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Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Sensory & Motor Paralysis – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Mother finds Dr. Hamer’s literature and cures herself of multiple sclerosis (MS) after 15 years

Enclosed is my testimonial about my multiple sclerosis disease since 1991, diagnosed in the Marianne Strauss Clinic in Kempfenhausen near Munich with a treatment center for multiple sclerosis in 1994.

From 1995-1999 I took eumetabolic dietary supplements. After six weeks of daily administration of Phosetamine 01-01-01, Calcium EAP 02-02-02, Vitamin B1 1- 0 – 0, and Omega 3 Fatty Acid 01 -0 -0 – I felt some inner stability.

In 1998, I learned about the New Medicine through the book “Cancer-Disease of the Soul.” In October 1998, I stopped my medication seen above, and in Dec. 1998, I suffered a severe relapse with speech, thinking, and swallowing disorders, from which I recovered only slowly.

In 2003, I suffered the Biological Conflict with sensory disturbances almost all over my body.

From autumn 2014 until spring 2015, I had occasional and temporary walking, bladder, and bowel disturbances again.

Still, I patiently accepted them as disturbances within an epileptic crisis and thus as healing processes, which, meanwhile disappeared again almost completely.

Since today—without any medication—I feel psychologically stable and healthy; I no longer have any health concerns.

The findings of Dr. Hamer had never let me down in all the years of my illness. I, therefore, have full confidence in Dr. Hamer.

Through the Germanische Heilkunde of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, whom I only know from books, we, my family, and others owe him an infinite debt of gratitude.


Maria S.


Multiple Sclerosis (MS), female, right-handed

63 years, disease since 1991 with various episodes such as partial pareses with walking disorders, bowel, and bladder disorders, thinking and concentration disorders, speech, and writing disorders swallowing disorders, sensitivity disorders, and others, here: Functional disorders with paralysis (partial paresis) of the right side.

Definite diagnosis in a special clinic for MS 1994 gradual muscular atrophy

1st son, 42 years old, suspicion of muscular dystrophy at the age of 4, a definite diagnosis of muscular atrophy at the age of 13: gradual paralysis all over the body starting with the legs, the disease stopped at the age of 25 after getting to know and understand Germanische Heilkunde®, since then, muscle volume plus.

Multiple Sclerosis: In 1991, I developed functional disorders in the form of gait disturbances (partial paresis of the right side). However, these were not the consequences of a first motor conflict. This already struck me in my childhood. Already in school, I felt a blockage in my legs that seemed strange to me. In school sports, I was always by far the last to run. A part of the later following biological conflicts ran on the track of the conflicts already acquired in childhood.

My parents’ way of education was strict, and work determined their lives. Shortly after the war, they were fully occupied building their existence. They could not live without the labor of us children. We were raised to be hard-working and obedient from our earliest childhood; there were no back-talks, as is common today.

My parents did not care much about my problems. They quickly stopped attempts to do so, and I did never mention my concerns to them again.

When I grew up, I looked for a warm-hearted husband. I married into a large family that lived far away from us, but I liked how they treated each other. Therefore, I accepted their rules, which I did not know from home.

At first we were pleased, and everything seemed to go well. But after a few years, the first two children—born healthy—showed the first signs of a later handicap.

As a wife, I had to obey. But I managed to fight for more freedoms for my children.

However, not for the 2nd disabled son.


1st son:

at age 4 a physician specialized in the field mentioned a suspicion of muscular dystrophy; at age 13, a neurologist diagnosed progressive muscular atrophy. Today he has a 100% walking disability and is an electric wheelchair driver: In my parents’ locality, I was expecting the birth of my 2nd son. My husband had to work, and the grandparents were willing to watch our first son during my hospital stay. At 1 ¼ year old, the little guy was crying his head off when the grandparents, against his will, tore him away from me. Shortly after, I had to go to the hospital. The son knew the grandparents and was also prepared for everything, but my parents were not very sensitive. The situation was unexpected for him; he suffered a terrible shock; moreover, he was all alone.

