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Herpes Symptoms First Outbreak Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Herpes Symptoms First Outbreak is not caused by herpes viruses, as this testimonial perfectly illustrates.

I want to share an exciting experience that happened to me today while I had a guest over. I own a parakeet; he is very attached to me and is always on my shoulder. When I am at home, it is always with me. Sometimes, he takes things straight out of my mouth and bites my lips to tell me he wants some of my drink.

Today, my parakeet landed on the shoulder of my guest. The woman opened her mouth and said, “I think this bird is cleaning my teeth!”. At that moment, I was highly disgusted and thought I would never give him food from my mouth again.

After the woman left, the edge of my left lip started to itch (I am right-handed). When the itching became worse, I saw some tiny, cold, sore bubbles forming. I immediately thought about the cause and found the conflict. Then I said to myself, “Every time I turn on the water my parakeet takes a bath, so he is always clean, there is not a problem.”

Half an hour later, the bubbles were gone and no longer itching.

Having GHK in my life and knowing and understanding it is really wonderful. I love, love, love these little realizations; thank you, Doctor Hamer. 😌

Note by GHK Academy

Herpes, or the fever blister, is the healing phase of a separation conflict. Such a separation conflict can always be perceived in relation to a living being, never with non-living objects.

This short and precise testimonial clearly shows that this woman wanted to be separated from something conflictive. Her parakeet was not the problem because she had had this bird for a long time, and he often nibbled on her lip. The spontaneous impulse of wanting to be separated was in relation to the visitor and substances coming from the visitor’s mouth/teeth, which the bird could possibly transport to the lip of the author of this testimonial.

In the brief time that this separation conflict was active, it must have been severe. Because right after the writer assured herself that her bird was clean and that he cleaned himself at every opportunity, she went into healing with these DHS.

The squamous epithelium of the outer skin reacts very quickly, so the symptoms of the healing phase, the herpes or the fever blister, are visible and palpable after only a few minutes. You can actually watch them develop.

The Herpes Symptoms First Outbreak disappeared as quickly as the short time of the conflict phase. It remains a valuable experience that the five biological laws of nature discovered by Doctor Hamer indeed are proceeding, as Doctor Hamer had inscribed them.

Thanks to such minor and quickly passing experiences, we can move away from the belief that the GHK is true and step into the knowledge that the GHK is true.
Thank you for this report.

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