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Return of Menstruation after Pregnancy – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Weaning because of the job, but why does menstruation remain absent after pregnancy?

I can still remember what you told me on the subject of pregnancy and the menstrual period, for example, that the period is absent, even after birth, until the time of supplementary feeding, where the body realizes, oh, it is no longer fully breastfed. You have time to become pregnant again. With these sentences in mind, I watched my partner’s parenting progress and the onset of her period.

However, she didn’t get a period when she decided to supplement her feeding. I was a little irritated but continued to follow the period closely and was finally surprised.

Here is a brief chronological overview

Even after giving birth on 5/14/2019, she has not had a period. She has been breastfeeding him entirely from the beginning.

Even with the start of supplemental feeding, she has not had a period.

Her parental leave ended as planned on May 14 after two years.

Out of necessity, she wanted to start her job at the restaurant again. With the working hours as before, i.e., only in the mornings, to pick up her son from kindergarten. She made all the arrangements and also prepared herself internally, even though she didn’t like the idea of starting there again. She would have preferred to do something else.

She still doesn’t have a period.

Through connections, she learned of a new opportunity to work somewhere else and the town, with the desired working hours and a good salary. Since she wanted to leave her old job, she tried to get an interview.

Still, she does not have her period.

On 4/12, she called there and got an interview date for Friday, 4/16-21.

She still does not have her period.

On 4/16, she went to the interview, listened to everything, and looked at what they wanted her to do, and she was thrilled.

She still does not have a period.

We talked about it repeatedly all day and evening, weighing up how it was going to be, all the pros and cons. She should sleep on it for a night and think if she wants to do it.

On 4/17/21, she suddenly got her period back early in the morning.

She must have decided internally for this new stage of life,

Her body told her (where a switch was flipped in the brain): Oh, you have room to get pregnant again, so get pregnant again.

Isn’t that so ingenious? How nature and biology are??? I am touched. It doesn’t have to be just deciding to feed. It can also be deciding to go back to work after parental leave. Excellent on how exactly the system works. A big thanks to Dr. Hamer, who figured this out.


We both agree that our experiences may be published anonymously. I want to add one more thing (freely formulated). It is so that the period has come despite constant further breastfeeding also through the entire night. Our son takes part in our three meals (feeding) and also eats his fill, but he is still allowed to breastfeed whenever he wants, also throughout the night and to fall asleep. Due to the short work hours, nothing will change when we start working. Interestingly, the period has come regardless of breastfeeding.

With kind regards

Note by Helmut Pilhar

As long as the mother is fully breastfeeding her baby, she has no ovulation, no period, and cannot get pregnant. In nature, this would be up to four years, Dr. Hamer said.

In the above report, it is striking that the mother’s biology was already ready for a new pregnancy because of the prospect of a good job (financial provision).

In nature, a mother does not go to work (on the hunt). The woman needs, however, her nest and social security to be able to bear children.

A fascinating testimonial.

Many thanks.

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