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Enlarged Pupil in One Eye – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Enlarged Pupil in One Eye, this experience report shows the cause.

My oldest daughter is 14 years old and suffered from terrible, disfiguring acne. The pimples came and went without scarring, but often, they became subcutaneous inflammation with a thick pimple. It was horrible to look at.
She was very worried and concerned whenever she saw herself in the mirror. I tried to support my daughter as much as I could. Sometimes, I felt as if I were the cause of her suffering.

The fight against the pimples overwhelmed and emotionally stressed my daughter. In October, we decided to have Retinoid therapy. Clinical skin improvement is often observed after the Retinoids have accumulated in the body, which happens after about 7 to 8 months of regular use. Generally, taking the drug according to this scheme lasts about a year. From the beginning, I was constantly observing and inspecting my daughter’s face every morning, hoping to see some improvement. But nothing happened.

In March, after six months of taking Retinoids, my daughter’s condition became more severe. Her whole face was literally covered with a crust. I was desperate and hopeless, but I tried not to show my daughter. It looked terrible.

The next day, while doing my regular morning jogging and gymnastics, I suddenly had a lot of cervical pain, and it felt as if my eyes would fall out of their sockets. I tried to convince myself that it was due to the physical exercise that I had done that morning.

Shortly thereafter, I noticed that I had an Enlarged Pupil in One Eye on the right side. I thought the light was probably shining unevenly into my pupils. My right pupil wasn’t constantly wider than my left, but often enough that I couldn’t ignore it. I also noticed that my eyes became tired more often when I read.  I thought about everything and made a diagnosis (I am a medical doctor). I believed in my self-diagnosis according to conventional medicine until about August of this year.

My daughter had been regularly taking her medicine for 11 months, and her face had finally cleared up. White, young, and elastic skin had formed; I was overjoyed! My daughter was less stressed, became cheerful, and could communicate better with her peers!

My eyes were still suffering because I continued to check her face, fearing that the success would be only temporary. We analyzed my situation and the symptoms of my enlarged pupil in one eye with Natalie (from GHK Academy), and I was able to resolve my conflict! It was as if a switch had been turned on inside me because I understood my problem!

I had a visual morsel conflict with the musculature of my enlarged pupil in my right eye, a visual morsel that I wanted to get (right side); I wanted to see my daughter’s clean face and healthy skin.

I now have consciously stopped inspecting my daughter’s skin and face!
After I became aware of my DHS, the healing phase lasted about a week. In the morning, I had a yellow gummy eye and a white haze in my field of vision, and my eyes were still somewhat tired from the multiple focal points. A week later, I even got a sore under my eye. I accepted these quietly and gracefully.

The biological meaning of the pupil widening:
The iris refers to the yellow group’s germ layer, a morsel conflict – I want to see something (right side).
The pupil dilation on the right eye says precisely that: I wanted to see a clean face!
I am glad that this conflict was not far advanced because the consequences are irreversible, and the process can only be stopped after conflict resolution, but not reversed, because the lost glandular tissue will not build up again.

Thank you to all the people who pass on and teach Germanische Heilkunde; thanks to them, this knowledge exists in our lives!
Even if you are familiar with the biological laws of nature, you cannot always immediately remember the underlying conflict experience or recognize it in the right context!
I thank the chat participants and Natalie for your help in resolving my conflict!

Comment by GHK Academy

Thank you very much for this testimonial. As far as I can tell, your report is the first testimonial about an Enlarged Pupil in One Eye. Thanks to your introduction about your daughter’s acne, it is easy to understand your conflict content and what you finally wanted to see.

A second point, which makes me very happy, is that, at least in Russia, many conventional doctors have found their way to Doctor Hamer’s Germanische Heilkunde and dare to continue on this path. To apply it for themselves and, finally, also for their patients. Unfortunately, this is not the case in every country. But it gives hope for a future where GHK will be the medical standard.

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