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Endometrium Ca during Pregnancy & Miscarriage – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

A very stressful conflict during pregnancy caused an Endometrium Ca and miscarriage.

This testimonial shows how important it is to protect a pregnant woman from stress.

Dear German New Medicine students and teachers,

I want to share a testimonial with all of you to appeal to all (expectant) mothers (and, of course, all other dear people).

But now, first about my experience.

My husband and I were on our honeymoon and enjoying our togetherness. Behind us is a stressful pre-wedding period, and we’re glad to have some time off from that. It was a wonderful time, and we were in a bubble. On the last day of the trip, I took a pregnancy test that was not necessary. It was positive, as I had actually already realized beforehand.

Since it was my first pregnancy, but many friends of mine are also pregnant or already have a child, I was aware of some features, and on the Internet, you can find all sorts of things on this subject.

Since my husband and I lived with German New Medicine and talked a lot about having children and pregnancy beforehand, we were pleased that it had worked out so quickly. We want to have many children, and we had the feeling that this would always be an essential part of our lives.

Now we came home again, and quickly everyday life got back on us.

Back home at the end of the first week, my mom came to visit us. She agreed with me that she would come at noon on Friday and discuss something with me. My parents are currently in a divorce, which gradually degenerates further and further into a roses war. Communication between the two of them only works through a lawyer, statements are twisted, and the crop cream is picked out.

I have the feeling that my dad is getting out of the affair and only demands and wants to make my mom “naked.” He moved out at that time and now lives with his new girlfriend. My mom still lives with my two younger siblings in my dad’s house, and my parents are on the same property next door.
On top of that, my grandpa takes my dad’s side and questions everything my mom does. Assuming she is doing yard work, my grandpa appears a few minutes later after starting next to her and demands justification, such as why she is now removing the plant. The list is endlessly expandable. Fortunately, I only know a fraction.

So now my mother came that Friday and we talked. Specifically, what had happened during the wedding preparation period and our honeymoon. Beforehand, I had told my husband that she wanted to discuss something with me, and he said to me: “Please take care of yourself and the child, the way your mom announced herself, it can only have to do with your father or grandpa. Do you really want to know?

You know how you always felt after she told you something. (Every time after a conversation like that, I always felt like I was hit in the head and cried a lot because I felt it was very unfair – every time). It’s the most important thing to take care of yourself, and especially now that you’re carrying a child.” I just said that yes. At that time, I had asked her not to talk to me but to her friends or her sister about everything related to my dad. And if it became too much, I could always stop the conversation.

Now I was sitting across from my mom, and she told me she could no longer stand to be home in the house and wanted to move out. She only feels controlled by my grandpa. He had recently exchanged the keys to the workshop without her knowledge. But in consultation with my father, and now demands that she and my siblings come to him to ask for the key.

Logistically, this is difficult, as my grandparents have an entirely different daily routine and unfair in any case, as in the workshop are also equally Mom’s financed tools and other of her utensils. My siblings also have their good bikes in there. However, my grandfather took them out and put them in his other cramped shed. Now there are many scratches on the bikes, and my sister has also cried about it.

And bang, a DHS all the way. As it turned out later, an ugly semi-genital conflict. That is a conflict concerning the Endometrium. From now on, the mucosa was growing, both because of my pregnancy and the conflict.

I used to “take care” of my siblings because my parents were rebuilding and finishing the house in every free minute. Any problem or injustice that happens to them that I hear about makes me absolutely manic and very upset. I also have a very close bond with my mom. We understand each other blindly and sometimes call each other in parallel because we think of each other simultaneously.

I was so angry at my grandpa. And when my mom went on to say that my dad didn’t care that the locks had been changed and that it was none of his business because he didn’t live there anymore. I was even more obsessive, thinking about how I could make my displeasure with the situation known to the two of them. I would have loved to go to the two of them and yell at them at that moment. How dare they be like that to my siblings and my mom.

I told my mom right away that this made me furious, and we talked about it right away. I also thought that I would quickly have a more relaxed way of thinking (my grandfather is old and has been through a lot, you can no longer change him anyway), but it was not yet wholly worked off. It smoldered on, relatively unnoticed. Even before she told me these new stories, I was still thinking, “Tell her you don’t want to hear it.” But curiosity had won out.

