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Prostate PSA Test Results – Germanic New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

What do prostate PSA test results tell about cancer?

Two friends came to visit us recently. One of them is 84 years old, left-handed.

Four years ago, he was diagnosed with an “inoperable, aggressive prostate cancer.” Naturally, I sent him information on Dr Hamer’s work when he first got the cancer diagnosis (a spell) put upon him. But as Helmut Philar said, We cannot learn to swim when we are already drowning. That is exactly the reason we need to learn Dr. Hamer’s Laws while we are healthy.

On his arrival, he said, well, I have cancer now. My partner John, who knows the principles of GHK, told him, You haven’t got cancer. That’s just the story.

I spent the next few days researching Prostate cancer in mainstream medicine and GHK, always contemplating whether I ought to broach the topic from the Germanische Heilkunde perspective with him now that he is in front of us, fully aware he could possibly go into an intense healing phase and not survive the crisis. So, whilst treading carefully for several days, gently gathering his history with the death spell, building the case to present to him if I decided to go full steam ahead.

“The prostate is a ugly semi-genital conflict.” Being humiliated/controlled/put down by a woman (mother/lover/wife) or degraded by an uppity feminist with the role of authority (boss, female doctor, policewoman etc.) can give a direct hit on a man’s prostate gland. This type of conflict concerns the very nature of maleness to the man involved; being neglected or brushed off as a man, husband, father or lover.

The prostate is the chestnut- sized gland under the urinary bladder through which the urinary tract passes. Sperm are produced in the testicles, and the secretion in which the sperm swim is the prostatic secretion. The ejaculate is 98% prostatic secretion and only 2% seminal fluid.

The biological reason of the cell augmentation during the conflict active stage, is to address the unexpected hit the man took to his maleness. The increase in cells increases prostate secretion, biologically making him a more potent male.

[ugly semi-genital means that sexuality is not the root of the problem but plays a role in the perception of the psyche at the moment of the DHS]”

I tend to study GHK in the mornings. One morning during our friends’ stay, I woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep, so putting insomnia to good use, I spent 3.5 hours in bed reading scientific papers on Prostate cancer and learning about the PSA test.

I investigated the PSA test as our friend was prescribed big pharma to “keep his PSA levels down.” The white coat witch doctors believe that the PSA levels indicate there is cancer, and testosterone increases the cancer cells. I already knew one of his drugs was going to be a testosterone blocker, literally a chemical castration. I got the names of the drugs and researched them because he was convinced the medication was causing his night sweats, but I knew that was because he has the TB symbiont working on him. He is a classic KTC (Kidney Collecting Tubule/s open with the refugee/abandonment/feeling left out/don’t know where I belong) case.

BOOM!! The PSA test was invented in 1970 by Richard Ablin, PhD. He later wrote a book called The Great Prostate Hoax: How Big Medicine Hijacked the PSA Test and Caused a Public Health Disaster. A la Kary Mullis’ PCR test and the HIV/AIDS and Covid scam. Mullis spent 20+ years of his life, until his death in December 2019, speaking out about the misuse of his invention, the PCR test:

“There are many things you can do with PCR, but using it as a diagnostic tool is not one of them”

Ablin explains that his PSA test is not a cancer-specific biomarker, and he asserts that the use of the PSA as a diagnostic test has crippled millions of healthy men, afflicting them with incontinence and impotence. With the 78% false-positive rate, and being wrong 80% of the time, he also covers what it cost the biotech companies to approach the FDA for approval: one million dollars, suggesting that there was a pay-off. Albin said:

“How else could they approve a test with an 80% false-positive rate?”

When I went downstairs that morning, my partner was chatting with our friend. I couldn’t restrain myself, so I leaked the false PSA test information to them.

The next moment is when biology interfaced with mythology, and it was beautiful to behold, only at our house; my partner is a comparative mythologist, and we all just love Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival. John has spent decades developing an alternative history of the Grail:

John asked our friend the Grail question:

Who did that to you?

Our friend responded, The doctors did it. We both said no. He then said, The medication. We said no. He went through other options, to which we said no, following the Grail question protocols (nobody was allowed to prompt Parzival with the Grail Question; they cannot be prompted). Finally, he said, My wife did it! In unison, we said Yes! Your wife did that to you!!

