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Pimples on the Buttocks – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Since childhood, I have always had Pimples on the Buttocks.

Even in puberty, I hardly had any pimples on my face. They came only during my military time at 19 because of the greasy camouflage marker, which was hard to wash off, but I had pimples all these years on the buttocks. I only got rid of these when I got to know Germanische Heilkunde better and thus realized the conflict at some point.

It was either in first or second grade-elementary school, and I still have the teacher’s image in my mind. The teacher told us children that we had to be careful when we sat on someone else’s toilette because if it weren’t cleaned, we would get pimples on our bottoms because of the microbes. Of course, this does not apply at home, where you know that your mother always cleans the toilet right behind you, but you have to be careful with foreign toilets.

I still have my realization in this regard in my head and can therefore say that this statement and my conclusion from it was my SBS of defilement. Because it was immediately clear to me that even at home, my mother does not always come right behind me and clean the toilet. So it was definitely for me that toilet seats are always a place where countless microbes lurk, no matter how clean the toilet is.

I developed a real phobia. Every time I had to sit on a toilette, I was on track; whether at home or in a foreign toilet, I put on plenty of toilet paper to be sure not to get in contact with the toilet seat. But still, I always felt uncomfortable, which meant I felt sullied every time I used the toilet. Of course, I also didn’t tell my mother to clean the Toilette every time after I or anyone else used it. That would be unrealistic too, but that way, I remained in isolation with my phobia, and the conflict remained unresolved.

Each time, my dermis thickened the wall to the outside to protect me from the microbes’ attack at that exact spot. Once I was done, I consistently entered the tuberculous healing phase, which is the pimple. Only my recognition of the connections, thanks to the GHK, helped me to solve this conflict.

It is still the case today that when I use foreign toilette, I have the spontaneous thought: Attention microbes, but thanks to my knowledge of the GHK, followed the immediate thought, microbes don’t hurt you; we need them. And with that, I am immediately off the track. Short enough to no longer get pimples, but despite everything, the SBS is still present.

I still prefer clean toilets, but my exaggerated phobia of microbes I could solve, and with it the conflict and the track.

A thoughtless and certainly well-intentioned statement by a teacher is enough to cause chronic symptomatology for decades. In my case, it was only pimples, nothing life-threatening, but well-intentioned statements can also cause other SBS, which can also have serious consequences.

A concluding remark is not needed here since it is my testimonial.

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