On Tuesday evening (4 days later), when my husband and I reviewed the Friday visit, my mom’s story and my childhood memory of my grandpa came back into my consciousness. At that time, I was still the youngest granddaughter and played a lot with my two older cousins, who still lived on the neighboring property. Most of the time, I would get the thunder for any misdeeds, as the other two could easily slip away from the situation. So, I always felt like the somewhat unloved grandchild because I was also obviously less hugged and cuddled by my grandpa. At that time, I wouldn’t say I liked being hugged by him anyway, which is why I was always just a little surprised when my cousins got a goodbye kiss on the cheek, and I only got a handshake.

Now, on that Tuesday night, it all came up. My husband took me in his arms and listened to my sobs. He told me he would do everything he could to ensure our children would never experience anything like this. And that if I want him to, he will accompany me to every meeting with my grandpa and defend me if he ever wants to do me any injustice or malice again, even if unconsciously. He is just an old man with a stupid childhood, and he also has his tracks and can’t get out of his obsessive thinking there. I resolved the conflict with this conversation and fell asleep, relieved but still sad about all this.

The next day, I was exhausted and had to cancel an appointment because I felt kind of weird in my stomach (typical healing phase symptoms for this case). I was a little scared, but then lay down in bed and waited for things to get better. By afternoon, after going to the bathroom, I noticed spotting. I got even more scared and searched the internet for spotting during pregnancy, which had gone smoothly, and I was reasonably confident again.

My husband had days off on Thursday and Friday and didn’t have to go to work. We wanted to use the long weekend for some activities, including a clothes closet cleanup, which I had wanted to do for a long time. In the meantime, I felt a menstrual-like sensation of running fluid, went to the bathroom, and suddenly saw dark reddish-brown bleeding. I immediately shivered and felt this was probably my baby’s end.

I was terrified that it would come true and went back to my husband in the living room with wide eyes. I told him everything, and he spoke encouragement and hope to me and started to play “Mein Studentenmaedchen.” (From then on, it was playing 24/7 – though a little quieter when we distracted ourselves with a movie.

Menstrual-like abdominal pain was now coming on, and the bleeding was getting more fluid and more. I went to bed and just wanted to lie down and do nothing. My husband now took charge of the upcoming shopping and walks, and I lay in bed thinking or trying to sleep. Gradually, I could see small shreds of the mucous membrane, and I thought to myself, well, if it’s only such small shreds, there’s still a chance that everything will be fine.

On Friday, I already had more positive thoughts, and also, the bleeding was stagnant in terms of quantity and, later in the day, even decreased. I took real courage for my baby again. In between, we called a midwife and even a gynecologist to ask what she thought of this situation. But she told us that now you would not see anything on an ultrasound anyway. Since she booked all appointments, she could only offer me an appointment in the eighth month, even now in an apparent emergency… How useless. So, we just decided to wait and spend the time relaxing in bed. In retrospect, this was absolutely the only right decision. Also, logical. In the healing phase, you need rest.

Saturday was also quiet. I got up again for things other than going to the toilet and put away some of the clothes that had been there since Thursday. As soon as that was completed, I felt a slight pain in my urethra. So, I marked my territory (restoring order to the house and no more clothes lying around) again and resolved another conflict. This pain was also completely gone after a few hours.

We got ready for bed in the evening. After going to the toilet, I discovered a fresh red bleeding and a relatively large piece of the mucous membrane, and a few seconds later, another one, bigger than ever before. I immediately had the feeling: that’s it, that’s my baby. I went to my husband and called him to look at it too. We couldn’t find anything that looked like a more significant embryo-like cluster of cells, but I just felt different.

The features ignored for 1-2 days before, like different breast feeling and somehow an emptiness in the lower abdomen, were now noticeable. My husband continued to reassure me that it could be over, but if not, the baby would need me now more than ever. But I just didn’t feel it anymore. Order to the house and no more clothes lying around) again and resolved another conflict. This pain was also completely gone after a few hours.

When I admitted this to myself, I felt infinite sorrow. I cried many tears into my husband’s shoulder and couldn’t believe that it was already over. I gave our baby a name, said goodbye to his soul, and invited her to revisit us with our soon next child and get to know us then.

