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Ankle Bruis and Therapy – German New Medicine Testimonial

These-Real Life Testimonials were written by people who apply German New Medicine in their daily lives.

I trained as a physiotherapist forty years ago, then took various courses, and for more than 35 years, I have been using exclusively manual Neurotherapy in combination with Germanische Heilkunde. For me, this is the most effective working method. Manual Neurotherapy consists of three individual therapies: nerve reflex therapy via the feet, a deep muscle/nerve massage, and joint mobilization.

Its effectiveness has also been demonstrated in the complaints described below. It is about a young man who slipped with his foot and sprained his ankle two weeks ago while starting his motorcycle. He is a car mechanic and does a lot of squatting, which was soon impossible. At first, the symptoms were localized only in and around the ankle, but after a few days, the lower leg muscles began to join in. His whole lower leg hurt when he sat on the sofa in the evening. After fourteen days, he came to me for treatment. After I treated him with manual Neurotherapy, the symptoms were much less. After I subsequently bandaged his ankle, the symptoms were even less, and to his amazement, he had no discomfort at all. During the massage, I noticed that the tissues became more supple, and the pain subsided. I asked him if he had been worried that his ankle would not recover during the last week, and he confirmed that it had. He was visibly relieved that something could be done now after all. After three days, he came back for a second treatment. He said he was feeling much better, but that the symptoms were not over.

In fact, the lower leg was more supple, and where there had been swelling a few days earlier, it was now gone. There was, however, swelling in the areas of the ankle that had hindered him from squatting. This confirmed that he was obviously afraid that he would not be able to do his job. When I pointed out to him that there was pain and swelling in other places, he looked slightly startled. Yes, he now had more pain in those places than before, and he did not understand why.

For me, it was clear, but not for him. His facial expression spoke volumes, like, “No, it got better and now there are other places that are very painful, is everything going to be okay?” I then explained to him that when he noticed his ankle was getting worse and his lower leg was also starting to hurt more, he was suffering a biological conflict, a DHS. Psychologically, I can continue to do my job only because of this painful ankle and lower leg. This was a self-value collapse in the ankle and lower leg: “I am no good there.” At the brain level (visible in a brain C.T.), an H.H. in the cerebral medulla of the cerebrum in the lower leg and ankle area. To the organ, in this case, a decalcification of the ankle and lower leg.

When he realized three days ago, during and after the first treatment, that indeed his complaints could be treated successfully and then so quickly, his conflict was resolved. He confirmed that he had experienced it that way. I then explained to him that the pain now was a good sign. A sign that he had resolved his conflict, the fear of not being able to do his job. And that during the time his conflict was active, bone decalcification occurred in his ankle and lower leg. These are now being repaired again with the help of callus, which calcifies the bone, so that at the end of healing, it is even stronger than before. I saw his face brighten, which was a sign that he understood what was going on with his lower leg and ankle. He would not have to worry anymore.

He had been afraid for about a week that he would not be able to do his job. I explained to him that it would then also take a week for the pain and swelling to subside in the healing phase to restore the bone decalcification. Dr. Hamer has left us a wonderful legacy. It is so satisfying to see a face of fear turn into one of relief and joy.

Remark: What is striking about this young man is the rapid change of mood, not just in this young man, but in many people I have treated this way over time. Intuitively, they don’t know it themselves anymore, but they prefer to let others tell them. I have seen people die, even mothers of small children, because they did not dare take responsibility for their own health. They knew about Germanische Heilkunde and still let their environment, family, and “friends” talk them into the hospital and simply let them lead them to the slaughter.

I think this is very well explained in the article published by Martin Gärtner about the system we live in and how we prefer to stay in our illusory world rather than inform ourselves and take responsibility for ourselves. In my work, I have realized that what I am doing, helping people get back on their feet quickly, is actually just supporting the system. They can then continue to do their slave labor. When I realized this, I began to see my work differently. Currently, I spend part of my time translating Helmut’s website and teaching modules. So that more people can get informed while they are healthy.

Kind regards, Tonia

Note by Helmut Pilhar

Germanische Heilkunde (earlier German New Medicine) does not apply to injuries or accidents. However, one can very well suffer one or more conflicts in an accident.

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