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How to Cure a Hay Fever Allergy? – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

How to Cure a Hay Fever Allergy?

I´ve suffered from Hay Fever for as long as I could remember. Every spring, I would sneeze uncontrollably, have a stuffy nose, painful sinuses, watery eyes, headaches, etc. I tried absolutely everything. Anti-histamines, a diet eliminating histamine foods, nose plugs, and face masks and I still had symptoms every Spring without fail.

A couple of years ago I started learning about GHK due to a self-devaluation conflict I was suffering that was affecting my shoulder.

The more I learned about GHK, the more I could see it related to every symptom in the body so I decided to look at allergies.

I knew I had to go back to when the symptoms I thought about my life when I was 15. I remember I hated school, I had a lot of trauma and so I hated Sundays…because that meant, school the next day. My dad would often cut the grass on a Sunday, so I even hated cut grass…it all meant school the next day.

So, there was my track!

Even years after I left school, I still had this feeling of hating Sundays…and cut grass.

Now I´m 52… I resolved the conflict. I reminded myself that there is nothing to fear. I don´t have to go to school anymore and grass and cut grass is not a threat to me. I spent time one winter laying in grass, enjoying the cool feeling on my face and hands. The following spring, I was symptom-free ..except for one day, when I went to lunch at a friend´s place. It happened to be a Sunday and the grass was cut just the day before. I believe I was caught off guard. I´ve never had symptoms again.(usually, I would spend 3-4 months sneezing)

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Hamer´s research and the knowledge of GHK that he shared with the world.

We don´t have to suffer. We each have it in us to heal ourselves..all we need is knowledge and the will to heal.


Note by GHK Academy

Thank you, Julia, for your testimonial.

Everything on Sunday means school the next day; that’s all it takes to hate Sunday. As if I would have written that. I’m certainly not the only one who can easily relate to your experience. It shows perfectly how subtle tracks can be. Such tracks can keep a human chronically ill for a lifetime; no matter what you do, you never get better.

It’s all about whether you understand what is causing your symptoms, then you know how to help yourself. Or you don’t know, in which case you suffer for life and remain a loyal patient of systems medicine.

Just recognizing the track that always points to the conflict resolves it, when the conflict has become meaningless in the meantime, as in this case.

This is a perfect example of spontaneous healing, according to Germanische Heilkunde. Conventional medicine would either ignore it or dismiss it as an inexplicable miracle healing.

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