John added, And all the women that came before her. [That is not strictly speaking in Ghk terms, although we can allow for the probability/possibility that the psyche registers everything biologically from birth to death and stores it in the fabric of the organism.]

Our friend’s A-ha! The moment was palpable.

John elaborated. He recognized that our friend was suffering a similar injury (a groin injury that would never heal) as the Grail King, Amfortas. He wanted our friend to see what we see, give him the recognition he has earned; help him to build himself up from what ailed him, the unexpected shock to his manhood that had caused his prostate to increase cells in order to recover and strengthen his manhood. John told him, You are Amfortas, the current Grail King!

Over the following days, there were gentle conversations about the cancer spell/diagnosis. I was cutting his hair for him and probed a little more which was when I learned he’d had no treatments except for the testosterone blocker and that he’d not suffered typical symptoms that usually make men run to a doctor (trouble urinating, urinating often in the night because the cell proliferation on the prostate gland pushes down on the urethra), but had merely attended a routine “health check.” Presumably, because of his age, they tested his PSA levels and, Bingo! You have cancer!! They sent him for a hideous rectal biopsy [a biopsy counts proliferated cells in the snatched tissue sample; the higher the count, the more malignant cancer, they say] and put their death spell on him, the inoperable, aggressive prostate cancer.

He was concerned about stopping the testosterone blocker because his cancer white coat man was having him back for 3 monthly blood tests to monitor his PSA levels. He’d told him, “Everything is fine with the cancer now,” according to the current PSA level. Now that I knew he was diagnosed from a PSA test but with no symptoms, I had built my case to be strong enough to show him all the evidence I had gathered and felt fairly confident that he wouldn’t die from receiving the new information, gauging that he’d already had a resolution to the gender conflict before he went for the health check.

When presented with the case against the validity of his diagnosis, naturally, he was stunned. Then, of course he got angry. Then he was relieved. That evening, he threw the hormone blockers in the trash.

The next day, he told me, But the doctor told me “that testosterone feeds the cancer.” I said, Does that sound true or correct to you? He said, No. No it doesn’t.

Then he remembered he had, in fact, recently been giving a short radiotherapy treatment on his chest: Prophylactic Breast Radiotherapy, to “prevent” gynecomastia (overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men, caused by hormonal disturbances, such as testosterone blockers!) and mastalgia (breast pain). Isn’t this stealing from Peter in order to pay Paul?

I still don’t know what the DHS was and didn’t feel it was appropriate to search for it with him in this case.

Dr. Hamer: “Regarding the diagnosis of cancers, about 40% of routine examinations reveal old encapsulated tumors, which should be left untouched. If the diagnosis has caused any conflicts, such as a death-fright conflict or a self-devaluation conflict, these conflicts need to be addressed. In any case, there is never a reason to panic or to be scared of ‘metastasizing cancer cells.”

‘Metastasizing cells’ are nothing more than secondary symptoms, a subsidiary result of the diagnosis shock: “You have cancer!”

Any proliferation or necrotisation of cells is a “cancer.” A good example to demonstrate this: Tonsillitis is tonsil cancer, as the tonsil cells proliferate in the active phase of a morsel conflict.

When our friend arrived in this house he looked ill, his skin was transparent and an odd colour. By the time he left, he had looked like a different, healthy man, with a sparkle in his eyes and a good pink color in his cheeks. He has been back in his country for almost one month. He tells me,

“When I read through your research on the subject and realized the truth, and that the PSA lie affects so many men, and women, I had a penetrating mental breakdown… Which in itself facilitated my recovery. I’m feeling great right now, thank you.”

He is also about to leave his domestic situation and go to live in a patently better situation with a friend who really cares about him, with a couple of dog friends too. I have warned them to be vigilant for indications of a crisis with the new home, just in case, and what they can do to make him as comfortable as possible should he have a crisis.

Comment GHK Academy

This testimonial is an extraordinary, well-founded, and somewhat different testimonial, which is only seemingly about prostate cancer. In fact, this report is a story of how, against all odds, a man was saved from the clutches of conventional medicine with the GHK’s knowledge despite being diagnosed with cancer by conventional medicine.

Comparatively, this story describes the seldom successful case of teaching a person who is already drowning and fighting for his life to swim at the last minute.

Very interestingly, it also shows that the prostate PSA test results can be easily misused, not only to stage global pandemics but also to magically conjure up cancer diagnoses out of the blue sky.

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