I could not, and the grandparents would rather not help him so that with him, a biological conflict of the legs with conflict content “not able to run away” has struck. When I was discharged after two weeks of hospitalization, my mother was the first to notice my son’s conspicuous walk. Many months followed with orthopedic braces, which he had to wear at night, but without success. A specialist suspected he had muscular dystrophy when he was four years old. However, since there was no therapy anyway, he recommended no further visits to the doctor to let the son experience his childhood as carefree as possible.

Years later, the son was already grown up; I discovered an article by Dr. Hamer in the magazine “Raum&Zeit,” and gave it to my son to read, and he understood immediately. I got us the book “Cancer—Disease of the Soul” by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. Shortly after, I noticed the first change in my son: his noticeable body odor, which could not be washed away and was caused by muscle atrophy, disappeared. During the years, the muscles increased in volume again, but the “more” in body strength was insignificant. Soon, however, the feeling—of being trapped in an incurable disease—fell away from him. The sword of Damocles no longer hovered over him; I felt and heard that clearly. The healing had synchronously also begun in the psyche. Today, he says of himself that he is healthy; he just can’t walk.

Remark: During the healing of the motor conflict, as expected, the son’s symptoms worsened. Walking, even just within the home, was no longer possible. The increasing weight due to muscle mass, tendon shortening, gravity, and the wheelchair prevent a noticeable improvement in his muscle strength and walking until today.

2nd son:

he suffered from oxygen deficiency for several minutes before birth and in infancy, was difficult to educate, and had learning difficulties at school. He was diagnosed with Minimal Cerebral Dysfunction in the pediatric psychiatric ward, which still manifests in behavioral problems, increased sensitivity, and stubbornness. He is 90% disabled, and before the onset of my MS, he was admitted twice to a psychiatric hospital with subsequent placement in a home for behaviorally disturbed young people. Since his situation worsened visibly and thanks to Dr. Hamer’s gained knowledge, we dared to take another step after six years and brought our son home. Today he lives with open, curative care in his apartment, not far from us.

Because of his behavior, there were and are always arguments between us parents. In 1991, my husband wanted to leave me with four minor children, two of them severely disabled. The shock hit me completely unprepared, and I was all alone with this situation; the conditions for the impact of a biological shock were given.

In this case, I suffered a biological shock with functional disorders: motor paralysis (partial paresis of the right side). Triggered by my health condition, my husband changed his decision, cared for the family during my illness, and stayed with us.

He fought against my paralysis with iron tenacity and forced me, step by step, to learn to walk again. After a year, I was able to take longer walks of several hours. A neurologist to whom the pension fund sent me in 2010 could no longer identify any signs of previous multiple sclerosis.

Maria S.

Multiple Sclerosis: Skin epithelium with a separation conflict, lung tumor with fear of death.

Female, RH, 63 years

Disease since 1991 with various episodes such as partial paresis and gait disturbances, bowel and bladder disturbances, thinking and concentration disturbances, speech and writing disturbances swallowing disturbances, sensory disturbances, etc.

On the day when my brother gave in after a long-lasting inheritance dispute, I suffered a severe biological conflict. It resulted in sensory disturbances of the left hand, which gradually affected the whole arm, then the right hand with the arm; after a few days, almost my whole body was numb. I hardly felt anything, and my skin felt quite rough. In addition, I was freezing terribly, despite an unusual heat wave in Sept./Oct. 2003. I couldn’t sleep at night and thought I had to get rid of the inheritance. An infinite amount of work had so far gone into it, and in the future, it would continue to cost a lot of work and absorb a lot of money. But only I saw the problem; part of my family, especially my husband, was attached to everything. He had fought for maintenance with his labor for decades but cursed everything. Now that everything was supposed to go to me, he only saw everything as an opportunity for us and our children. I forgot the thought of a fully strength-consuming future.

After a call from my brother, it caught me unexpectedly on the wrong foot. The condition for a DHS was given. I was alone with my problem, and it surprised me unexpectedly. After all, my siblings were willing to decide in my favor. I suffered a generalized separation conflict with sensory disturbances almost all over my body. Because of the expected load, I feared that my children and husband would eventually turn away from me and curse me. It was me alone who was to blame, in my opinion, at the time. I had lived here all my life and knew every nook and cranny. I alone was aware of the magnitude of the burden ahead of us. It was my duty to decide to protect my family. But what would my decision bring about in their minds? The short deadline for disclaiming the inheritance had already passed. All my siblings lived far away. Was I allowed or able to sell everything? Would buyers be found at all? What would this cause in my family? Didn’t they already see the property as their own, their territory? We had already lived here for many years! Satisfaction about the imminent allotment spread. Was it not understandable with all the work that was already behind us? I did not find an answer.

