoderm (outer germ layer) and are controlled by the cerebral cortex. As mentioned, the organs “work” exclusively in the healing phase. The accompanying symptoms are Vagotonia, usually fever, epidermis or mucous membrane swelling, and among the various mucous membranes, exclusively swelling of the squamous mucosa! Of course, that such obvious symptoms are invariably accompanied by a whole number of blood and serum reactions is self-evident.

As far as the “immune system” is concerned, this spongy, undefined term is applied everywhere, indiscriminately in the conflict-active and conflict-resolved phases. In cancer, sarcomas, and leukemia indiscriminately throughout the bank as in all “infectious diseases,” just the previous complete ignorance about the nature of the diseases corresponded to a complete inability to correctly evaluate and classify the multitude of facts and symptoms from the serological and hematological field.

The so-called HI-Virus, if it exists (it was named as “immune-weakening virus” by its “discoverers”), was mainly understood to mean that “those affected by the deadly epidemic AIDS” finally died of cachexia and panmyelophthisis, i.e., they could no longer produce blood.

We find the same process in bone cancer or better bone shrinkage cancer, i.e., osteolysis in the skeletal system, which is always accompanied by panmyelophtisis (anemia) and whose associated conflict, depending on the localization of the affected part of the skeleton, is a specific self-value collapse conflict.

The healing for such self-devaluation conflict would be the callus new bone osteolysis formation (recalcification) with the signs of leukemia.

Should an “AIDS” patient manage to rebuild his self-value against all expectations, he comes “out of the frying pan into the fire” with conventional doctors and is pseudo-therapeutically worked to death with chemo.

For the sake of completeness, I would actually have to list many arguments against “AIDS,” but that is not possible in this brevity. I would like to mention only a few of them which seem essential to me.

Nobody has ever observed obligatory symptomatology after so-called HIV infection, as one is used to with measles or rubella.

HIV viruses themselves are never found in AIDS patients.

The T-lymphocytes are supposed to be decisively involved in the “acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS.” Still, only every 10,000th of them is supposed to have phagocytosed “a fragment of a virus,” a virus of which there are no whole specimens at all in “AIDS” patients.

Since there is no “AIDS” symptomatology at all, the door is opened for medical-diagnostic arbitrariness: If a person does not have a positive HIV test, and if he falls ill, for example, with cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoma, pneumonia, diarrhea, dementia, fungal disease, tuberculosis, fever, herpes or all kinds of neurological symptoms or deficits, then these are all completely normal common diseases according to the previous ideas. But suppose the same person has a positive HIV test. In that case, these are all immediately malignant “AIDS symptoms,” almost one would like to say “AIDS metastases,” which point to the soon agonizing death of the unfortunate “AIDS” patient.

It is also bizarre that “AIDS” as a presumed viral disease, should behave entirely differently from all other viral diseases. These are always considered to be over when the antibody test has become positive.

However, the most crucial fact, which is only mentioned in passing by all researchers, has not yet caused anyone to take any action: Only those who know that they are HIV-positive or who believe themselves to be HIV-positive contract “AIDS”!

Strange, that this nevertheless very astonishing phenomenon, still nobody pursued? We know whole peoples who are 100% HIV-pos., to whom nothing happens. Although HIV-pos., chimpanzees never fall ill with a single symptom, which could look like “AIDS.”

So the whole thing must have something to do with the psyche. To be more precise: If people get sick only when they are told that they are HIV-positive, then it is time to imagine what is going on in the psyche of such a patient who is told such a devastating diagnosis with a 50% mortality prognosis!

Are our doctors so soulless that not a single one has been able to imagine? What is happening in such a patient, brutally confronted with such a devastating diagnosis?

The patient does not know that it is all humbug. The poor guy takes it at face value, especially since this whole theater is really professionally played for him!