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Fever Blister – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Let me share my experience with my Fever Blister.

Yesterday I went with my family to my parent’s house to help with wallpapering.
I was sitting at the table, with my husband, drinking tea while my mother was making her pies on the same table. My husband and I watched how my mother took the cheese curd with a spoon and put it on the pastry. Then she spread the filling with her finger, licked that same finger afterward, and then shaped the cheesecakes. She did this with every single cheesecake. My husband and I looked around, realizing that it made each of us uncomfortable, and we knew we would not eat these cheesecakes. We both just made a face.

My parents are adults, 70+, and this seems normal for them.

Later that evening, there was another incident. My mother came with our daughter to the house where we had hung the wallpaper. My mother had to take her medication, so she drank water straight from the bottle. Damn! That was our water bottle, but we never drink from the bottle – either from glasses or without putting our lips to the bottle. Then it got even more awkward because she also drank from the second bottle, which also condemned that bottle of water for us, and there was no other water. I remember thinking, ‘why is she was doing that’.

The next day, after lunch, my husband said I had something on my lip that looked like herpes. I went to the mirror and saw a characteristic blister on my lower lip. This area felt hot, and I wanted to scratch it—the symptom of the ectoderm tissue in the healing phase of a separation conflict.

I started thinking about the causes, the separation conflict, and the above two episodes with my mother came to my mind. Initially, I thought the cheesecake observation was my DHS. However, I did not feel isolated during this experience. I experienced this uncomfortable emotion with my husband, and we discussed it later that evening.

But the water incident fit the three criteria precisely: Traumatic, Isolative, and Caught on the Wrong Foot. I wanted to separate from my mother and I wanted her not to do that.

Most importantly, being aware of the conflict, analyzing it, and interpreting it correctly brought me such relief! It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders, really. In that second, there was joy arising in me, and I smiled because I knew with certainty that there was no infection. I had the overwhelming feeling that I was consciously experiencing GHK myself for the first time and that I understood my symptoms. What Doctor Hamer found out was indeed true.

As of today, I have only studied five modules from GHK Academy Basics. So inspiring, I look forward to what comes next!

Comment: GHK Academy

Thank you for this testimonial. Yes, it can happen that fast.
An observation that makes you feel disgusted because you imagine that you will have to drink from a bottle that someone else has already drunk from.

A separation conflict can only ever be perceived as a separation from a living being, as in the above testimony. The separation was not towards the bottle, but from the lips of the mother.

Knowledge of the GHK cannot protect one from any DHS, and often, one resolves the conflict before even realizing that one has suffered another DHS. But knowing about GHK does protect one from the panic that may arise and from useless and often dangerous therapies. With an understanding of GHK you know your body is already taking care of the healing.

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