I wrapped myself in blankets, made myself heat pads, and could not leave the house. The arms are hanging down, seemingly drained of blood, hurt so much from the feeling of cold, and that at an outside temperature of 38 C°. My condition, which, I felt, was highly life-threatening, became unbearable. After six weeks, I felt the end of my strength. I was freezing miserably. The external heat supplied by heat pads and blankets did not reach my innermost being. I could no longer stand it. Before starting work, I urged my husband for an immediate discussion. I asked him for permission to sell everything. I felt I would not survive the next few days; everything depended on his decision.

Although I already suspected his answer before the discussion, his immediate consent was the ultimate salvation for me: already 10 minutes later, my left hand, by the evening the whole arm became warm, the next day the right hand, then the right arm and in the following days gradually the whole body. The sensitivity slowly returned within the following 1-2 years, but it was bearable. I got used to my sensitivity problems and often didn’t notice them anymore. Everything felt warm, and that gave me the certainty that I was on the road to healing. I just had to wait and see. I accomplished the most significant task – my biological conflict was in resolution.

I don’t know whether the extreme cold feeling came from the sensory disturbances alone, or whether it involved another conflict. For me, it is not so important to understand everything in detail. In the case of conflict activity, I try to listen deeply within myself to find the triggering biological conflict and solve it. If this is not possible, I try to find a livable compromise.

My psychological problem suddenly disappeared with the resolution of my separation conflict, as did the sense of impending death. With the subsiding of my frostbite sensations, my fear of death also disappeared, which caught me along the way. As a result, I kept coughing up small, solid chunks. Since I am well provided with the “Germanic literature,” I understood the coughing up of solid lumps as the coughing up of masticated lung tumor lumps and thus as a healing symptom. I did not worry about it at all.

However, I feared the expected absences at the peak of the healing phase of my generalized separation conflict during the epileptic crisis.

However, they manifested themselves only on 2-3 days with short drowsiness of a few hours.

It is amazing that it only took my husband’s agreement to sell the inheritance to resolve this extreme separation conflict. With the resolution of the biological conflict, my view of my problem changed abruptly. The actual sale of the inheritance had no longer been vital to me. 

However, as Dr. Hamer writes, we can only understand this with the knowledge of the Germanische Heilkunde: In disease and its healing, everything always happens synchronously: in the psyche, in the brain, and in the organ, whereby the localization is determined in the second of the (DHS). 

The solution of the (DHS) instantly changes the psychological conflict triggered by the biological conflict.

Despite a lot of work, stress, and occasional slight health problems, I feel as good as healthy today. A neurologist to whom the pension fund sent me a few years ago could no longer detect any signs of former multiple sclerosis.

Maria S.

Note by: Helmut Pilhar

A particularly impressive testimonial. I can’t remember ever having read such a precisely formulated report of a case. There is a precise distinction between motor paralysis and sensory paralysis – which are two different SBS.

In conventional medicine, it is subsumed as ” multiple sclerosis,” … and if the patient also has visual impairments, then this also runs under MS … cabbage, and turnips…

I confess to having learned from this testimonial and understood the conventional medical diagnosis “multiple sclerosis” even better now.

The woman writing this report is a medical layman. She does not even know Dr. Hamer personally! By studying Germanische Heilkunde she has understood her matter better than a professor of medicine could ever explain it to her …

“The cause of this so-called Demyelinating Disease is not yet clear, despite great research efforts.”


And by understanding these biological relationships, this woman became her own doctor and therapist.

Do you see, dear reader, how important it is that you yourself begin to understand?

– No therapist knows your conflicts!

– No therapist can make you live your life!

– No therapist can make you whole!

So, where do you need to start? To look for a “therapist,” or to learn to understand yourself?

Thank you very much for your attention!

And a very big thank you to the writer!

I am convinced that this testimonial will help many sufferers.

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