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Stomach Cancer – Cauliflower and Ulcerous in Germanische Heilkunde®

The cause of stomach cancer

Embryologists generally divide embryonic development into the three so-called germ layers: The endoderm (inner), the mesoderm (middle), and the ectoderm (outer germ layers).

In future textbooks, the diseases will no longer be ordered according to the specialties of the past but according to the germ layers. This order is the biological-natural order of the so-called diseases or special programs of nature. Nobody was interested in the so-called germ layers in conventional medicine. Nobody had realized how important they are. That is actually the reason why one has never been able to bring a system into the whole cancer development so far.

In future textbooks, the diseases will no longer be ordered according to the specialties of the past but according to the germ layer affiliation. This order is the biological-natural order of the so-called diseases or special programs of nature. Nobody was interested in the so-called germ layer in conventional medicine. Nobody had guessed how important they are. That is the reason why one had never been able to bring a system into the whole cancer development so far.

Suppose one arranges them as listed in our table psyche-brain-organ. In that case, one finds out that the diseases with the same germ layer affiliation (in the case of the middle germ layer still differentiated between the cerebellum-controlled and cerebral medulla-controlled mesoderm affiliation) also show other characteristics, peculiarities, special histological similarities, neighboring localizations in the brain and conflict similarities, which all quite obviously arrange themselves according to this germ layer affiliation as if by themselves. Moreover, specific germ layer-related microbes belong to each germ layer-related organ group – without exception in the healing phase.

diagnostic chart conflict content
diagnostic chart conflict content

Let’s now look at the diseases belonging to the inner germ layer. We see that they are all controlled by the brainstem and have an ordered localization there because they begin on the right dorsal with the mouth’s diseases. According to the gastrointestinal tract, the nasopharynx then arranges itself counterclockwise and ends with the sigmoid and the bladder.

So, we see that the associated conflicts are also similar, i.e., it is always a matter of getting the morsel, swallowing the morsel, transporting the morsel further, digesting it, and finally being able to excrete it again.

Histologically, all these carcinomas are adenocarcinomas without exception! Therefore, they all grow in the conflict-active phase with cell proliferation and are degraded in the healing phase – and all by fungi or fungal bacteria.

From this moment on, the mycobacteria, controlled by the brain, but also knowing themselves from many millions of years of experience, which (disposable) cells they are allowed to break down and which not, are allowed to work, and clear away exclusively the disposable cells, i.e., the tumor. The whole thing happens under intense typical night sweat towards morning and subfebrile (light) temperature, in the beginning, however high temperature. The microbes are, therefore, not the cause of diseases, but they are optimizers of the healing phase.

Due to the knowledge gained by Germanische Heilkunde® about the spontaneous natural degradation of all these kinds of carcinomas in the healing phase, surgical intervention is also unnecessary for almost all carcinomas. Provided that there is a conflict resolution and provided that the patient has fungi or fungal bacteria, i.e., tuberculosis – acid-fast rods.

Diagnostics and the entire therapy will change thoroughly as a result. Nothing is correct anymore that seemed to be correct in the past, although the facts are still the same. But by understanding the meaningful new combination of these facts, we now arrive at entirely new results. A histopathologist’s decision on benignity and malignity, which we have at present, becomes completely superfluous.

To adjust to the archaic conflicts, and to understand them, one must be able to retrace them together with the organ manifestation developmentally.

For example, a patient who thought he had won the lottery suddenly does not get it. Then, one must imagine that this lottery win is a morsel that the patient had already put in his mouth but then could not swallow and thus developed a palate adenocarcinoma.

Of course, an animal would suffer such a palate carcinoma only in the case of a real morsel. But it doesn’t take much imagination to imagine this lottery win as a morsel, which humans do.

Or when a patient has an indigestible conflict because he has already swallowed a morsel but cannot digest it. For example, he has already bought a house and suddenly realizes that the purchase contract is invalid, that he has been tricked, and that he will lose the house again. Then he can get a stomach carcinoma, i.e., a vast cell proliferation in the stomach. We call that an adenocarcinoma, a cauliflower-like growing adenocarcinoma of the stomach.

For us, this “indigestible conflict” is usually not a food morsel but an “indigestible morsel in the figurative sense.” Because of the indigestible morsel. So a car, a house, an inheritance, a busted business, or a lost lawsuit. But we react biologically-“archaically” still in such a way as if it were still the indigestible food morsel that had made us the “indigestible biological conflict.”

If a morsel, which was devoured too greedily so that the competitor should not get it, is stuck in the intestine because it is too big, then the individual suffers colic. Along with this colic, the DHS, a Sensible Biological Special Program (SBS), now turns on. There is now a colonic growing proximally, upward, or mouthward (in a river, one would say upstream) a colon cancer. This means rapid cell proliferation (conventional medicine: strongly mitotically growing, highly malignant)! Simultaneously, the mycobacteria multiply just as fast (if the individual had at least one of a kind in stock).

The biological meaning: intestinal cancer consists of millions of particularly strong digestive juice-producing “disposable cells” for one-time use. Liter after liter of digestive juice is produced, and the too-large morsel is digested and reduced in size. Eventually, it is small enough and slips through. This is conflictolysis.

