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Hip Dysplasia in Yorky-Lady – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

Hip Dysplasia in our Yorky-Lady named Pebbles, she has been a permanent part of our family for 9.5 years

Since we have known Germanische Heilkunde® for many years in great detail, she enjoys the privilege of never having been to a vet before. So, like the whole family, our dog is also not vaccinated.

At the tender age of 1.5 years, she once suffered a self-value collapse, which hit her hip joint. Three days, then she was fine again. We were aware of the DHS. 5 years ago, she had a similar symptom, but then for almost a week, this DHS we did not know. Other than that, she has always enjoyed good health.

About twice a year, she gets lice during social contact with other dogs. A bath with dog shampoo, and all is well again.

Last spring, when the ever-popular Corona Lockdown was held, we became even more fond of Pebbles than before. Thanks to her, we could go outside whenever and wherever we wanted or needed to without hesitation. The dog had to be walked! After all, animals’ rights in our society are far above the rights of “persons.”

So, we always took her with us and were with her for several hours daily. Yes, we even borrowed her from friends. Therefore, Pebbles enjoyed far more exercise than she was used to.

At the beginning of May 2020, we found ticks on her. But not just one, she was full of them! Not only the brown dog tick, but also other varieties. We bathed her in oil and removed all the ticks. But the next day, she was again full of ticks.

She never had ticks before, not one, and now this.

From Dr. Hamer, we know that these parasites also appear only in certain healing phases. Yet which conflicts these are precisely and which causal conflict our dog has suffered, we could not determine.

In any case, we grounded her to keep her away from the ticks on the lawn. Strangely enough, not one dog of our acquaintances had ticks, although they were walking their dogs in the same areas.

Pebbles once used to being outside for several hours a day, resented us very much for grounding her. Whenever we left her alone, she howled after us, and when we came home, she clearly showed that she was offended.

Despite being grounded, we found more ticks in her fur every day.

Anyone who has had experience with them knows these beasts are relatively resistant to pretty much all insect poisons, and we could only hope to find and crush them faster than they can multiply. The fur shorn very short that we also none escaped.

It took about six weeks until, finally, no new ticks were to be found, so we dared to take her out again after a few days.

Already during the first walk, we noticed that she was hopping on three legs. Her hip joint became hot and swelled thickly. She could hardly climb stairs on her own and looked to us like an ancient dog that could only lie down and hardly move. But despite everything, she insisted on going out with us once a day.

Because of her Hip Dysplasia, she limped heartbreakingly

We walked only short distances with her. Sometimes my wife took her in her arms, and of course, we were aware that she must have suffered and actively had a self-value collapse (I can’t assert myself) for six weeks because of the house arrest and thus was now in the healing phase with brutal bone pain and leukemia in the blood work. That blows everyone’s mind!

As I said, we know the GHK well, and the situation was clear to us. But watching her like this, we felt sorry for her. After several weeks of this ordeal, without our knowledge of the German New Medicine, we probably would have taken her to a vet to have her put out of her misery.

The suffering seemed to have no end. Only our understanding of the connections, cause, and the further course let us remain steadfastly “cruel.” She still has a few years ahead of her. She just had to go through this.

Dog Pebbles

After about four weeks, hip dysplasia got a little better. She was able to put her left hind leg down on the ground again but still had a noticeable limp. She could not get up any stairs and seemed very stiff, like an ancient dog, which she is not yet.

It took about seven weeks before we noticed that she was walking normally again. Also, her behavior was much more agile again; on the stairs, she runs up alone again, and with the short fur, she seemed almost like a puppy. She was healthy again!

The biological sense of this program of the so-called “luxury group” is that the bone is stronger after the healing is completed than before, and it stays that way.

We can confirm this fact.

The affected bone diameter is three times as thick as the comparative bone on the other side. Yes, you can even clearly see how thick the bone is (see picture). Her hip looks like it still has a thick swelling. But this has completely subsided. There is no more inflammation or pain. She now only has an unmistakable rounding on the left hip, which she does not have on the right. This will stay with her, and we don’t have the impression that it bothers her. Pebbles continue to enjoy her life and is agile, almost like a puppy.

You don’t have to believe in German New Medicine. You can experience it!

What Nikola Tesla was for the energy, Dr.Hamer was for the medicine!

We (still) live in a system that wants to forbid and withhold the truth and the discoveries of these two geniuses from us.

With kind regards

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