With that and a trust in Mother Nature that everything would already have its meaning, I felt better.

Perhaps it was now merely more “necessary and important” to learn to always listen to the feeling. Because only in this way can I protect my children later, when they are in my arms. Here, a healthy egoism in the appropriate place to the outside is very important and exactly right. And this is also my advice to all mothers and pregnant women and, of course, everyone else who finds it difficult to trust their feelings and to speak out, even if I still have my problems with the implementation:

There is nothing more critical in a matter than your feeling for the situation. You know best what you need and what you can do without. There is a right way (which is often more inconvenient, but at that moment, the lesser evil), and it is our right to take our time to find and go this good way. This is our free will. Let’s use it consciously to protect our loved ones. Many unpleasant things happen out of the cold, but you have a queasy feeling beforehand in some situations.

We should allow much more of this feeling and go after it to avoid avoidable unpleasant things. And since you are often not alone with your queasy feelings, you occasionally also experience beautiful things when you make your uneasiness known and then look for a solution together. So, I wish you all a lot of courage and confidence that you are never alone and that it is always appropriate to listen to your feelings.

On Sunday, there were still some scraps of the mucous membrane, but on the whole, I was quite fit again and spent parts of the day out of bed. In the meantime, we also knew the exact content of the conflict and now observed even more calmly what would happen. How nice that this wonderful knowledge about the SBSe can make you feel so calm. On Monday, our well-being went downhill again. My husband took sick leave to be with me and do the housework.

I had significant abdominal pain again and had to deal with intermittent spikes of pain late in the evening. These were probably contractions, still relatively weak, but still typical. I was highly concentrated the whole time, had cold hands, and every touch, speech, or noise was massively disturbing. Every 30 minutes, I went to the bathroom, and a sizeable mucous membrane came each time. Then early Tuesday morning, when I went to the bathroom again after a “contraction,” part of the placenta emerged. Later in the morning, I gave birth to another piece of placenta. With this, I was then finally sure that this was a miscarriage, in addition to the resolved conflict and the vast number of mucous membrane scraps, even for pregnancy.

Nevertheless, we made another appointment with another gynecologist, and at this ultrasound, she confirmed the last 0.1% to me for 100% certainty that the pregnancy was unfortunately over. She still saw an accumulation of mucous membranes but would be eliminated over the next few days and the next menstrual period. Even though I was certain that the pregnancy was over, my husband and I needed this conversation and the examination to come to terms with it finally.

To rule out a very unlikely ectopic pregnancy, she drew blood. She still asked about my blood type, and I concealed, knowing what she was getting at, that I am Rhesus negative. The obligatory Rhesus negative clarification took place, but we will not take it up. We have read many testimonials on not receiving harmful rhesus vaccination and still having many healthy children. We are also certain that women before 1900 did not automatically have miscarriages all the time just because they were Rh. Dr. Hamer also said that this injection would be useless, and a doctor friend of mine also confirmed this to me, again superfluously.

In the two following days, mucous continued to come off, but it became less and less. I also felt the need to do something out of bed again, but after only 5 minutes, I ran out of breath and had to go back to bed. It is just a postpartum here, too.

When the gynecologist’s nurse called and told me the results a few days later, I had it again in black and white. There was no blood mixing between mother and child (how it could there be, everything was completely normal and natural), which is why it was not necessary to administer a vaccination from the perspective of conventional medicine. Only the HCG level was still high (568 U/l). Logical because the hormone balance must first regulate itself again. But that was already an excellent value. In a normal pregnancy, this hormone is at almost the highest possible level during this time.

Nevertheless, I agreed to a second test for HCG determination, which took place two weeks later and resulted in a value of 12 U/l. The standard value is 2 U/l. I had to wait until the second test. The gynecologist wanted to continue taking blood until I was back in the normal range, but I refused.

1.5 weeks after the placental birth, the bleeding was over, and I was fit again. Of course, some more breaks were necessary than usual, but that was normal. The gynecologist advised us to use contraception until the next menstrual period to expel all mucous membrane residues. However, as much as I lost mucous membrane, there could be nothing left…

We continue to trust in ourselves and Mother Nature. This has never proved to be wrong until now.

Note by Helmut Pilhar

Thanks for this detailed testimonial. I hope you will have many children in time to come.

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