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Early Cancer Detection Tests Benefits? – German New Medicine Explanation

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In whose interest is early cancer screening, and why do we do it?
Dr. Hamer often compared:

“A calf that goes to the slaughterhouse just to say hello. It doesn’t have to be surprised if it’s kept right there.”

Why do we do Early Cancer Detection Tests?

It is done to detect possible cancer before it has metastasized, according to conventional medicine.  With metastases, the survival probability decreases rapidly.

But now there are a few problems.

1st. Doctors do not know why cancer develops nor why it can disappear on its own and so they are then inclined to believe in miracles.

So we take our most precious thing, our health, to someone who knows nothing about it.

We could just as well take our Porsche to the farrier, because he says he knows something about horsepower!

The second problem, conventional medicine’s theory of metastases, is on shaky ground, and I refer you to the video “Metastases” for the explanation.

The third problem with a cancer diagnosis is that the patient has a shock and thus develops a second, third, and fourth cancer. Exactly what you are trying to fight; that is what they are causing by diagnosing cancer.

The fourth problem is that even the smallest tumors are discovered, which would not have developed into anything at all. The patient would never have noticed them, and they would usually have disappeared spontaneously on their own. But because of the cancer diagnosis, the patient is now in fear, and along come the follow-up conflicts.

Then they can simply say, yes, now cancer has spread now.

A former medical student told me that as a student, she had to do an autopsy, and she diagnosed three cancers and one tuberculosis. The corpse was of a woman from a nursing home who died of old age.

The student asked her Professor the following: “I don’t understand anything at all. This woman had three cancers, one tuberculosis, and she died of old age.

The Professor responded, “Probably the lady never went to the doctor.”

So, during the screening, the most minor tumors are discovered, which may already be in the healing phase, or the conflict would have been resolved shortly anyway. So something that would not have been worth mentioning at all.

To all this nonsense of conventional medicine, the Germanische Heilkunde offers a real early detection, namely with brain CT.

The Hamer focus arises instantly in the moment of shock. So, we can diagnose it immediately, even if we can’t see any tissue change at the organ level yet.

So if something bad has happened, for example, I’ve unexpectedly lost my job, or my wife has abandoned me, or I suddenly lost someone close to me, or I’ve had an accident.

When you have calmed enough to have such a brain CT done, to have it examined, and you can see that something has happened, you have to pay attention here now or actively resolve a conflict.

Some conflicts are better left unresolved. And I can see all this in the brain CT. We see the Hamer focus, and I can query via the psyche when this happened, and thus I can estimate the conflict load.

And I already know that if the patient resolves that conflict, he may enter a healing phase that he may not be able to survive. So, I can point out to him in advance that it is better not to solve this conflict.

In conventional medicine, he will come after he has solved the conflict.

Thanks to the predictability of Germanische Heilkunde, Dr. Hamer sent patients to the intensive care unit in advance, for example, when a myocardial infarction was imminent. Because today we already know when the crisis will come. And the patient can go straight to the hospital, and when the crisis comes, he is already there and does not have to be taken by ambulance beforehand.

That is a real precaution.

Finally, I wish you a lot of fun studying Germanische Heilkunde; make the Germanische Heilkunde your hobby.

Bye, until the following video.

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