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Aphthous Ulcers – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Aphthous Ulcers for six years spontaneously healed. How does it work?

A friend has asked me to help her with her mouth sores. She had suffered from excruciating Aphthous Ulcers for six years. She told me about her painful, inflamed sores that started in her mouth, sometimes spread to her larynx and stomach, and could sometimes be all over her body. She even received chemotherapy for this once a year. When the pain became unbearable, she took morphine-based medications.

Previously, her husband had been jailed due to his work and while he was in jail, her Aphthous Ulcers got so bad that she could not even speak.

I started thinking of the possible causative conflict experience she must have suffered. However, I wanted her to explore the conflict herself so that she would better understand and recognize it. So I asked her, “When did you get your first Aphthous Ulcers or the first painful sores in your mouth?”

She said that she first suffered from these sores in her mouth while she was at university. I asked her, “When you were at university, did someone put something in your mouth that disgusted you and that you wanted to spit out?”
The woman thought for a while and finally told me about her matching conflict, which was also what I suspected. Her husband attended the same university, and it was at this time that he first asked her for oral sex. She hadn’t expected it. It hit her absolutely unexpectedly, and she was afraid that her then-boyfriend would leave her if she refused to do it. She loved him so much that she accepted, even though she was nauseated and disgusted by it.

She then said, “Can this really be the cause of my Aphthous Ulcers? Is this why I have suffered all these years? She was so surprised by this realization that she began to cry. After they got married, he never asked her again for oral sex, and they were both happy with that as well. However, she continued to have her Aphthous Ulcers. I explained to her, “When your husband went to jail, you went deeper into conflict resolution, and it became more intense in the healing phase. I knew from the beginning that this was the reason, but I wanted you to recognize it for yourself.” She asked me what she could do to resolve the conflict and finally be healed of her painful Aphthous Ulcers?”

I recommended that she become aware of what her conflict experience was at the time and the fear that accompanied it. I also indicated that she must realize that the conflict is now resolved because her husband no longer expects her to perform oral sex. Her husband had never asked her for oral sex again, and even if she had refused to provide him with it, he would not leave her because of it. They are happily married, and she loves her husband.

Medical Certificate Aphthous Ulcers
Medical Certificate Aphthous Ulcers

The next day, this woman told me, “I am supposed to have my next chemotherapy for my Aphthous Ulcers in three months. Yesterday, I still had 3 to 4 painful sores in my mouth, but now I have no more sores. I can’t believe it, is it a miracle?”

I happily outlined what had really happened, “No, you solved the DHS yesterday by recognizing your causal conflict. You realized that this conflict from back then is no longer an issue today. Also, you no longer have the fear that your husband will leave you today.”

She said, “I can’t believe it, I’m going to go to the doctor immediately to get tested.” She sent me her test results, and they were all negative. The doctor was astonished that she no longer had any symptoms of Aphthous Ulcers, because, according to conventional medicine, Aphthous Ulcers are genetically caused and considered incurable!

She forwarded me the test results, and I am sending them to you, John, for the GHK Academy home page in the hope that the whole world will know about Germanische Heilkunde one day. It is my understanding that this conflict is both a “separation conflict” and a “defilement conflict.” A DHS that affects both the oral mucosa and the squamous epithelium. What do you think, John?

Note by GHK Academy

Thank you very much for your testimonial. I am extremely happy to publish this report. Without question, your testimonial will help people who suffer from Aphthous Ulcers to understand their symptomatology, find their related conflicts, and solve them.

Your questioning was very intelligent because telling the woman what her problem was would not do much good. It is much more effective if the person herself recognizes the connections and finds the causal conflict on her own. If, in the meantime, the conflict has become irrelevant, at the exact moment, the conflict is solved, the spell is broken, and the patient is cured.

Here are a few things that you misunderstood: Aphthous ulcers are ulcers of the oral mucosa, and there are two different patterns of squamous epithelium.
1. The Outer Skin Pattern – this one hurts in the healing phase.
2. The Gullet Mucosa Pattern – (which includes the oral mucosa) Aphthous Ulcers hurt in the active phase and during the crisis, but not in the healing phase.

Aphthous Ulcers is the separation conflict about wanting to spit something out. For children, this can be about being caught with chocolates in their mouths when chocolate snacks are forbidden by the parents.
It can be about the words you want to tell someone, but you missed the right moment. Often, it can be about oral sex, where the woman is disgusted and wants to spit out the penis. In the case of your acquaintance, this DHS was associated with the fear of being abandoned by her husband.

For this woman, her husband was a track that kept her DHS going because he could at any time have asked her to perform oral sex again. And your acquaintance had a second track programmed in at the moment of DHS, the fear of being abandoned by her husband if she refused him oral sex. She probably also subconsciously feared that he would leave her one day because they did not have oral sex.

When he was in prison, she was separated from him and thus much more intensely on this track; therefore, her symptomatology became much more intense during this time, and the conflict was not resolved then.

When you helped this woman to recognize her DHS, she understood that since they have been married, the issue of oral sex no longer existed. With this realization, she was able to resolve her conflict, and she moved into the healing phase. The terrible pain she suffered for years disappeared overnight, as the causative DHS was resolved with the understanding. Plus, there is no pain during the healing phase with the Gullet Mucosa Pattern, and she could only have pain again for a short time during the crisis.

There is indeed no way around the self-study of Germanische Heilkunde because, as this testimonial proves, conventional medicine is diagnosing in the dark. They do not know the cause, they don’t understand symptomatology, and yet they cheerfully prescribe therapy for it, which is, of course, very lucrative for them. However, it is outrageously shocking to me that they would go so far as to prescribe chemotherapy for Aphthous Ulcers.

I hope this case study helps all readers realize how easy it can be to effectively cure even incurable diseases for themselves and others by simply asking a few biologically intelligent questions.

To the readers of this testimonial:

The woman who wrote this report does not speak English, and there are no GHK teaching materials or books by Doctor Hamer in her native language. Therefore, her GHK self-study is tedious because she first needs to translate every piece of information into her native language. Still, as you can see, her effort is worth it because she now understands the GHK well.

The complete GHK study program is available in English. Therefore, learn Germanische Heilkunde while you are healthy, and make it your hobby. Because teaching a drowning person to swim is not possible, it is too late. A threatening diagnosis will lead you into panic, and you cannot learn while panicking, and your only option then is to turn to conventional medicine that chooses poisonous protocols over truth!

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