The patient must now learn to understand how to transfer this. He must learn to find the right time (DHS) belonging to it and, of course, to look for the specific conflict content belonging to it as well. Then he sees with joyful astonishment that there is a system inherent in it, so he does not need to panic anymore because he can see and understand the cause and the whole course by himself!

The iatrogenic panic-mongering before the natural process of cancer corresponds today exactly to the medieval panic-mongering before the evil devil, a figment of the inquisitors.

Stomach, esophagus

For example, a patient 35 years ago was to have stomach surgery because of enormous stomach cancer that filled the whole stomach. The doctors opened it, looked, and closed it again. He was retired without having been told the truth. The underlying conflict was resolved after he separated from his wife. The “stomach cancer” persists.

Nevertheless, today the man is in perfect health, looks like a 60-year-old, and still does not know that he should have had “something as bad as cancer.” Only his 2nd wife once looked closely at the documents. She says: “What he doesn’t know doesn’t make him hot.”

But some organs are functionally assembled from several parts of different germ layers. This includes, in particular, the head and lung area with heart area, stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum, as well as the vesico-vagino-anal area, including the renal pelvis. Some of these later functionally joined organs, which we are used to seeing today as one organ, belong to the outer germ layer and have their relay centers in the cerebrum cortex, the youngest part of our brain. They all make cell fusion in the form of ulcers or ulcers in cancer, or else a loss of function on the organic level, i.e., diabetes or paralysis, for example. In the healing phase, everything is reversed. Here the holes and ulcers are filled up again with the help of viruses (if they exist) under the swelling. Skin and mucous membranes here mean exclusively squamous epithelial membranes and mucous membranes of the outer germ layer.

There are two types of cancer in the stomach: ulcerative cancer and cauliflower-like cancer, which is only somewhat difficult to understand at first glance.

In conventional medicine, the correlations were unknown, nor was it possible to distinguish between the conflict activity and the healing phase. Everything that causes cell proliferation or tissue changes was simply described as malignant. On the other hand, ulcers in the conflict-active phase cause cell reduction and are considered benign. In reality, everything was the other way around.

People have always felt a connection between psychological conflicts, emotions and drastic experiences, shocks in people’s lives, such as the death of a partner or child, etc., and illnesses.

No one denies that stomach ulcers are related to conflicts; the same applies to duodenal ulcers.

Many authors of medical textbooks believed that the hydrochloric acid of the stomach caused gastric ulcers. But the large curvature of the stomach, where the most hydrochloric acid is, never has an ulcer. The gastric ulcers are always in the same place: at the gastric portal and the stomach’s small curvature, never in the fundus or at the large curvature.

But the gastric and duodenal ulcer has another peculiarity:

Since the relay center is located in the cortex, it causes gastric epilepsy after shooting in the conflictolysis edema. Since cerebrum-gastric conflict is significantly related to territorial conflict and often occurs together with such a conflict, not infrequently, the picture of myocardial infarction was disguised by the clinical picture of gastric colic. By the way, duodenal ulcer-Ca and gastric ulcer-Ca have their relay center; thus, their Hamer Focus is almost in the same place. The conflict contents always relate to the territory and are a typically male behavior attribute, namely = territory anger conflict.

However, without the determination of left- or right-handedness, one cannot work in Germanische Heilkunde® just as one must know how old the patient is, which sex, or whether any hormonal peculiarities or interventions are to be taken into account. e.g., pill, ovarian irradiation, hormone intake, climacteric, etc.

For example, the left-handed male does not get gastric ulcer cancer but rectal cancer if the same conflict occurs (territorial aggression). However, suppose a left-handed woman suffers an identity conflict. In that case, the Hamer Focus strikes on the right cerebral hemisphere (temporal) and becomes a gastric or bile duct ulcer-ca on the organic level.

It is also a known fact that never does a carcinoma in these areas spread to what appears to be the closest organ, i.e., It can jump the so-called organ threshold. We never see a rectum carcinoma spreading to the sigmoid, a cervix carcinoma to the corpus uteri, or a renal pelvis ulcer-Ca to the collecting tubes (entodermal).

Furthermore, many carcinomas appear in an entirely new light due to their assignment to the three germ layers in embryology. Since just not everything that makes cell proliferation is considered a tumor anymore, entirely new dimensions also arise concerning prognosis. Above all, it seems strange that these “malignant cancer cells,” always in the place they have supposedly migrated, develop exactly the type of cancer and histological structure that belongs there.

And suppose one always finds with excellent regularity the Hamer Focus for the cauliflower-like growing gastric-Ca in the brainstem (pons) and the gastric ulcer-Ca in the right parietal lobe dorsal of the insula cortical at the base of the sensitive center. In that case, this must have a good reason.

Germanische Heilkunde® embraces the relationship between psyche, brain, and organ and provides the embryological-ontogenetic explanations for understanding why the individual relay centers are located in the places of the brain where we find them. It is such a comprehensive and logical system that all diseases fit into the whole as a matter.

Copyright Dr. Hamer
Translated: John Holledauer

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