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Genital Herpes Signs and Symptoms in Children – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial.

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

When children return from the playground with genital herpes signs and symptoms, this is a cause to be alarmed, as the cause is usually not as harmless as in this case.

Last summer, we went on vacation with our children to the Dacha, an allotment garden settlement on the outskirts of town. The children ran off to play with the neighbor’s children in the playground, where there were children of various ages, from 6 to 15.

I noticed that the neighbor’s children often used dirty words that we never use, especially not when our children are around. In the evening, when the whole group had dispersed and my children were home, my son came to me complaining that his foreskin was sore and red. I sent him to the shower to wash and reassured him that it would disappear.

About 20 minutes before bedtime, my daughter also came to me with the same symptoms, complaining of itching and pain in her vaginal area. Symptoms that looked like genital herpes, and they were swollen, red, and painfully itchy.

I was spontaneously horrified as I realized that both my children must have experienced a separation conflict in the genital area. Nasty thoughts and images of what might have been done to them in the playground came into my mind. What or who were my children trying to get separated from?

When they had come home, they both had gone into conflict resolution with symptoms of genital herpes. The only thing I asked was if the older children (12 to 15 years old) who were at the playground with them had touched them on their genitals. After receiving a negative answer from both of them, I felt some relief.

While the children slept, I turned to the Germanic Telegram chatroom for support.

During the night, I had calmed down slightly, and in the morning, I calmly began to question the children – what had happened, or what had been done to them?

At the end of our talk, the following content of a separation conflict in the genital area emerged for both children.

The Russian language is very rich in dirty swear words, which are often directly related to male and female sexual organs and the possibilities of using or abusing them.

There was a somewhat older boy in the playground who wanted to prove how cool he was by constantly demonstrating his rich vocabulary of these swear words. We never use these words, and our children have never heard them.

Our children associated these swear words to their own genitalia and reacted with a separation conflict located precisely in the genital area.

I explained to my children that this was their body’s way of protecting themselves from what made them uncomfortable. That’s why they reacted with the conflict of separation.

Fortunately, there was also a track stored in my son’s memory.

The other day, he was playing in the garden when another boy joined him. From a distance, it looked as if they were playing together. But when my son came home, he again complained of pain in his penis. From experience, I asked him if this boy had used profanity, and I got a positive answer. And he told me that he didn’t like it at all that this boy had come to him, in future he didn’t want to play with him anymore.

Comment by GHK Academy

Thank you for this report. I don’t even want to imagine how I would react if my children suddenly came home with genital herpes, a resolved separation conflict in the genital area. Anyone who understands GHK knows what must have happened. And I can imagine your relief when it turned out that it was “only” swear words that your children associated with their genitals. That’s how quickly it can happen.

It is remarkable that both children, the boy and the girl, were equally affected. There must be a common denominator whenever several people are simultaneously affected by the same symptoms. A conflict experience that all those affected must have experienced in the same or a similar way. This is because genital herpes is the healing phase of a separation conflict perceived on the genitals. Both children were equally affected and horrified by the insults and reacted similarly.

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