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Organ Tonsils

Nose Organ Graphic
Nose Organ Graphic

The organ tonsils are about a morsel conflict. Right side: not getting a good morsel. Left side: not getting rid of a bad morsel. Since it is a glandular tissue and is controlled from the brainstem, handedness has no influence here. In the active phase (mostly unnoticed), there is cell proliferation, and in the healing phase, there is tuberculous and painful degradation.

Tonsil Cancer left

Tonsil Cancer left – Diagnostic Chart Conflict of not being able to spit out a (fecal) morsel due to lack of secretion. In the ancient

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Tonsil Cancer right

Tonsil Cancer right – Diagnostic Chart Conflict: Conflict of not being able to swallow a (food) morsel due to lack of secretion. Example: An apartment

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